If poll is to be believed, most fans don’t want Joe Mixon on their team

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Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon’s stock may be falling as the draft approaches as teams worry about the public reaction to drafting a player who was caught on video punching a woman. A new poll won’t make teams any more eager to draft Mixon.

A Marist poll conducted for HBO’s Real Sports found that the vast majority of fans — 87 percent — say that they would oppose their favorite NFL team drafting a top college prospect with a history of physical violence against women.

The question, however, is whether a poll like that can be believed. It’s easy to tell a pollster that you don’t want a violent player on your favorite team. But how many fans would stop buying tickets or merchandise for their favorite team, or stop watching on television, because Mixon or another player with a similar off-field incident were on the team?

Last year, the Chiefs drafted Tyreek Hill even though he had been kicked off the team at Oklahoma State for a domestic violence incident in which he was initially charged with felony domestic abuse by strangulation for attacking his pregnant girlfriend, an incident that ultimately resulted in him pleading guilty to domestic abuse. Some Chiefs fans might have voiced their disapproval, but they were drowned out by the Chiefs fans who cheered Hill while he scored 12 touchdowns as a rookie.

Perhaps 87 percent of Chiefs fans would have told a pollster before last year’s draft that they didn’t want Hill on their team. But almost all Chiefs fans cheered him once he was on the team. If Mixon scores 12 touchdowns as a rookie, he’ll hear the cheers, too.

31 responses to “If poll is to be believed, most fans don’t want Joe Mixon on their team

  1. People will be a lot more forgiving if he’s a fifth-round pick. I’m willing to take a chance on a guy with a questionable past if the team doesn’t invest too much in him and is willing to cut him loose if he gets out of line.

  2. I’ll take him.

    If what Mixon did was illegal, then I trust that the legal system sanctioned him appropriately and he has paid his debt to society. That’s good enough for me.

    I don’t require that professional athletes be paragons of moral rectitude, but only that they show great athleticism in the sport.

    In fact, I believe that the substantial majority of professional athletes, celebrities, politicians and excessively wealthy people behave less morally than the average Joe.

  3. Difference between Mixon and Hill is that there is no video of Hill while the KO punch from Mixon will be repeated over and over so it is easier to forgive something you don’t see vs something the whole world has seen.

  4. I’ve watched bad football for a long time. I would rather continue to watch it then watch a bunch of women beaters score some touchdowns. I don’t want to hear this choir boy nonsense either. There’s a huge difference between stealing some crab legs and physically harming a woman. If you can’t see the difference, you’re probabaly from Baltimore.

  5. I’m a season ticket holder. I’ve straight up told my rep “don’t sign or draft any wife beaters” when they ask me what would keep me buying tickets in the future. They run those stupid commercials saying “football is family”, they sell all those stupid bedazled jerseys and hats and crap marketed toward women, they wear all that stupid pink crap every October. Then the Cowboys sign Greg Hardy and the Giants re-sign Josh Brown and on and on. One of my wife and I’s first dates was an NFL game between two mediocre teams in a pissing rain storm. It was one of the first signs I might have found the right girl. But more and more she’s almost done with the NFL. Honestly, I’m not about to try and defend them. She’s right, they don’t give a crap about the fans (not just women). It’s profits above all else. Nah, if my team were to draft Mixon, I’d probably have to find friends to go to this seasons games with. I’d have to reimburse her share of the ticket price. But that’d probably be it. I’d be out after 20+ years.

  6. “Well, there’s always Canada…..”

    They don’t let convicted, violent felons in. It used to be they’d just check for a DUI history at the border if you were driving over. Now if they see a history like Mixon has he could not get a work visa there.

  7. Just read the actual poll- Mixon’s name is never mentioned at all. In fact nobody’s is. I’m pretty sure the numbers would be far different if they included names

  8. id take him on my team any day. its sad that people can be so judgemental when none of us really know what happened in the alleged incident. i mean everyone just assumed hernandz was guilty and we just found out he was actually inocent.

  9. Get them out of the NFL. Fans have had it paying absurd prices to watch these men of ill repute. Tyreek Hill and Mixon are understandably unwanted by fans on their team. And if they do want them on their team look in the mirror.

  10. If my team grabs him Saturday or Sunday, then I have no qualms with the kid who would inevitably be starting for them this season

  11. Not that it matters but Mixon is not a wife beater nor was this a domestic violence situation. Mixon hit her in self-defense. She hit him first and he retaliated. I don’t know of Mixon having any other violent episodes with men or women. He has paid a price for his actions and it’s costing him millions of bucks as well. That’s good enough for me. If my team picks him up I hope he scores 20 Tds.

  12. People sure don’t remember the 70’s. I would draft this guy top 10, it’s about performance and if he has shown that he was wrong then go for it.

  13. I’d rather have Mixon than Hill on my team. I don’t stand by either, but what Mixon did can somewhat be justified. The woman instigated the altercation, and laid hands on him first. Hill, on the other hand, is just a scum bag. Strangling and abusing your pregnant girlfriend is no accident, and it shows the true color of ones character.

  14. Once Mixon starts rushing and scoring TD’s for their team, all will be forgotten. Those fans who cried about the draft selection will then be buying Mixon jerseys. Ask any Chiefs fan. I’m sure they’ll all defend Hill at this point.

  15. In the words of Dave Chappelle, “With all due respect, that murderer ran for over 11,000 yards”.

    Athletic ability and moral fortitude can sometimes be mutually exclusive.

  16. I agree with The Phantom Stranger, above. Make him a low draft pick, make sure there’s a “one and done” clause in his contract (“you get out of line once and you’re done that day”), no guaranteed money, and a willingness to do the unthinkable for a “star” (play special teams), and I’m OK with it. Low profile all the way.

    Do it that way, and I’m willing (if not eager) to have him on my team. Not that I have a vote on it, of course.

    But if he gets one bit out of line, starts mouthing off, starts hanging in clubs, if there’s even the slightest rumor that he’s abusing women–out the door.

  17. Unlike Bob Stoops leaving the woman face smasher on the team for TWO years, Gundy kicked Tyreek Hill off the team after a few days . But big game Bob is a joke, Gundy has integrity.

  18. I am in no way condoning violence towards women in any way whatsoever but I hate women who feel they can take advantage of that consensus and physically assault a male and not suffer consequences, and I stress that they should not suffer physical consequences but she clearly attacked him physically first. Women and society have been advocating for gender equality but it seems all too often only when it is convenient for the women. I will stress again it is never never ok for a man to abuse a woman but maybe , just maybe, women should be held accountable as well

  19. Chiefs fan here.

    We had to be convinced again and again by our GM, that they did very extensive checks of what he’s done since his incident.

    Mixon says he’s going through his “MANDATORY” duties as a domestic violence offender. Not a very glowing self review. I imagine a lot of teams are digging deep on this punk. If he didn’t kiss the towel boy’s butt, I don’t want him. What a waste of talent!!

  20. So an individual is condemned for life for a stupid action?
    You’re driving a car, you look down for a moment, a pedestrian steps off the curb and is injured by your car. Your distracted driving caused injury.

    A mistake. Yes, intentional.

    You are forever condemned by society.

    When you say you’re prayers at night, remember the whole package.

  21. All those people will cheer when he scores for their team. If he fits our offense take him. Locker room is full of people most average humans would never hang out with, some are known some just haven’t been caught on camera. To play the violent (modern day clash of the titans) game they play they have to be a little off the radar.
    That said what he did I would never have him around my family, but none of the other players on the team will ever be in my house good or bad either except on TV.

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