Khalil Mack: It would be a great treat to have Marshawn Lynch on our side

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A flurry of reports last Friday made it appear that we were drawing closer to seeing running back Marshawn Lynch on the Raiders, but a tweet from Lynch himself helped move things back to the same status quo of the last couple of weeks.

That status quo has Lynch wanting to play for the Raiders and the Raiders wanting Lynch, but at the right price in terms of both salary and possible compensation for the Seahawks in a trade. Should it work out, Lynch will find a couple of players with open arms welcoming him to Oakland in defensive end Khalil Mack and quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr said, via the East Bay Times, that he hopes to play with Lynch and that the Raiders would bring him “in just as a family.” Carr also said that he’s focused on the players that are currently on the roster, something Mack echoed while also making it clear that he’d love to see Lynch in silver and black.

“It’d be a great, great, great, great treat to have him on this side, the dark side,” Mack said, via the Sacramento Bee. “But we’re still focused on the now. Can’t really control what happens with that.”

Some things still need to fall in place to shake Lynch out of his current holding pattern, but it sounds like it will be full speed ahead in Oakland if they should fall the right way.

14 responses to “Khalil Mack: It would be a great treat to have Marshawn Lynch on our side

  1. Would of been a great treat if Mack would have shown up for the playoffs when his team needed him the most. You know like Von did when his offense was crap. Miller > Mack. No question

  2. Nothing to see here, you won’t be getting 2012 Beastmode. He is on the wrong side of 30 and if you will recall he quit on his team for the 2015 playoffs. So good luck with all that.

  3. I’m on the record with #24 being my favorite player of all time. I think he has a little left in the tank still. He would definitely help the Raiders…but why play for a franchise that just took a huge dump on your hometown?

  4. I love having Khalil Mack on the Raiders but he should realize that it would serve the team’s int best erest to invest cap $$$ in Mack’s own long-term contract extension (along with Carr) rather than wasting it on a 31 year old rusty RB who is nothing better than a sideshow distraction.

  5. Raiders have two 2nd-year RBs who last season averaged more than 5 yards a carry over a robust 180 carries. They will get the bulk of the carries with Marshawn serving as a Goal Line, short-yardage, and part time close out running back, so the comparison to the Dolphins picking up Arian Foster is silly.

  6. “Lynch on our side”……should have stated “Lynch on our sideline” because that’s where he would spend the majority of the season…..on the sideline….injured…

  7. The Texans passed the ball 25 times, ran it 44 times for 2.79 ypc. Lamar Miller averaged 2.35 ypc on 31 carries Mack had 11 tackles, most in the game.

    2.79 ypc. A guy with his hand down most of the game had 11 tackles. 4 tackles where he stopped the ball carrier for 1 yard or less. Had back to back plays where he stopped Miller for 1 yard than no game to stall a drive.

    Tell me again how he didn’t show up. One team had a QB with more All Pro seasons than the Raiders QB had starting snaps in a football game.

    I’m a Raider fan that loves Von Miller, they are two different players, both the best at what they do.

  8. This is just a Davis “ploy” to keep dumb Raiders fans coming to games in Oakland. You see, it’s a cheap trick to keep Raider Nation in their seats for “home game” revenues. I hope they’re not THAT dumb!

  9. Lynch: Cool, I’m going to get to play in front of my friends and family in Oakland!

    LV Raiders: Yeah, about that Oakland thing….

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