Joey Bosa still absent as Chargers begin Phase Two

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When the Chargers opened Phase One of the offseason program, defensive end Joey Bosa didn’t show. Not many noticed.

Now that Phase Two has begun, Bosa’s absence has become more conspicuous. On Tuesday, first-year head coach Anthony Lynn commented on the situation.

“Ideally, yeah, you’d like everyone here,” Anthony Lynn said, via the San Diego Union-Tribune. “We’re a team.”

So where’s Bosa?

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Lynn said. “Joey and I talked first day, and he’s training with his guy somewhere. Like I say, I’m only focused on the guys that are here and trying to build a team.”

The workouts are voluntary, and Lynn’s “you’d like everyone here” arguably tiptoes on the wrong side of the line that prohibits coaches from saying anything to suggest workouts are mandatory.

Last year, Bosa declined to participate in offseason workouts without a contract, and he held out through training camp to get the contractual terms he wanted. The lack of work didn’t hurt his performance; he was the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year.

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  1. With the poor management and ownership of the team and no plan to build a winning team soon, Bosa is just playing for his second contract and sending the message that the franchise tag is most unwelcome and that he isn’t afraid to hold out when it comes to that.

    Lynn is not the answer. He certainly wasn’t for Buffalo. Is pre-season work with him going to transform Bosa into a double-defensive rookie of the year? At this point the new coach and team need Bosa more than he needs them. Use the leverage when you have it because Los Diego has shown in the past that they will always do so.

  2. There shouldn’t have been a holdout, but that is 100% on Spanos. There is a rookie wage scale for a reason and Spanos tried to nickel and dime Bosa. Bosa showed he was worth being selected 3rd overall. He’s probably hoping they don’t pick up his 5th year option.

  3. I’ve thought this past season….that organization is going to be haunted by the way they treated him last year, demanding him sign a contract out of the norm from all the other top picks. Won’t be a bit surprised if he serves his time and is gone when his contract’s up.

  4. On a 53 man roster, the Chargers only have to worry about 52 of them. There is one guy they don’t need to worry about. His name is Joey Bosa. Looking ahead, they want to make sure he goes into Canton as a Charger.

  5. Joey Bosa is the one and only player on the Chargers roster that would likely be a starter for any other team.

    He’s literally it. Every other player on this team can be disposed of.

    If you’re Joey and can see this, why would you want to practice with a bunch of scrubs that wont make you better.

    Did he need preseason last year to easily be the best player on the team?

  6. While the LOS ANGELES Chargers might be a clown show, you can either be a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

    First year head coach in place… Might be nice to hear what he has to say… you know… to maybe get on the same page.

    Wishing that Joey will be a part of the solution, but guessing that he won’t.

  7. Cue the annual public shaming of players who don’t volunteer their services. What was it the Joker said.. “If you are good at something never do it for free.”

  8. Karma – really bites sometimes. I would show no loyalty to the Chargers – it’s a business and he’s a businessman. Chargers played their hand last year – no going back.

  9. Probably walking around inside Qualcomm. “Come on guys, it’s not funny. I’m not a rookie anymore. Where is everybody?”

  10. Maybe Bosa can learn more “training with his guy somewhere” than being with the chargers coaching staff.

    Eli Manning was called a diva when his dad said he wouldn’t play for the Chargers. Thirteen years later Eli has two rings and the Chargers have moved cities and are low balling rookies. Awesome.

  11. he is in San Diego, scratching his head saying where is everyone? Spanos forgot to include him in the email.

  12. The workouts are “voluntary”……everybody is making a big deal out of nothing….

  13. Don’t forget Spanos caused LT, Rivers, and Merriman to hold out.

    York’s of the AFC is how they should be referred to. Caused a holdout with Rookie wage scale.

    I hate Eli, absolutely hate him, but his dad was right to steer his boy ShEli away from that dumpster fire.

    How do you hire Norv Freaking Turner as a head coach?

    As Chazz Michael Michael’s would say “it’s mind bottling”

  14. Hey as long as he keeps himself in good shape, and not do anything dumb headed … let the kid be!
    If Lynn isn’t happy, take it up with the players’ union. Bisa didn’t write those rules..

  15. Joey Bosa, like all NFL players, is in a union. Now, they don’t call it a union, rather it’s call a ‘players association,’ but it’s a union nonetheless. When you’re in a union and your collectively bargained for contract defines specific team activities as “voluntary” then that means the activities are VOLUNTARY. Management, which Anthony Lynn is, always wants to trample over the contract. The bosses always believe a contract is a suggestion book. Bosa wreaked the league the last year, and barring injury he’ll most likely have an elite career, so the Chargers/Lynn can be as disappointed as they wanna be, but they’ll just have to respect Bosa’s decision. Joey Bosa holds all the cards… every last one of them.

  16. not hard to “get”. optional means “my being here for you is a privilege not a right”. as others have mentioned, either its mandatory or its not so until then, sod off!

  17. Is it just me or does it feel like the Chargers are working overtime to unseat the Browns to take the Factory-of-Sadness crown?

  18. Maybe they could just trade him to a contender, then watch that team start a dynasty with him as one of the cornerstones. You know, like the Chargers did with Fred Dean to the 49ers back in the day.

    Different era, same old Chargers.

  19. Bosa played at Ohio State before 90,000 raging fans. Now he’s playing for Carson in a soccer stadium before 27k
    casual observers. He’s one along with Rivers and others team members who are unhappy with the dumb re-location by the Spanos/Fabriani mob. Sorry, NO HOME GAMES for two to three years at least.

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