No prime time for Jaguars or Browns this year

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The good news for the Browns and the Jaguars is, they won’t have to worry about short weeks.

The good news for fans in places other than Cleveland and Jacksonville, is that it’s easier to not watch the Browns and Jaguars.

Those two have the distinction of no prime time appearances on either Thursday, Sunday or Monday nights.

(Assuming they aren’t flexed into a night game, of course.)

While that’s a benefit in not having to deal with short weeks, it also appears to be a concession to complaints about the quality of the Thursday Night Football schedule, since two of the worst teams in the league (they combined for four wins last year) aren’t forced to appear.

Ten teams make five prime time appearances, with the Chiefs, Falcons, Cowboys, Broncos, Packers, Patriots, Raiders, Eagles, Steelers and Washington getting the most run.

22 responses to “No prime time for Jaguars or Browns this year

  1. Unfortunately for those who live in Jacksonville we’ll be stuck watching the Jags suck for yet another year. I’m still hoping the NFL will come back to Jax.

  2. Hell yeah! 5 primetime Iggles games means I actually to see my team play being a relocated fan. Being in Detroit, that’s about the only time I get to see them play. Instead they air something like the Jets vs Bills. No one wants to watch that garbage.

    The Browns and Jags should be happy. At least they don’t have to expose their terrible play to the nation. Only locals get to see how bad these two teams are each week.

  3. well at least they will get to see what real football games look like …


    Oh yea I bet that Bills-Jets game will be a real classic

  4. I am under the impression that every team plays one Thursday night game on a short week to try to maintain the competitive balance. Has the NFL decided that these two teams are so bad that they need a leg up? Are there teams with multiple short weeks because of Thursday night games this year?

  5. Another season like their recent ones and the Browns and Jags will be playing their games on Monday mornings at 6 AM.

    ———————————————————————————–They should relegate them to the CFL and make them compete for the right to play in the NFL.

  6. It might not be looked at as “primetime”,but that 9:30AM game is pretty unique especially for east coast viewers getting Sunday breakfast football taking them through the entire day. The networks haven’t really gone all in on how to market the game yet. There is some potential there though being that it is the only game to watch.

  7. There should be a minimum # of wins to be on primetime games. No team should be on primetime if they don’t win the minimum the prior year. This will help punish the tankers while saving us from watching garbage teams.

  8. Who knows, maybe one of these will be exciting enough to get flexed! It’s a deservingly low bar of success to aim for.

  9. Just get Sunday Ticket, then it doesn’t matter what the “Network Experts” think you want to see…

  10. Considering how horrible 90% of the prime time games were last year I think that’s a reward. NFL should really find a way to avoid picking games for prime time prior to finding out what matchups are good or not. Maybe just announce the first few weeks then make the rest open for schedule adjustment. Watching the Patriots embarrass people and the AFC South show why they shouldn’t be in the NFL can’t be good for ratings.

    One of the best Prime Time games excitement wise last season was the Browns and Ravens and only 5 people watched it because it was the Browns and Ravens. That should tell you everything right there.

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