No timetable for demolition of Georgia Dome

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They’re not offering many updates at the moment on construction delays at the new Atlanta stadium.

So it makes sense that they’re not ready to blow the old one up just quite yet.

According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the demolition of the Georgia Dome was originally expected in July, but they might push it back with construction delays at next-door Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

There’s no date set for the demolition,” said Brett Jewkes, the senior vice president and chief communications officer of Falcons parent company AMB Group.

Some degree of update is scheduled for today on the new building, as the scheduled opening has been pushed back twice already to July 30, and further delays could threaten the preseason Falcons games. The organizers of the college games scheduled for the first week in September say the Falcons have assured them it will be ready.

But just in case, there’s a slightly used Georgia Dome sitting right next door. The turf has been pulled up (the last event was a monster truck rally in March), but the building is largely as it was last season.

Jennifer LeMaster, a spokesperson for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, said last month that “until the Dome is demolished, it could be utilized.”

At a time when the NFL is squeezing municipalities for help building stadiums, let’s just hope that having a spare one next door doesn’t become a trend, or the cost to citizens could double.

8 responses to “No timetable for demolition of Georgia Dome

  1. Goodell asked Atlanta to keep it up in case he needs to make a few more “farewell Georgia dome” visits when the Patriots are playing big games at home.

  2. Opened in 1992 and demolished in 2017? Meanwhile the Bills still playing in something that opened in 1973 with no end in sight.

  3. ontherocks1964 says:
    Apr 18, 2017 9:24 AM

    Opened in 1992 and demolished in 2017? Meanwhile the Bills still playing in something that opened in 1973 with no end in sight.
    At least Buffalo doesn’t play on a dirt infield.

    Oh and you got some sewer problems for the visiting team in Oakland also… That’s what I call homefield advantage though…

  4. They can build stadiums, but their highways are the things they need to invest in. I-20 went down in about a month after I-85 went down and is still down. They also built a baseball park without enough parking. Atlanta needs to invest in its infrastructure.

  5. In a surprise move, the Falcons are going to play their home opener in week 1, on Thursday night, at the Georgia Dome, at the same time the Patriots play. And Goodell will be down in Atlanta for the farewell of the Georgia Dome…again. But not cuz he is avoiding New England or anything, cuz it isn’t like there is any reason for that to happen…

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