Raiders release Dan Williams

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The Raiders kicked off their offseason workouts this week and they have also said goodbye to a veteran member of the defense.

The team announced on Tuesday that defensive tackle Dan Williams has been released. Williams was set to count $4.5 million against the cap and the Raiders will get all of that money back as a result of Tuesday’s move.

Williams signed a two-year deal with Oakland before the start of the 2015 season and played in every game for the Raiders in his two years with the team. Williams started 26 regular season games and last year’s playoff loss to the Texans while compiling 65 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

Any increase in Raiders cap room at this point will lead some to wonder if the money will be put toward an offer for running back Marshawn Lynch, who met with the team recently and has reportedly talked about a reworked contract to join the team. For now, though, he remains both retired and the property of the Seahawks.

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  1. Actually, we need a new DT, it’s a top 3 need along with LB and DB.

    RB’s are growing on trees in thsi draft, and in FA still.

    At this pace, Adrian Peterson will be available after the season starts.

  2. Williams signed a 4 year deal with the Raiders, not two years. If it was 2 years the Raiders would not have resigned him at all.

    The deal was 4 years, 25 million with 15.2 million guaranteed.

  3. Some of us ” get it” ^ like the prev post state. Raiders drafted 2 Rbs last year+ have a very good FB. How many roster spots for the back field?

  4. I totally agree that this team has major needs on defense (2 LBs, a slot corner replacement for DJ Hayden, and now it would seem, at least 2 DTs, to offset Williams and Stacy McGee. But, adding a primary, physical RB is a big need too, and it concerns me that the Raiders appear to be putting all their eggs in the Beast Mode basket.

    A big, physical hammer back, behind this line would be a game changer for this offense, especially in the 2nd half, to help them put teams away. As exciting as it is, my heart could better withstand games that don’t come down to the final possession.

  5. Thanks for your efforts Dan. Once a Raider always a Raider. Last year you seemed to show up over weight and affected your play on the field. Best of luck to you.

    ANOTHER GEM of a contract by REGGIE! Thank you Reggie and everyone in the front office for the job you did your 1st few years getting the team to where we are now, and the EXCELLENT job with contracts etc that you continue to do.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  6. Too bad your weakest link in being successful is your coach. By the end of this year, all Raider fans will know what it’s like to be DelRio’d.
    The Raiders SHOULD be 12-4 or 13-3… but with DelRio it’ll be 8-8

  7. Well now that we need 2 starting DTs and 2 starting LBs (Unless you’re cool with Ellis and Ward or Latham as your starters and Heeney or Ball and James or Jenkins as your starters. Yuck.) Resign Riley.

    Rd. 1 – ILB – Zach Cunningham
    Rd. 2 – NT – Elijah Qualls
    Rd. 3 – DT – Chris Wormley




  8. The Raiders are 30 million under the cap, need 20 million for Derek Carr and 8 million for the draft class. The beauty of the way Reggie does contracts is there is no prorated bonuses on most contracts so 4.5 million saved. The next guy to get cut will be Lee Smith, 3 million salary and no gaurantees.

  9. Raiders already are 30 million under cap…Dan Williams got cut because he showed up over weight, and out of shape last year…thats the bottom line…has nothing to do with Lynch.

    the only thing holding Lynch back is Lynch- he just needs to be willing to tell the seahawks to make room for 9 million in cap space, which it seems he is not willing to do. If he did the seahawks would need to release him. Somehow he is waiting for the raiders to give up a draft pick, and it appears he might be waiting a long time.

  10. Dumpster Dan strikes out. Get your fat butt into shape and come back to Arizona on a patented Keim Time™ deal.

  11. Everyone who claimed that Mark Davis is an idiot has no clue. He is feeding the people of Oakland what they want. This isn’t about a good running back or Lynch. This is about signing a hometown player, that will put butts in seats, as to appear that he actually cares about the fans.

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