Kawann Short: Panthers “got ahead of ourselves” in 2016

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Things have gone very right for Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short this week, with a five-year, $80.5 million contract freshly signed. Things didn’t go well for the Panthers last year.

So what happened? I asked Short during a Tuesday visit to PFT Live.

“We got ahead of ourselves,” Short said. “Just talking individually . . . we took that 2015 season and we ran with it into 2016 and that wasn’t the case. We needed to know that we need to start over in 2016 and start from the jump from day one and get back on the track.”

How hard was it for the Panthers to put 2015 behind them when 2016 started with a rematch in Denver of the last game from 2015?

“It was very hard, man,” Short said. “Wanted to beat those guys and we fell short at the last minute so that kicked us down a little more. It just fell downhill from there but you know we’ve got to know how to face adversity and jump back next week and realize it’s a whole new week next weekend, a whole new team we play against.”

I then asked Short something I’ve wondered about from time to time (yeah, I probably need a hobby): How differently would the season have gone, if the Panthers had won in Denver to start the season?

“That’s a great question,” Short said. “That’s something we won’t know but it could have and, you know, a lot of things happen like that. But we base it on, we should’ve came out the gate regardless being ready and being ready to play and focused. We went back and watched that tape. . . . We did a lot of things that we weren’t supposed to do. You know, everybody was out of their place, wasn’t doing their job, and we saw it on tape and you see why we fell short.”

The Panthers fell very short of the postseason in 2016. They now are hoping to turn things around dramatically in 2017. For more from Short, check out the video of his visit to the show.

8 responses to “Kawann Short: Panthers “got ahead of ourselves” in 2016

  1. uhhh ya think?? same’s gonna happen with the Falcons this season. super bowl loss hangover is almost as bad as my current one

  2. The Panthers have a lot of talent, don’t get me wrong. But when you look at most recent super bowl teams, the 2015 team paled in comparison in terms of talent, specifically offensive firepower. People love to hate on Cam Newton but he made a lot out of a not very talented offense that entire season. Yes, the defense was great, but Cam also deserves a lot of credit.

  3. The Carolina Paper Tigers were exposed last year as frauds – if they don’t have 13 games with teams with losing records, they can’t pad their crotches like they did in 2015.

  4. It never takes long for opposing team fans to bash.

    That’s fine, but I have seen some changes going on on the roster and if my hunch is right the o-line will be different.

    GM Dave Gettleman has decided to back his hog Mollies statement by signing yes Hog Mollie O-LINEMAN.

    Looking at the roster and who we resigned we are looking at 6’6 o-line. Even the back up O-lineman will be 6’6 ranging in weight from 305 to 335.

    So if we draft TE OJ Howard at 6’6 TE Olsen 6’5 WR KB 6’5 WR Funchess 6’4 Cam 6’5 so we need a 6’5 250 RB to round out a monster offense. Though I would take Fournette, Foreman, Gallman and a few others to pound a Defense into submission. LOL one could only hope.

    Until Shula changes his game planning it’s going ty take a offense like I discribed to get the job done.

  5. I don’t think you can point to one thing and say “this is why 2016 went bad.” Game 1 was certainly a problem, having our QB get hit helmet-to-helmet while standing in the pocket 4 times, the bogus taunting call on Trai Turner, missing the game-winning FG. But even if we had won, I doubt we would have beaten Minnesota in week 3, we definitely would not have won either Atlanta game or the Seahawks game with the O-line injuries. I think if we won the Denver game, we probably would have ended up 8-8, possibly 9-7, but still out of the playoffs.

    I like our FA acquisitions and our re-signings. Forget Fournette, we need Christian McCaffrey and at least one more OL in the draft. I think that would make us a much more complete team.

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