Jose Baez vows to investigate Aaron Hernandez suicide


The news that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide invites questions as to whether those charged with his care and supervision could have prevented it. Hernandez’s lawyer has raised a question that could have a much more sinister answer.

“The family and legal team is shocked and surprised at the news of Aaron’s death,” Jose Baez said in a statement, via the Boston Herald. “There were no conversations or correspondence from Aaron to his family or legal team that would have indicated anything like this was possible.  Aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence.  Those who love and care about him are heartbroken and determined to find the truth surrounding his untimely death. We request that authorities conduct a transparent and thorough investigation.”

Baez said that he will conduct his own investigation on the situation.

“Absolutely no chance he took his own life,” agent Brian Murphy said on Twitter, per the Herald. “Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

The comments from Baez and Murphy imply suspicion that Hernandez was killed. The authorities claim that Hernandez hung himself with a bed sheet, and that he attempted to impede entry to his cell by “block[ing] his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.”

After former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was found dead in a California jail cell last year, his family and attorneys requested an investigation. Eventually, a coroner determined that Phillips did indeed commit suicide.

Phillips left two separate notes; according to Massachusetts authorities, Hernandez did not leave a note.

50 responses to “Jose Baez vows to investigate Aaron Hernandez suicide

  1. Well this is just great. Hey Jose, while you’re at it, please see if you can find Kaylee Anthony’s “real” killer, and maybe the perp in the Simpson murders too.

  2. I will admit this is a development so right out of the blue that it does look odd. The timing is really odd considering recent events. Who knows, I guess we just sit back and watch what develops now.

  3. Haha, Jose…. you deserved this one.
    All of Aaron’s bills are now paid in full….

  4. agent Brian Murphy said on Twitter, per the Herald
    . “Chico was not a saint,
    CHICO ? thats a gang name +
    how could someone kill him
    like i said earlier “HE KNEW HE WAS GUILTY “, an couldn’t live with it

  5. Remind me again what he was in jail for.

    Wanna be gangsta

  6. Just a way to bilk his estate for millions that he lost out on by not getting to appeal the verdict. And if someone did it they’re magic since the cell door was barricaded from the INSIDE

  7. According to state law since the appeal wasn’t final his conviction is now overturned and he’s no longer a convicted killer meaning no wrongful death cases etc. This was done to protect money for his family. Thankfully his 4th and final victim was himself. Rot in hell coward

  8. Why would he be doing that unless someone is going to pay him? My guess is he’s laying the groundwork to sue the Massachusetts prison system for allowing this to happen. This guy doesn’t do anything out of altruism. It’s all about the benjamins for this guy.

  9. People who plan suicide don’t exactly act suspicious about it lest they would be put on suicide watch.

  10. No one is suicidal until they are.

    So the whole “he didn’t seem like it for the 20 years before it happened” line carries no water at all. NONE. Just drop it.

    As stated – room was barricaded from INSIDE – he killed himself. Done. Stop wasting time/money.

  11. I’m certainly not sad Hernandez is dead, but at the same time if he was killed (not saying that’s likely) I would want that found out too. I’m not sure Baez is the right guy for it, but I would want some sort of investigation.

  12. “how could someone kill him IF THE CELL DOOR WAS BLOCKED FROM THE INSIDE ?”

    All we actually know is the police said he tried to barricade the door, which is exactly what they would say if he was killed by inmates or officers and they were trying to cover it up.

    I don’t think that’s likely the case. More likely he killed himself knowing it would void the original guilty verdict which allows his estate to go after the Pats for millions and would provide for his daughter.

    The evidence they had on the Lloyd murder was much stronger than the case he was just acquitted on and I don’t see that verdict would have gotten overturned on appeal.

  13. I don’t care, As far as I’m concerned he just saved the taxpayers a hell of a lot of money between now and however long he would’ve lived in prison

  14. I hope St. Aaron’s killer is brought to justice. God bless Jose Baez. He will suck every dime he can out of that estate looking for the “real” killer.

  15. Total suicide. Why do you think he never married his GF but she took his last name? So she wouldn’t have to officially be a widdow. Plus he got to blow a goodbye kiss to his daughter. He dies an innocent man.

    Premeditated, definitely.

  16. This is all about Jose Baez setting the table to sue the prison for not preventing his suicide. Once its ruled a suicide he will sue considering that Aaron used up all of his money on a 2nd murder trial. He looked dejected when he was acquitted like man wish I had Jose Baez for my first trial. Maybe he didn’t want to have to pay him in blow jobs like Casey Anthony did lol.

  17. “Chico was not a saint, but my family and I loved him and he would never take his own life.”

    “Other people’s lives, sure. All the time. But his own life? No way. He’s into killing other people. What, do you think he’s crazy?”

  18. I have no problem with them investigating, they certainly should. So much of this doesn’t make sense when you think about the amount of money he depleted fighting all of these different charges, money that could have gone to his daughter (at least what was left after Odin Lloyd’s family got some). Why kill yourself after paying millions for a not guilty verdict?

    All of that said, nothing Hernandez ever did made any sense. He was a gangster and unpredictable. Maybe after getting a not guilty charge then realizing he still has life in prison was too much? Either way, investigate the situation and then say good riddance to the scum bag.

  19. Yeah, this seems fishy to me. Most gang members don’t commit suicide in prison, especially right after getting a murder charge acquitted. Hernandez is a POS, but the timing and circumstances seem a little suspicious in my opinion.

  20. bigdogsolec says:
    Apr 19, 2017 12:52 PM
    agent Brian Murphy said on Twitter, per the Herald
    . “Chico was not a saint,
    CHICO ? thats a gang name +
    how could someone kill him
    like i said earlier “HE KNEW HE WAS GUILTY “, an couldn’t live with it

    Chico in Spanish slang means friend. If he thought for a chance he was guilty, why didn’t he kill himself after he was found guilty after the verdict in the Odin Lloyd, why even go through this latest trial or even talk about an appeal.

  21. Hold on. Overturning the original murder conviction does not exempt Hernandez and his estate from unlawful death suits. OJ was found not guilty in criminal court but still faced and lost the Goldman’s civil suit against him for wrongful death.

  22. His cell was barricaded from the inside,he killed himself end of story.

    But a guy like Baez will say anything and with how the media blows everything out of proportion now a days
    he is right on cue with this nonsense now.

    Just let it go it’s over.

  23. I certainly hate his actions let’s remember he was still someone’s son and that he was a father.

    Remember the victims and their families too.

    He had everything and gave it away by his actions.


  24. Prison cells are like a self-cleaning oven for losers. I don’t want one dime spent investigating this.

  25. Firstly I trust prison officials about as much as a guy at a bus stop asking for money to feed his starving grandma. Anyone who has ever been in jail much less prison knows they lie at about the same rate as inmates so Baez is well within his rights to demand an investigation not done by the prison..
    Come on folks. Just because some prison official said something doesn’t automatically make it the gospel truth. I suspect Hernandez had some dirt on someone. That doesn’t make him innocent, but neither does the word of a prison official automatically settle anything

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