Los Angeles hosting simultaneous NFL games three times

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Three times this year the Los Angeles metropolitan area will host two separate NFL games at the same time.

On September 17, the Los Angeles Rams will host the Washington Redskins at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in a 1:25 p.m. PT kickoff while the Chargers are hosting the Miami Dolphins in a 1:05 p.m. PT kickoff at the StubHub Center.

On December 10, the Rams host the Philadelphia Eagles in a 1:25 p.m. PT kickoff while the Chargers play at 1:05 against the Redskins. Both teams finish the regular season at home in Week 17 on December 31 as well. The Rams host the San Francisco 49ers with the Chargers playing the Oakland Raiders. Both games kickoff at 1:25 p.m.

It’s a unique situation for the NFL to manage until the opening of the new stadium in Inglewood in 2019. The Coliseum and StubHub Center are 12 miles apart. The distance between the two stadiums should help alleviate some traffic overlap issues with the games.

While the Jets and Giants share the New York market, they play in the same stadium. The only time the Jets and Giants can play simultaneously in New York is when they are playing each other once every four years (preseason excluded). The Los Angeles reality of the next two season creates these unique scenarios where the Rams and Chargers are home the same weekend.

Outside of those three weeks when the teams play at the same time, the Rams and Chargers aren’t playing in Los Angeles the same week the rest of the year.


14 responses to “Los Angeles hosting simultaneous NFL games three times

  1. It will be late in the season, unless the teams are in the running for divisional championships the fans won’t be bothering to show up anyways….

  2. Fans in Los Angeles are pumped up about the Rams and the Chargers schedules for this year. They should play the song “I Love L.A. ” by Randy Newman when the Chargers take the field.

  3. Stubhub on New Years Eve will be a Raider home game, 24k Raider Nation and about 100 Charger fans, players, coaches. That game should be moved to the Coliseum and Ram-Niners to stubby.

  4. And so……………….. Come on everyone knows LA is the capitol of the football world. The NFL and Jerry Jones mad such a huge deal to get two teams there , they should sell out every game for both teams right ? LA is starved for football. Hell ,LA knows more and has the best football fans in the entire NFL, there is no reason why both teams shouldn’t thrive in the best market in the NFL. Chargers 6-10 . Rams 2-14. Have a great season LA.

  5. Horrible, horrible scheduling by the NFL.

    You literally just cut your maximum profit for those games in half by forcing the city to choose one team or another.

    And in Los Angeles of all places? How many teams have played in LA and left because they didnt get the fan support needed to maintain a franchise?

    I understand its Los Angeles which ranks right up there with New York on the American cities of “prestige”. But if history repeats itself there yet again, you may have just doomed one or both teams long term objectives in LA this year.

  6. Well. In a few years Oakland Raiders fans will have one home game a year still at the Chargers ironically now in Los Angeles. So there’s that.

  7. “The Los Angeles reality of the next two season creates these unique scenarios where the Rams and Chargers are home the same weekend.”

    Nonsense. The NFL schedule-makers have avoided Jets-Giants conflicts for decades. There’s no reason that they couldn’t do the same for LA.

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