Despite outcome, Simms situation was handled poorly

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It would have made plenty of sense to make Phil Simms the in-studio NFL Today replacement for Tony Gonzalez at the same time CBS made Tony Romo the new No. 1 game analyst at CBS, supplanting Simms. Apparently, it made too much sense, because it didn’t happen.

Instead, after two weeks in limbo, CBS has made Simms the latest addition to the network’s Sunday pregame show. It may have been the plan all along, but the manner in which the situation was handled makes it seem like CBS and Simms considered their options and ultimately decided that the best solution to a bad situation was to put Simms in the recently-vacated Gonzalez chair.

Though I’ve had a hard time getting outraged about CBS exercising its prerogative to bump Simms out of the broadcast booth, the optics weren’t ideal. Simms was only the fourth lead NFL analyst for CBS. Kicking him that spot with no simultaneous plan for his ongoing employment created the impression that Simms had become an afterthought.

Dropping Simms now into what was the obvious alternative spot from the get-go creates the impression that: (1) CBS didn’t really want to keep him; (2) CBS really didn’t want to pay him to not work; (3) CBS wasn’t willing to further disrespect Simms by assigning him to, for example, the No. 5 team every week in the hopes that he’d quit; (4) Simms wasn’t going to quit and walk away from his remaining salary; and (5) the two sides couldn’t work out an acceptable settlement for the balance of his contract.

So the obvious answer became the eventual answer, with CBS getting value in return for Simms’ services for the duration of his contract. If CBS still feels the same way about Simms when his deal expires as it did when it knocked him out of his job with no plan for replacing him, chances are the deal won’t be renewed.

10 responses to “Despite outcome, Simms situation was handled poorly

  1. Simms isn’t a great broadcasting talent, but he deserved to be treated better after 20 years of faithful service. I hate it when corporations screw people over just because they can.

  2. You can tell me all day long how qualified Sean McManus is, but thr hiring of Tony Romo is as punkish, as amateurish as it gets.

    According to reports, McManus one conversation or even at Super Bowl 49. That’s it. One conversation, Simms is out, Romo in. Pretty sure I could’ve done a better job of handling that replacement. Move over, Sean.

    The other problem McManus did not face is the fact that outside of Dallas no one likes Tony Romo. McManus is such a “media expert” he didn’t consider this? No. He did not.

    I’ve never heard a stronger criticism of Phil Simms then someone didn’t like him. It’s gonna be a whole bunch worse for Tony Romo, who’s last name rhymes with…

  3. It was not handled poorly. You want to defend Simms because, like you, one day he suddenly decided the Redskins name was racist.

  4. The guy is terrible and I have little sympathy for him. He should have been out of that broadcast booth years ago.

    I find it hilarious you even considered getting “outraged” over the situation.

  5. I have less sympathy for “badly handled” situations whne the employee is bad at what they do and makes millions.
    It’s one thing to screw over a blue collar worker who makes 40K.
    If Simms, who makes millions and is worth millions, loses his job, tough luck.

    I’d love to take a job I’m bad at for $1,000,000 a year, and get fired after 5 years. I’d be crying all the way to the bank.

  6. I don’t get how people defend billion dollar companies, there is a right and wrong way to do things. It’s called class and showing respect for your fellow man. No one give a damn about that anymore. Sad state we live in currently, nothing wrong with showing respect and having class whether you like someone or not.

  7. So if Simms was the fourth CBS NFL analyst in its history, the others were: Gifford or Summerall, Brookshier, and Madden?

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