Clarifying a recent DeAndre Hopkins quote

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We don’t spend a lot of time navel gazing or peeling back the curtain on how the sausage is made because the primary goal at PFT is to provide a constant, real-time snapshot of anything and everything happening in the NFL. Sometimes, however, a clarification is needed.

A recent item with comments from receiver DeAndre Hopkins has drawn some criticism on Twitter. And while we’re no stranger to criticism on Twitter (it’s a very small price to pay for not having to work for a living), this specific criticism was unwarranted.

The allegation was that PFT “cut up [a] DeAndre Hopkins quote to make it sound more vile than what it really was,” with a comparison between the portion of the quote that PFT posted and the full quote that was circulated by the team. That allegation is not accurate; PFT engaged in no editing or reduction of the Hopkins quote.

The story was written based on a tweet from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, and we used the full quote from the tweet posted by Wilson: “DeAndre Hopkins on Bill O’Brien defending how he played last season: ‘A down season? It’s a team sport. I did my job.'”

When MDS wrote it up, that’s what he had. So he didn’t “cut up” anything. He used what one of the reporters covering the team on a regular basis had posted on Twitter during the press conference.

Here’s the full answer that the Texans later included in its full transcript of the remarks, several hours after the press conference: “It’s great when you have a coach like this that’s always on your side. A down season, you know, it’s a team sport. It’s not one player out there playing. So, I did my job to get our team last year to where we got. Even though we didn’t get the success we wanted, we still had a pretty good season. Won the division, and it’s not easy to win the division in this league. So, to have a coach like that on your side all the time, it spreads throughout the locker room.”

PFT “cut up” nothing. We used the quote that was posted on Twitter by a reporter covering the team on a regular basis.

If someone wants to accuse Wilson of shrinking the quote to make it “more vile,” that’s their business. My guess is that he chose the most newsworthy chunk of the answer and posted it on Twitter. It’s highly unlikely that he picked and chose language in an effort to find a way to make Hopkins look “more vile,” since Wilson will be attending other press conferences and media availabilities throughout the course of the season.

12 responses to “Clarifying a recent DeAndre Hopkins quote

  1. “My guess is that he chose the most newsworthy chunk of the answer…”

    And mine would be he cherry picked it to make news. I base my guess on the fact that he didn’t choose ‘a chunk’ he made one piecemeal. Had he not there would have been nothing newsworthy there at all.

  2. Perhaps your reporters should get their info from the original source to make sure what you’re posting is accurate rather than simply taking quotes from other reporters. Copying a tweet from someone isn’t journalism.

  3. Aaron Wilson is the same greaseball who told everyone that Tony Romo hung up on him during an interview a few years ago. Even after he knew that there was an issue with the phone system and the call was dropped without Tony Romo’s knowledge. Wilson knew this and still reported that Romo hung up. And Wilson made a fool of himself defending his bogus story on a Dallas radio show.

  4. nd while we’re no stranger to criticism on Twitter (it’s a very small price to pay for not having to work for a living), this specific criticism was unwarranted.

    Maybe if you guys treated this like a job you were working for a living you would do some actual research as opposed to just copying some reporters tweet.

  5. “…it’s a very small price to pay for not having to work for a living…”

    So you’re saying you’re amateurs? Makes a little more sense now.

  6. Hold your horses, everyone. PFT writers have never claimed to be investigative journalists. They are secondary sources who pass along information along with their opinions. Their value to us, the readers, is to keep us abreast of the chatter and movement within the NFL via other media sources. This group of commenters is holding them to an unreasonable standard. The only standard to which they should be compliant has almost always been followed by PFT — which is to be honest regarding source reports. This very article/post is a testament to that. Whoever doesn’t understand this reality is unreasonable or simply stupid.

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