Jason Pierre-Paul on being ready for minicamp: “We’ll see”

Getty Images

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul missed the final five games of last season after having groin surgery and he shared some of the details about the injury at Giants headquarters on Thursday.

Pierre-Paul said that the surgery was more extensive than he thought it would be and doctors wound up repairing four issues — “two abdominal and two groin” — during the operation. He said he’s feeling well now, although he wasn’t sure if he’d be cleared for full participation in minicamp later this spring.

“We’ll see … I don’t know [if I’m restricted]. I’m just out here doing whatever I can. As of right now, I’m doing whatever I can to help the team. That’s all,” Pierre-Paul said.

The Giants made a big investment in Pierre-Paul this offseason so that he’d be rushing quarterbacks for them in the fall, so it’s probably a good bet that they’ll tilt toward the cautious side when it comes to his offseason workload.