Nathan Peterman drawing interest from Cardinals, Chargers, Jaguars

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Two of them have franchise quarterbacks who’ll eventually need to be replaced. One thought it had a franchise quarterback. All three have kicked the tires on former Pitt quarterback Nathan Peterman.

Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live, Peterman said he has visited the Cardinals and Chargers, and that he has worked out for the Jaguars.

He also pointed out, however, the reality that “it’s usually the team you never hear from that drafts you.”

To hear from Peterman, check out the video attached to this story.

9 responses to “Nathan Peterman drawing interest from Cardinals, Chargers, Jaguars

  1. We Pitt fans know how very good Nate Peterman was for us, but thanks for the great interview.

    That question about ” your supporting cast was too good” is interesting – one can easily argue, especially with Nate, that he made them play up to his level also.

    This kid came to Pitt when there was already a pretty successful incumbent QB in place – and promptly played so well he started in the third game of the season.

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see that happen this September also.

  2. Jags QB Brandon Allen is better than Peterman so he would be #4 in Jax. Peterman however would instantly be competing for #2 in both San Diego and Arizona

  3. The Jags, Blake Bortles definitely has ups and downs. I think he would almost immediate put pressure on Bortles.

    as long as Rivers makes the move to LA I couldn’t see him playing until the end of his rookie contract. Rivers is good.

    Where I would like to see the kid end up is in Arizona. This year I would expect the Cards to try and get 1 last year out of Palmer, then after that I would expect it to be his show. With Arians as the head coach I would expect his ceiling to be the highest in the desert.

  4. i think Peterman will be the 2nd best QB out of this draft class, i think Josh Dobbs 5 years from now will be the best

  5. QB Film Room
    If the jags take him they def won’t be carrying 4 qbs. Brandon Allen has potential, yes but he’s not amazing or anything.

  6. “Ms. Benes, I noticed you have been charging quite a bit of merchandise on the Peterman account.”

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