NFL to release 2017 schedule on Thursday

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The full 2017 NFL regular-season schedule will be revealed on Thursday.

The league has announced that the schedule release show will be at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday on NFL Network.

Of course, we already know every team’s 2017 opponents, both home and away. That’s been known since the day the 2016 regular season ended, as the opponents are determined by a formula based on the previous year’s standings. The only thing we’ll find out Thursday is the specific dates of specific games. The schedule release is really not the big deal that we sometimes make it out to be.

So why are we watching? Because it’s on TV.

18 responses to “NFL to release 2017 schedule on Thursday

  1. Patriots have had the most cake schedule in the league 15 years running. That’s how long it’s been since the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills have been relevant, and furthermore, the whole AFC has been weak during that time. New England already has 10 wins without even showing up.

  2. “Patriots have had the most cake schedule in the league 15 years running.” Not even 2 years running, actually. They had the 3rd hardest schedule of any playoff team last year::

    T-1. Atlanta Falcons (0.555)
    T-5. Seattle Seahawks (0.543)
    9. New England Patriots (0.523)
    11. Miami Dolphins (0.516)
    15. Oakland Raiders (0.500)
    16. Kansas City Chiefs (0.496)
    T-19. Houston Texans (0.484)
    T-23. Pittsburgh Steelers (0.473)
    T-27. Cincinnati Bengals (0.465)
    T-27. Dallas Cowboys (0.465)
    T-30. New York Giants (0.461)
    32. Green Bay Packers (0.457)

  3. Not until Thursday?! What do they expect us to do with ourselves between now and Thursday?

  4. All you need to know the schedule is set in stone….until “flex scheduling” kicks into full gear.

  5. lionsandvikingsandbearsohmy says:
    Apr 18, 2017 5:09 PM
    Patriots have had the most cake schedule in the league 15 years running.

    The schedule isn’t even out yet and the crying has started.
    All divisions are .500 against themselves and yet somehow the supposedly weak AFCE has more wins per team over the last 10 years than any other division. You should be glad the Pats are in the AFCE, otherwise they’d be dominating your division.

  6. And it will be accompanied by all manner of whining and cries of favoritism. In spite of the fact that based on the rotating schedule formula and the previous year’s standings every team’s 16 game schedule will consist of 4 1st place teams, 4 2nd place teams, 4 3rd place teams and 4 4th place teams. Not one of the whiners will take so much as a moment to consider how foolish the schedule crying is year after year. The one thing you can be sure of is the Cowboys, Giants and Patriots will play a disproportionate number of primetime games. That’s not because the league hates or loves them but because whether people love or hate them they watch them. There’s only one thing that drive$ the $chedule and outside of the trolls we all know what it i$

  7. Bucs options
    1- host Jets, win handily
    2- host Bears, win easily
    3- @ GB, melt the cheese

  8. Ben Roethlisberger will retire without beating the Patriots in another meaningful game.

    Luck will have 0% to do with it. Overall talent and coaching will though.

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