Chargers to host Dolphins in their first L.A. home game

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The Chargers will open the season on Monday night in Denver, which means they will have a short week to prepare for their first game in Los Angeles since announcing their move from San Diego earlier this year.

The Dolphins will be the visitors for the Chargers’ first home game in the city since they called it home for the 1960 season in the AFL. The game will kick off at 1:05 p.m. PT and it will be followed by two more home games. The Chiefs will come calling in Week Three and then the Eagles will visit in Week Four.

In addition to being the Chargers’ first games in their new city, the games will also be the first played at the StubHub Center. The stadium was built with soccer in mind and it’s 30,000-seat capacity will provide a very different look than the stadiums we’re used to seeing on NFL Sundays.

The Broncos (Week Seven), Bills (Week 11), Browns (Week 13), Redskins (Week 14) and Raiders (Week 17) make up the rest of the Chargers’ home slate.

25 responses to “Chargers to host Dolphins in their first L.A. home game

  1. That last PFT article speculated that the schedule makers would try to give the Chargers an LA boost with a big time first home game.


  2. The Phins only serious travel of the season.
    Won’t lie, considering the teams that have to be played the Football Gods have smiled on Miami as far as the scheduling goes.

    Fins Up!

  3. Still can’t believe the Chargers are gonna play in that tiny crackerbox of a “stadium”. Complete and total disgrace to the team and the league. By the time they get to Inglewood and Stan’s palace, they’ll be lucky to draw 20k fans on Sunday.

  4. The part of me that is a Patriots fan wants the Chargers to win against an AFC East opponent.

    But the part of me that absolutely hates Dean Spanos wants nothing but constant disaster for the Bolts during their time in LA.

    So I guess I’ll be a Fins fan for one game.

  5. No one will be watching that one on TV. What a dud of a home opener in your new home. No way was it going to be the Raiders though. Makes the most sense, but stadium would be all Silver and Black

  6. igotgamenj says:
    Apr 20, 2017 9:06 PM
    The Phins only serious travel of the season ? We have to play in London
    I’m sorry let me make it simpler to understand. Serious travel as in disadvantageous, the Saints have to travel to London too.
    And who is this we? What position do you play?

  7. It’s very interesting that maybe for the first time ever the Dolphins have to play a team, the Chargers, that they have played consecutive times on the west coast, in San Diego (losing in 2015, winning in 2016 for the first time in many years)–and now in LA? What’s the matter? Is the NFL afraid the Chargers will lose in Miami for the umpteeth time since that Kellen Winslow 1981 playoff game, aka the Hook and Ladder game? Has any other team ever traveled to the opposite coast three years in a row? And now many ints will ol’ man Rivers throw at them this time?

  8. The travesty of LA’s second team- the Chargers- playing in a minor league stadium while fans in San Antonio, St. Louis and yes- San Diego- languish is a travesty. Someone told the owners that re-locating in Lalaland instantly boosts value. But here’s a league still reeling from Goodell’s serial incompetence (Rice, BountyGate, DeflateGate) with reduced ratings now subject to the specter of images in September of NFL games in a bush league venue– a stadium that wouldn’t even be considered for spring games of SEC teams.

  9. The Chargers’ first Los Angeles home game will be up against the Redskins at Rams game just a few miles away. Rams and Chargers will have home games at same time on 9/17, 12/10 and 12/31. The NFL is setting up one or both teams to fail.

  10. Another game I cant wait to not see.

    There are some crappy teams these days. And these 2 jokes of organizations are examples of teams that seem to not care whether they win or not…just make a few bucks off tickets and concessions, and its all good.

  11. I don’t know about that. The Chargers, might be the team with the glass slippers, this season. Loss a lot of close games last season. Could have the opposite effect this season in the win lost column, especially with improved defense and offensive line for Rivers.

  12. We didn’t want the Chargers here in LA. We already have one mediocre team who tore the heart out of fans in another city. Why would we want an even greedier and scumbag owner moving in?

    I’m an LA Galaxy fan and shudder at how the field will be torn up by the NFL before Galaxy games.

  13. There is no HOME SLATE for Carson. They’re the gypsies who are demoralized with the disastrous re-location. The new “Coaching Staff” have a massive job of getting this team up for games played before no more than “curious fans” versus opponents real fans. Hello! The Spanos/Fabriani mob don’t care, as they get their even split from lucrative NFL/TV contracts. Bosa hates playing for this team. Rivers is equally dismayed and will have a tough time getting a rah-rah attitude from Carson players.

  14. I like the idea of another marathon….from the Carson City dump and back. Balloons and “T” shirts with Carson emblazoned on them. The mob boss has said, “it’s o.k. but don’t spend too much. Keep it cheap.” What a mess!

  15. eaglesw00t says:
    Apr 21, 2017 9:00 AM
    Another game I cant wait to not see.

    There are some crappy teams these days. And these 2 jokes of organizations are examples of teams that seem to not care whether they win or not…just make a few bucks off tickets and concessions, and its all good.

    And the Eagles being 1 of 13 teams to have never won a Super Bowl and you think these two teams (one of them being the Dolphins of a PERFECT season and 2 super bowl wins as a joke of an organization.
    You should take Abe Lincoln’s advice
    ” It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

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