Which quarterback is under the most pressure in 2017?

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With Tony Romo gone from the Cowboys (if you hadn’t heard) and Dak Prescott firmly in charge at the quarterback position, Dak will have plenty of pressure on him in 2017.

Which got me to thinking (an admittedly rare occurrence): Which quarterback is under the most pressure in 2017? Which got me to even more thinking: Why not make that the PFT Live question of the day?

Pick one of the five names that we’ve picked for consideration, and/or drop a comment about how there’s someone off the board under as much or more pressure than any of the options provided.

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26 responses to “Which quarterback is under the most pressure in 2017?

  1. Prescott…Dallas has pulled the trigger and moved on from Romo in support of Dak. And living up to that rookie season is going to be tough. However the supporting cast on offense in Dallas will help him with that pressure.

  2. I.m thinking none of the above. Wait until after the draft. If, say the Giants or Chargers draft a QB in the first round, then I would say Eli And Phil are under the most pressure. In fact, this could be Eli’s last year in Gotham.

  3. I would at least include Andrew Luck in this poll.. he has been the most highly touted QB to enter the league since the 2012 draft. He had to cope with a terrible GM, but it’s time to produce in January and February.

  4. Damn, if Prescott happens to have a bad first game criticism could snowball. It’s deep in the playoffs or bust.

  5. It seems to me that you didn’t actually put the QB that should win this on the list. Blake Bortles was my first thought since he could very easily no longer be a starter if he doesn’t perform this year.

  6. I think Carson Wentz could be added to the list.

    The team got him two wideouts in free agency to show what we can do, though he is still young there is going to be pressure to show what he can do.

  7. Is Carr is under the least amount of pressure because (by no fault of his own doing) he gets an entirely new fan base in a couple of years? Carr and Prescott are the two best QB’s on that list so I was shocked to see them on opposite sides of the poll?

    Cam being on this list is prefect place for him. The kiddy table. He doesn’t really belong at the adult table with Brady, Brees, and Rogers. I guess Wilson and Ryan are currently fighting over that 4th chair?

  8. Nope.

    If Prescott, Carr, or Newton have a bad year they’ll be under pressure in 2018, but this year they’d have to really collapse to lose their free pass.

    Remove them. Add Bortles, Bradford, and Cousins to the list.

  9. I’m torn between Jared Goff and Dak Prescott.

    Prescott far exceeded expectations and has the most to lose, so there is some pressure on him. But he was only a third round pick.

    Jared Goof, on the other hand, is likely a very expensive first round bust, than can get a GM fired. When you trade away that much draft stock, your job is on the line, so you start that player for at least 2 years before giving up. Thats 2 years that the team is aging, and its young players coming off their inexpensive rookie contracts, and your star players getting older.

    If Goof doesn’t have a decent year then he’s going to be wearing the bust label forever, unless he dramatically improves. And in the meantime, he’ll get the Rams GM fired.

  10. Near as I can tell, Cam spent the entire off season dressing up like some alien from Planet Nutso who tweets in a strange language that is only understood by clothes hounds and linguists who study cultural icons.

    Cam seems to have spent the off-season forgetting entirely about football (other than to have shoulder surgery that’ll take even more time to heal), so I guess he’s not feeling any pressure to actually earn some of that $100,000,000 contract given to him by The Big Cat.

    With the way Cam’s behaved the past few months, I think that giant flushing sound some of us Panther fans are hearing in our sleep may well be the 2017 season swirling down the commode. I hope not, but the signs aren’t good.

  11. easier question is to say who was the most disappointing last year, and has the most to prove this year- Cam

  12. Carr and Prescott are the two best QB’s on that list so I was shocked to see them on opposite sides of the poll?

    Cam being on this list is prefect place for him. The kiddy table.”

    Haha. Let the hate FLOW through you. I love Carr and Prescott, but until one of them wins a single playoff game, let’s hold off elevating them above Cam.

  13. I like how you put Glennon on the list – almost like any of us Bears fans are somehow under the impression this team is built to win more than 4 games no matter how he performs.

  14. Carson Palmer , whoever the QB is in Houston , Prescott , Wentz , Goff , Newton. Carson Palmer is at the end of his career and the Cardinals window is closing. The Texans have a good team and are missing a QB so there will be pressure for him to win. Prescott will be expected to produce the season he had last year and if he falters , the Romo ghost will start to appear. Wentz and Goff are expected to be saviors in Phil. and LA. Goff doesn’t stand a chance. Cam Newton on potential alone.

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