Bud Grant gearing up for his final garage sale, with bobbleheads

Getty Images

Former Vikings coach Bud Grant’s garage sales have become almost as famous as his coaching career.

But about to turn 90, Grant said the one coming up next month will be his last. The reason why is as pragmatic as Grant himself.

I’m running out of stuff,” he said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

For years he’s sold hunting and fishing gear and Vikings and NFL memorabilia from his Bloomington home, refusing to haggle over prices and offering whoever wanders up a chance to go through his stuff.

But picked-through as his collection might be, he’ll have a new item this year — a custom bobblehead doll.

“They’ve been after me for a bobblehead doll for years, and I just never felt the need to do that,’’ Grant said. “It’s an ego-trip kind of thing. But somebody suggested to have them at your garage sale to advertise. You’ve got to have a hook.

“You can’t just say, ‘Come to my garage sale and buy baby clothes.’ ’’

The bobblehead features Grant alongside his late hunting dog Boom, who died last October after a bout with cancer.

“I loved him dearly,’’ the former coach said. “I’m standing there [on the bobblehead] and I’ve got a duck in my hand that he’s just given me, that he’s retrieved, and he’s sitting by my side.”

For fans of the Vikings that might be a treasured collectible, but the chance to rummage around through the Hall of Fame coach’s garage one last time is the real prize.