Report: Malcolm Butler will skip Patriots’ voluntary workouts

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As of yesterday, Malcolm Butler is back under contract with the Patriots. But that doesn’t mean he’s fully on board.

Butler has no intention of participating in voluntary offseason workouts, according to Michael Giardi of CSN New England.

That’s not a big surprise: Just because Butler signed his one-year restricted free agent tender, that doesn’t mean he’s happy. Butler wants a long-term contract, and as the Patriots aren’t interested in paying him what he thinks he’s worth, there have been discussions of a possible trade to a team that would sign Butler to the kind of deal he wants.

If the Patriots don’t trade Butler, he would likely report once mandatory work starts, to avoid getting fined. But until that time, it appears that the Patriots and Butler are far enough apart that he won’t be joining the team for any work that is not required of him.

12 responses to “Report: Malcolm Butler will skip Patriots’ voluntary workouts

  1. Yet there is an opposite report from your buddy Tom Curran that Butler will be showing up the work outs later this week.

    Giardi has been trying to portray the “angry Butler” narrative from the beginning when there has been actually zero quotes from Butler indicating he’s angry at anyone and is looking forward to playing in NE.

    There is nothing to see here, except for Giardi’s imagination and trolling. You just got caught up in it.

  2. If the Butler plays out the year for the Patriots, he will be giving max effort to ensure he gets the best possible contract on the open market (assuming the Patriots do not franchise tag him). Now if Butler leaves the Patriots in free agency following the conclusion of the 2017 season, will the Patriots receive a conditional draft pick in the 2018 draft as compensation? If this is not the case, then perhaps the Patriots will trade him before the draft.

  3. If Butler’s angry at anyone, it should be the NFLPA who agreed to and helped setup this RFA situation. It’s not the Pats fault that they’re doing what they’re allowed to do per the CBA – and what any team would do with a RFA.

    Butler’s just learned the hard way that the NFL is a business that’s run by businessmen who enjoy keeping the majority of the money that the players make for them.

  4. wib22 says:
    Apr 19, 2017 12:35 PM

    Belicheat hates malcontents….
    Probably hates those who intentionally spell his name wrong because they root for a loser team and they resent success.

  5. phinatic29 says:
    Apr 19, 2017 1:09 PM

    who can blame him for not wanting to be part of that disgusting cesspool?

    Very true. that’s exactly why butler signed the Pats contract…..he was afraid he might end up in that disgusting cesspool in Miami.

    That Miami team hasn’t won anything since the last ice age.

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