Josh Huff avoids jail time on gun charge with plea deal

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Bucs wide receiver Josh Huff was sort-of-apologetic last year when he was arrested with an illegally registered gun, and now he doesn’t even have to go to jail for it.

According to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Huff has entered a pretrial diversion program that will allow him to take care of the unlawful possession charge with six months of probation.

Huff was a member of the Eagles when he was arrested last fall, but probably what made him a former Eagle were his comments after the arrest, when he defiantly said “What professional athlete don’t have a gun?” (The answer is many.)

Huff still faces a DUI citation for suspicion of being under the influence of marijuana, but that case hasn’t been heard yet.

He played a bit part for the Bucs after they picked him up last fall, catching three passes and returning six kickoffs. And he still faces potential discipline from the league under the conduct policy or the substance abuse policy.

4 responses to “Josh Huff avoids jail time on gun charge with plea deal

  1. Cue all of the “athletes get preferential treatment. If I did it, I be locked up” comments.

    The fact is that in most jurisdictions, a person without a clean, or even fairly clean, prior criminal record would not fact jail time for an offense like this. Yes, there are states that have mandatory sentences for gun violations, but most don’t. Plea bargains that lead to no jail time are very routine. In fact, while I don’t have the numbers in front of me, I would bet that most cases of this type are settled that way.

  2. “illegally registered”? can someone explain that? i’m not a gun owner but i’d think that the gun was either registered or not. i don’t know how you’d register a gun illegally.

  3. “illegally registered” was the fact that the gun was registered in a different state and there was no reciprocity.

    The timing of when practice ended and when he was pulled made it fairly clear that he had the gun in his car with him at the Novacare Center which is a no-no which is why the Eagles released him.

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