“420” has a very different meaning for the NFL

It’s April 20. Or 4/20. Or 420.

For some, that has a specific meaning — along with specific incentive to engage in a specific activity. For NFL players, it’s the worst day to supplement #riseandgrind with a little #wakeandbake.

Coincidental or not, April 20 also is the day on which the window opens for the annual substance-abuse testing program. Any players who would like to smoke and/or ingest substances that (for now) can be legally smoked and/or ingested in various American states must now wait until they are tested. That can happen as late as August.

For that reason, most players hope the word comes quickly. Unless, of course, it hasn’t been a full month since they last smoked and/or ingested. In that case, they need to sweat out the possibility of the drug test mandate coming before the metabolites have exited the player’s system.

That said, the first strike doesn’t result in a suspension. But once the player lands in the program, the testing happens more frequently. Which means that the player will have to choose football over marijuana on a consistent basis until exiting the program.

28 responses to ““420” has a very different meaning for the NFL

  1. Just legalize it federally already. I think we’ve all suffered enough from William Randolph Hearst’s smear campaign. Weed has been used for thousands of years, but has only been prohibited for about 75. Just because one dishonest dude wanted his timber used for paper rather than hemp. Look it up. End the prohibition. Happy 420 ppl. 😑🤤

  2. Which is why the Drug testing program in the NFL is really stupid. Wait until you are tested, once you pass then you can go smoke a joint, pump some roids and do anything else you want until the next due date for a test. Really

  3. Marijuana prohibition has ruined countless lives, including those of a number of NFL players. Marijuana itself? Not so much.

  4. Don’t disagree w/ the comments but, as a practical matter, are ALL players tested or is it a random selection? If the players are certain to be tested, they’re fools to push their luck this time of year.

  5. The NFLPA has negotiated a better testing deal than they get credit for, it’s inherently designed to be beaten. Any player that gets nailed by it deserves whatever comes his way just for the sheer stupidity of getting bagged.

  6. tvguy22 says:
    Apr 20, 2017 9:53 AM
    If they don’t like the rule, they don’t have to play in the NFL.


    Yea it is much better that they do this PR stunt right? I mean you are falling for it.

  7. Despite you saying marijuana is legal in some states. It’s illegal federally , so as long as those states are still in the US , it is in fact still illegal.

  8. It’s my wife’s birthday and she feels cursed every year. Not only weed day but Hitler’s birthday. I’ll tell her about Substance Abuse testing day as well since she wasn’t aware of that. Should make her feel better.

  9. 4/20 to me always meant Columbine and the tragedy that followed… Not a bunch of overpaid jackasses who have the potential and ability to make millions, and piss it all away…

  10. April 20 was Adolf Hitler’s birthday. For those of you who don’t know who he was, Google it.

  11. The NBA player’s association has an agreement with their league that bars them from testing players for cannabis consumption.

    I don’t know who helped them negotiate that… but the NFLPA should definitely get that guy for the next collective bargaining session.

  12. sorrybengalsfann says:

    “It’s my wife’s birthday and she feels cursed every year. Not only weed day but Hitler’s birthday. I’ll tell her about Substance Abuse testing day as well since she wasn’t aware of that. Should make her feel better.”

    Today is also National High Five Day. So she has that, at least.

  13. How exactly are these random drug tests, when they tell you in advance what the time-frame window is for when you’re going to be tested?

    If you get popped you’re the stupidest person on this planet and should maybe think about cutting back on that weed.

  14. We know many players intelligence level is low Florio , but do you have to remind then when they can or cant smoke weed ?

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