Kirk Cousins: There are bigger challenges in NFL than my situation

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Quarterback Kirk Cousins received the franchise tag for the second straight year earlier this offseason and there have been plenty of people wondering whether he or the Redskins had much interest in striking a long-term deal that would tie their futures together.

That question has been complicated on the team’s end by the departure of General Manager Scot McCloughan and on Cousins’ side by speculation that he’d prefer to be traded to another club. Cousins said that isn’t true on a podcast with Peter King of because he’d be willing to commit to the team if they were willing to make a commitment to him.

He also added that not getting the deal isn’t a major problem for him, however, and said that he likes the feeling that he has to continue to prove himself. He also knows things could be a lot worse than making nearly $24 million for the coming season.

“There are far greater challenges in this league than the situation I’m in,” Cousins said. “I mean, there are guys getting cut, not knowing where they’re going to have move their families, not knowing where their next job’s going to be. That’s a much tougher situation than where I am. So I feel very fortunate and look forward to the opportunity that I have in Washington.”

The two sides have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, but Cousins continues to sound like a player willing to bet on himself.

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  1. Refreshing to hear a guy acknowledge that his $24M is good enough not to make him whine. Oh, and he’s looking at the harder situations faced by his fellow players?

    Washington doesn’t deserve a player with this good of an attitude. He doesn’t fit in.

  2. Can’t wait until Kirk leaves the toxic mess that is Snyder/Allen, and then we start hearing leaks from “anonymous sources within the Redskins organization” trashing the guy.

  3. This is a win-win scenario for both me and Cousins.

    Scenario 1 – he leaves the Redskins, and they have no QB and go back to a 5-11 team for several years. Cousins becomes a free agent and gets paid.

    Scenario 2 – he stays with the Redskins. The Redskins have no leverage so have to over pay to keep him, and he bleeds them dry. They become a 8-8 team without Scot McCloughan. Cousins gets paid.

    I’m happy in either case 🙂

    NFC east fan

  4. While security and stability is desireable..If I were cousins I wouldnt mind to continue to get the tag..Theres no way that he would garner a $24m annual salary in a long term deal..not at his level…

  5. It’s not surprising that the first posts are negative.
    I’m glad people love to hate the Redskins, that just means they are jealous of this mighty team. NFC East champs twice in the last 5 years and 3 time Superbowl champs. HTTR

  6. As an inter-division foe, I’ve been a ‘Skins hater for decades, but this guy oozes class. So to finalize the count, that makes 1.

  7. Kirk Cousins talks out of both sides of his face! Everyone is blaming the Redskins front office but this is a two-way street. Kirk Cousin is an average QB at best, Kirk has had his best season and it was 9-7 in a weak NFC East. The NFC East is improving and getting stronger defensively and Kirk has a problem against strong defenses. With all the improvements on offense this team was a half a game over .500 and missed the playoffs because of their QB. Kirk Cousins wants to be paid like a playoff winning QB when he’s done nothing other than accrued stats. The Redskins front office are fools to allow this to continue, trade him while he is worth something on the trade market.

  8. It’s difficult to take sides in the Cousins vs. Washington squabble … both are extremely annoying.

  9. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen a football player realize how good he has it. Smart guy with a good perspective. Washington is lucky to have him.

  10. Cousins was married in 2014 and probably is thinking about starting a family. Jumping around from city to city is rough on wives and young kids. He’s probably hoping to get a long term commitment from a team. The D.C. area may, or may not be the place where he and his wife want to settle down. The Redskins may, or may not be the stable franchise they’re hoping for. I think Cousins is just relaxing and waiting for these things to play out. In the mean time, he’s a young lottery winner. That’s why he’s not looking for sympathy. He’s a sensible kid. He may not be Joe Montana, but he’s a heck of a lot better than a lot of NFL starting QBs, and he’s still improving.

  11. Chiefs should trade Alex Smith, and two 1st rd picks for Cousins. Smith has gone as far as he can.

  12. Cousins doesn’t stir the pot, has the cojones to once again bet on himself and still gets ripped anyway. I respect his comportment even while I still have doubts about his ability to get it done in big games.

    A Giants fan

  13. How is it that every other decent QB and all the other teams are able to successfully negotiate long term deals and not have constant drama? Is the problem Cousins’ agent just saying no to every offer?

  14. I would love to see the look on Snyder’s face when Cousins goes out and has a good season and then tells the skins to pound sand and that they can bid on him on the FA market.

  15. No one (or at least not Florio) is talking about what happens next year in any context except if the Redskins resign him. The Redskins can’t afford the bump that will come with the franchise tag again, and I’m skeptical that any team will be willing to pay $24 mil a year or more for a QB that is good but not great. I’m beginning to think that Cousins may be out of the league in a year – he won’t want to take a pay cut to something like $18 mil a year or less, and the one team that can force him to sign with them can’t afford the number that will be required to do so.

  16. roastedteacher – they can transition tag him for $28MM. If he tests the FA market and doesn’t sign the transition tag, then the skins can match whatever offer he gets. So if no one is willing to pay >$24MM then the skins get a better bargin. I doubt that happens tho…teams will throw $24MM/yr at him no problem. And to suggest that he wont be in the league in a year is ludicrous. IF he can’t get $24MM, you think he turns down $20, or $15, or $10, or $1? He is a football player…he plays the game because he loves it…not because he wants to be the highest paid player in the league. All this said, I bet they reach a deal after the draft (skins will see if anyone is willing to give up the farm for him in a trade)…a five year extension on top of the $24MM he is getting this year with $50-55MM guaranteed and avg $24MM/yr.

  17. Yes sgrvn329! Kirk is talking out of both sides of his face.

    No, Kirk is not being a class act. He and his camp continue to use the media to paint their “good guy” image. He is “saying” the right things, but it is a game and he is not genuine.

    A true class act would stay out of the media.

  18. The Redskins have painted themselves into a corner with their use of the franchise tag on Cousins. On the open market is Cousins going to get 24 million a year, of course not. But, Cousins isn’t on the open market and the Redskins can’t pay him like he is. Washington has to structure a bid against their repeated use of the franchise tag which artificially increased the value of any Cousins contract.

    The smart move would have been to use the transition tag, let the market set his value and match any offer made to lock him into a long-term deal.

  19. Redskins put themselves in this position. Kirk wanted to make a reasonable deal, they said no to that and made him play out his contract. He played well enough to demand a lot more than he would have accepted in the first place. Redskins decided to franchise him and he played well enough again to demand a decent deal, but this time he had them over that 24mil barrel. That’s their starting point. And instead of trying to work around that, they stupidly franchised him again, now they are where they are. He’ll finish the year, and next year end up in Arizona, Jacksonville, Buffalo, New York, or Minnesota, for 18-20 per year. Redskins waste the time and a lot of money and are back to looking for the next RG3 to blow their future on.

  20. Skins fans should count their blessings. Your team could be paying that much for a starting QB who throws up ducks and defrauds his own fans for a measly few thousand extra.

  21. I’m not normally one to get all politically correct-y but “Redskins” is such overt, over the top RACISM that it deserves the shaming.

    Disagree? Name me one other instance in public life where the color of one’s skin is explicitly used to denote a separation of races via a name. Just one will do.

    I’ll be right here holding my breath.

    Oh… the point… Put me in the camp applauding Cousins for betting on himself and winning. He’ll hit UFA in his prime, have made $44 million in the prior two years. However talented he may or may not be he’s a fairly unique example of the franchise tag working strongly to a player’s advantage, due mostly to the player himself keeping his head in the game and going out and performing. Good for him.

    His success at playing the tag game doesn’t really translate to other players, though. Most other positions in the NFL have much higher risk of severe injury… and that’s the nightmare scenario for most tagged players: a one year fattie contract, sure, but with zero future security, and thus a guy is an ACL or Achilles or patella tear away from missing a whole year while UNEMPLOYED….

  22. Please PFT can we just drop all the drama and BS about football players making tens of millions of dollars annually to play a game. No one feels sorry for anyone playing in the NFL (Minimum Salary is $465,000, and $6900/week for practice squad). Considering the average Joe takes in about $40k per year…let’s get real here!

  23. He’s right, and one of them is having to play for that dysfunctional team called the Washington Redskins.

    It used to be such a great franchise but little Danny has destroyed it.

  24. Ohhhhh’ please stop it…..
    Go into the bathroom and splash cold water in your face. Kirk Cousins is a good quarterback in a great system. Look up YAC for Reed, Jackson, and Harcon last year. Look at how he had the third cleanest pocket to work with last year. Count how many checkdowns he threw last season. Kirk has NOT shown the ability to deliver when it COUNTS, he just want to be paid as such. Wherever he is in 18 he better hope to have the weapons and protection.

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