Dave Gettleman sees “half a dozen” every-down running backs in draft

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The Panthers have spent time with many of the top running backs in this year’s draft class, leading to plenty of speculation that they could take one with the eighth overall pick next week.

That would continue a reversal of the trend that saw running backs fail to go in the first round of the draft, something Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman attributed to weak crops of players in those drafts during a press conference on Friday. Gettleman does not believe that’s the case this year.

Gettleman said he would not take a running back in the first round unless he thought that player could play all three downs. He said he feels there are “half a dozen” backs like that in this year’s draft.

While some have raised concerns about his ability to handle that kind of workload, Gettleman included Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey in that group and said that McCaffrey showed the ability to run, catch and “carry the load” while in college.

LSU’s Leonard Fournette would likely be the team’s other option if they want to take a running back at the top of the draft and the Panthers met with him during the pre-draft process, although the same is true of plenty of other teams drafting early in the first round.

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  1. I would think the opposite. With that comment from Gettleman, I would think he won’t go RB at pick #8 if he believes there are half a dozen backs he likes. If true, he can get one of those RB’s in round 2 or 3.

  2. why not just say “six” half a dozen makes him sound like the nutcase incompetant GM he is

  3. If I’m a star high school player, there’s no way I play running back. It’s a glory position, but the future is bleak for this position in the NFL. In addition, the average playing career for running backs is easily the lowest of any position on the team.

  4. Watch someone take a chance on Mixon because he’s exactly one of these….can run all day and catches anything near him out of the backfield.

  5. Dalvin Cook would be the best choice over Fournette and certainly over McCafferty. He has proven himself to be an every down back against some of the toughest competition in college football. He has been more durable than Fournette who is basically a straight-ahead runner with less agility than Cook. It the Panthers want an RB like McCafferty, Darren Sproles is probably available at a cheap price. Cook’s reputation has been smeared by basically one writer, Matt Miller, whose allegations are about incidents for which he was either found “Not Guilty”, were minor in significance, all prior to 2015. If the Panthers don’t take Cook, they will have to face him twice a year because Tampa Bay plans to take him if he’s available.

  6. TE Oj Howard makes the most since at #8. Then Curtis Sameul at 40. Then DE Tanoh Kpassagnon at 64. CB Jalen Tabor.

    Howard is 6’6 255 runs a 4.51-40 identical to Greg Olsen. Of you watched Howard vs Texas A&M he pancaked De Hall and held Garrtett off freshman QB Hurts. Howard has soft hands, blocks great, runs good routes. Can even run as a H Back on a shuttle pick between the tackles. I would like for us to go back to a great 2 TE set like when TE Jeremy Shockey.

    WR/RB Curtis 5’11 198lbs. 4.31-40 4 lbs.ligbter than RB Christian McCaffrey.
    So these are very similar in what tbey, but Samuel IMO does it better and runs better WR routes and is a deep threat with his straight line 4.3 speed.

    The best ting about this pick he should be there where McCaffrey won’t. So we get a RB and Slot WR in 2 package. WR Philly Brown was to play this role running jet sweeps and play WR for Ohio State HC Urban Myer. Never really panned out for Brown. If OC Shula can​ get Creative Samuel becomes a mismatch night mare on the Panthers Offense.

    64. DE Tanoh Kpassagnon 6’7 289 lbs. 4.73-40 if I remember correctly. Yank had almost 36″ arm 20″ Lu’s hands if I remember correctly. Since we resigned DE Julius Pepper’s I believe he can be a player coach​ to Kpassagnon and Larry Webster 6’6 275 lbs. Giving the Panthers to play hybird 3-4 to a 326 zone cover defense on passing plays like a spread offense.

    98. CB Jalen Tabor most won’t agree with this pick because of a slower 40 time, but I have read several articles where he stated having a tight hamstring. Watching him play and his production i believe​ that to be a true statement and has driven his draft stock down. If that is true Tabor is a steal at this pick.

  7. Yeah I know they are long.

    115. RB Wayne Gallman 6’0 225. All purpose back. The thing I like about him is he can pick up the blitz, run the ball, catch and lead block. He is not the fastest RB and he doesn’t have to be. Gallman can line up in the slot to. So it’s not about putting the biggest baddest player on the field experience every time, but a consistent layer who fits.

    I have a feeling Gettleman starts around Pick 5 trading up. I have no idea in which direction G-man will go but I feel these are 4 solid players that are impact players day one.

  8. Newest rumor is the Browns are trying to move from 12 to the top 8 to get Trubisky in addition to Garrett at #1. I could deal with trading back to 12. It probably gives us an additional 3rd round pick to go with the 3 picks we already have for day 2 of the draft, so we can build depth. At 12, it’s more reasonable to take Cam Robinson or Ramczyk. We MUST get a tackle in this draft. Oher is never going to play again, and I have a queasy feeling in my gizzard that we are going to regret letting Ryan Kalil talk DG into breaking the bank for his little brother. And hey, here in Charlotte we have plenty of air conditioning to keep Robinson out of trouble. 🙂

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