Ryan Fitzpatrick decides to keep playing (if anyone wants him)

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Veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick endured a season that would make most want to quit football. Fitzpatrick considered doing just that, before deciding to return.

I’m working out, excited for my next opportunity,” Fitzpatrick told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “Once the draft happens, the picture will become much clearer.”

Or maybe not. There’s a huge difference between rolling the dice on a rookie and adding a thirtysomething veteran who at this point would enter a locker room as an extra arm for offseason workouts and, possibly, the start-of-season No. 2.

Still, Fitzpatrick has decided to give it another try after a trying 2016 season.

“Last year was the hardest year I’ve had,” Fitzpatrick told Myers. “Last year was the most difficult year for me. Not physically, just kind of mentally and emotionally. I had to take a step back and think about it. Is this something I still want to do? Football is something so ingrained in me, something I love doing and definitely something I want to do. I still want to compete and I still think I can contribute whether I am in a starting role or whatever capacity.”

He arrived with the Jets two years ago as the backup to Geno Smith. One broken jaw later, Fitzpatrick had one of the finest years of his career. In 2016, a contract impasse kept him away until the start of training camp, and the magic from the prior year was long gone.

25 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick decides to keep playing (if anyone wants him)

  1. I’d give Kap a shot before Fitz. Sorry, but Fitz career INT’s solidify that decision for me.

    I’m also a fan of the read option and think Kap could play if he had an avg OL a RB and a deep threat.

  2. Extra arm for offseason workouts and a possible number 2? He’d be one of the better and more experienced backups in the league. If he’s willing to work for a reasonable price, he’ll have a job.

  3. He usually only plays well for several games, but that’s more than most teams can hope for from their backup. He’s guaranteed a roster spot if he doesn’t have to be #1. Even then, he might get a spot.

  4. If you’re judging him by his picks then Brett Favre would be a bum. You could do a lot worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick as a backup. In some places he’s an arguably better starter.

  5. As a genius Harvard guy, you’d think Fitzpatrick would understand that he isn’t very good.

  6. C’mon this guy isn’t a hall of famer but has done more with his opportunity in the NFL than some 1st Rd QBs. Fitzmagic could still be serviceable backup.

  7. Get paid a million bucks for standing on the sideline holding an iPad? Heck yeah, he didn’t go to Harvard for nothing.

  8. Seriously? This guy should of been fired mid-season last year if the Jets could of done it. How hard up would you have to be as a GM to say no to that socially unaware problem child Kaepernick or that mopey non-leader Cutler to say yes to this sub-marginal career long journeyman QB Fitzpatrick? This guy didn’t get resigned by the Jets and that speaks volumes. If you can’t hold a QB job on a garbage team that only has 2nd or 3rd string quality quarterbacks on their roster as starters year in and year out then you can pretty much call it a career. This guy has cheated enough teams out of cash only on contract years.

    Thanks Fitz, but here’s your watch…buh bye.

  9. Rather have him than Case Keenum in Eden Praire. My Guess is Fitz will land as a #2 in either Dallas, Seattle or Cincy after McCarron gets dealt to Cleveland…

  10. I think he’s by far the best available QB on the market. Who knows just how much missing all that practice time with the Jets hurt him last year?

  11. Journey man QB who had one amazing year in his whole career. It was an aberration and won’t be repeated.

  12. As long as those workouts include hanging out in the clipboard section of Office Max, Fitz might get a look.

  13. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. He’d easily get a backup job if he 1. Accepts a backup job and 2. Accepts payment commensurate with a backup job. That was kinda the whole thing last year, wasn’t it? AFC East is 75% garbage so I wasn’t paying much attention but he held out for starter pay I thought. If he just wants a gig, he’ll surely get one. Just needed to gorge on some humble pie first

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