Tom Coughlin effect: No more ping pong in Jaguars’ locker room


There’s no ping pong in the locker room on Tom Coughlin’s football team.

Coughlin, the Jaguars’ new front office boss, has always demanded a businesslike approach on his teams, and so it’s no surprise that players confirmed today that the ping pong table that had long been in their locker room has been removed.

“I didn’t play ping pong as much, you know, so it doesn’t matter to me,” linebacker Telvin Smith told Mike Kaye of WTLV. “But some of my teammate are really good ping pong players, so maybe they are, so for them, I feel sorry. But, hey, if it’s a distraction, get it out of here.”

This is nothing new for Coughlin. One of the first things Coughlin became head coach of the Giants in 2004, one of his first moves was removing the ping pong tables from their locker room. It may seem trivial, but Coughlin’s way won two Super Bowls with the Giants, and he’s been hired in Jacksonville to bring the same approach. Even if life in the locker room isn’t as fun.

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  1. During games, I can understand this but who in their right mind would do that ? after practice, what’s it hurting. He p’d off more players in his tenor and now he’s doing it again !!!

  2. This is why Coach Coughlin is 2-0 against the great Bill Belichick . The man is old school! As for the current Giants… gone fishing .

  3. Also, no team bonding activities or high fives. Speaking to each other only allowed in the huddle. Locker room must be library silent at all times. THAT IS AN ORDER!!!!


  4. I think those terrible uniforms are doing more damage.

    And it’s table tennis you old kook! I guess there’s no quote from Coughlin but still. He ain’t old school he’s just old.



    gessh, this guy is a real trip. Players must want to rUn through walls for him. Not!

  6. Moved it out to the sideline?

    Or hey if he thinks it hurts the team put it in the visitors room.

  7. Why not just regulate when they can or can’t use the ping pong table? Restrict it to set times. I would think that spending some time building camaradarie in a fun, social, situation would be good for teammates. Guess it’s better for them to rush on out of there after work and get to bar and/or domestic fighting. Coughlin is a dinosaur. I don’t see his method working with today’s players.

  8. Brilliant. Much better to have these guys sitting at their lockers staring at their cell phones rather than engaging with their teammates.

  9. That was the secret this whole time? Ping Pong? Wow. I was way off on how he won those 2 SBs. Anyways these guys need some discipline, Coughlin will definitely lay it down but he looked a bit soft his last year on the job. Coddling OBJ instead of chewing him out, maybe he knew his time was done there.

  10. I wonder if that ping pong table was part of the tour of hosting free agents or hosting of rookie prospects.

    “After a hard fought game, and a post game speech, you can feel free to play on our amazing ping pong table”

    I can see why Gus Bradley was a popular coach…..

  11. townie45 says:
    Apr 18, 2017 4:03 PM

    This is why Coach Coughlin is 2-0 against the great Bill Belichick
    Awesome coaching to have the 5th wide receiver catch a ball with his helmet.

  12. It starts out with ping pong, then it becomes lawn bowling, and finally polo, with the players getting so rich and spoiled they hire recent immigrants to do their workouts for them.

  13. I like how TC is being characterized as some evil tyrant who wants to make the team devoid of fun while turning them into efficient winning robots. You forgot to mention how he had team nights where the fellas all got together to do fun things too like family bowling night. It wasn’t all work and no play.

  14. Poor Marone with this guy over his shoulder. Bet he stalks the sidelines when things aren’t going his way too.

    Dude won 2 Super Bowls because Elisha Manning sold his soul one night to a man in a dark suit in the back alley of a Meadowlands bar. For all his SB greatness, guy failed to make the playoffs an awful lot in a mediocre division. Being a hardass only goes so far.

  15. With what these guys make they can play ping pong at home.

    You can him old you can call him cranky but the Pats know you call him a winner

    All of you who mock wish you had his collection of SB rings

  16. OK so now those guys will head over to the local pub to play ping pong. I know Coughlin means well, but the Giants’ super bowl victories didn’t happen because he removed their ping pong tables. If your players are having a hard time focusing on football, fire the GM, and hire one that knows how to bring in better players.

  17. ” I thought Marrone was the coach?”

    Coughlin has his hands in everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he rips your ticket when you enter the stadium.

  18. its a job. youre there to work. hands up how many people have. aping pong table at their work? when you show up to the facility, your mind should be on football. not pool, ping pong or instagram

  19. When he tells the NFL that the Jags are not going to play in London, then I’ll be impressed.

  20. I’m not saying anything one way or another on this, but these Coughlin getting tough articles ought to at least mention that early on during his tenure with the Giants he lost the locker room with this type of stuff and was nearly fired (pre- superbowls) for it. Strahan has told the story several times how he and several other vets talked to him about it and he lightened up a little. Should be mentioned.

    I am curious how this flies with the Jags since he isn’t the Head Coach. I would think it would appear to undermine the H.C. with the players.

    Does anyone know of any Head Office personnel doing this type of thing elsewhere?

  21. You can call Coughlin a dinosaur if you want. All I know is that he’s got two Super Bowl rings and, so far, Jacksonville has zero. Ping pong isn’t the problem–it’s a symptom of an organizational malaise that isn’t conducive to winning. If you want to win in the NFL, you have to focus and be dedicated. My suggestion is that the Jaguars listen to the man and do what he says because he knows how to win. Btw, how many Super Bowl rings do you haters have?

    (I’ll say this: Doug Marrone is starting to look like a paper coach. Coughlin appears to be doing everything but drawing up plays and calling signals down there in Jax.)

  22. dwarftosser says:
    Apr 18, 2017 3:58 PM
    Coughlin is just an old grumpy SOB.
    Yes – he really is. Tom has built his whole career around a permanently grumpy personality. It is his foundation for excellence.

  23. Maybe they should hook up Madden 08 and see how football should be played and take some pointers.

  24. Take a look at Jacksonville’s first 5 seasons with Coughlin on the sideline. Two AFC Championship Game appearances….49-31 record…14-2 one season. He left, and the team hasn’t been the same since. He had the same demeanor the first time, too. No sunglasses (much to Kevin Gilbride’s disgust) and everyone in the meetings sat square in the seat, facing forward, both feet flat on the floor. No slouching. It was his way or get your agent to find another place of employment for you.

  25. Head Coach Sean McDermott pulled Buffalo’s pool table from their lockerroom. It seems as if this is becoming a common thing in the NFL. Distractions removed.

  26. I get what he is trying to do but ping pong is a good cool down after working out and is a great way to develop hand eye coordination. Good workout for the dbs and WRs.

  27. Take a look at the PATHETIC record the Jags have been racking up year after year after year -you’re damn right Coughlin is right in coming in there and implementing some military-style no-nonsense stuff, those players should be absolutely embarrassed to be winning only 4-5 games year after year after year and think that it’s OK, that it’s no big deal. I’ve been on teams like that before, where after a loss, guys would be laughing and not seeming to care much -those teams never amounted to anything.

  28. Having a ping pong table and video games in the Patriots’ locker room hasn’t slowed them down in recent years.

  29. Reportedly, Coughlin has removed all the toilet paper from the team’s facilities stating that ” we must build this with our bare hands.”

    Certified pyscho.

  30. Changing comfortable culture is going to make people resist when the assumption is hey you’re taking away one of the few things I like even though I’m in a losing situation. Once these guys see that Tom’s hands on methods lead to playoff appearances and ultimately winning the super bowl they will but in. Until then this resistance is expected.

    Btw to the Coughlin was not mixed up in cheating recall his players faking injuries to stall drives.

  31. “One of the first things Coughlin became head coach of the Giants in 2004, one of his first moves was removing the ping pong tables from their locker room.”

    And that’s how you become a professional writer.

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