Sunday Night Football schedule starts with Giants at Cowboys

Getty Images

The Giants and Cowboys have been a popular pairing for Sunday Night Football, and this year will be no different.

The 2017 season schedule is officially out, and NBC’s first Sunday night game features the Giants heading to Dallas on September 10.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football package actually kicks off with a Thursday night game between the Chiefs and Patriots. And NBC will also show the Thanksgiving night game with the Giants traveling to Washington.

Here’s how the rest of the Sunday nights shake out, with the caveat that the league uses flexible scheduling and may change some of these games to put better matchups in prime time:

Week 2: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

Week 3: Oakland Raiders at Washington

Week 4: Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks

Week 5: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

Week 6: New York Giants at Denver Broncos

Week 7: Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

Week 8: Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions

Week 9: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins

Week 10: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

Week 11: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Week 12: Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks

Week 14: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 15: Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders

Week 16: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

The Sunday night schedule will end in Week 17 with whatever is the game with the biggest playoff implications.