Dez Bryant reverses course after slamming Janoris Jenkins

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After the schedule makers opted to match the Giants and Cowboys on the first week of the regular season, Dallas receiver Dez Bryant decided to pounce on his newest New York nemesis.

Bryant responded to critical comments from cornerback Janoris Jenkins with this on Twitter, via “Bra they play cover 5 damn near the whole time… put his ass 1 on 1 the whole game… I will embarrass him… [Giants defensive coordinator Steve] Spagnuolo know.”

Bryant thereafter deleted the message after realizing that the comments from Jenkins weren’t fresh: “I jumped the gun on my last tweet,” Bryant said. “I thought it was recent & thought he kept going on about it . . . I’m still looking forward to our battle.

Here’s what Jenkins said, in February: “[W]hen you look at film and break down your opponents and the receivers that you’re facing, you notice what they like to do. Take away the slant and the dig, and when they get in 21 personnel and Dez is inside the number, you take away the corner post, he doesn’t have nothing else. . . . Everything’s got to be a double move to get him open because he’s not fast.”

Bryant didn’t react then. He reacted now, because he thought the comments had been made closer to now.

Hopefully, they’ll both have more to say then, when the two teams are preparing to square off in the first Sunday night game of the year.

14 responses to “Dez Bryant reverses course after slamming Janoris Jenkins

  1. I’d much rather see these two match up in a contest reading a children’s book cover-to-cover

  2. Dez is over rated he didnt even have 1000 yds receiving and Cole Beasely had more receiving yds than Dez…..They put him in the Pro Bowl based on popularity!!!!

    Remember when he was hollering about how he was schooling Josh Norman….He only had 3 catches for 32 yds……some schooling huh

  3. I think Dez needs to watch the film of the game in the Meadowlands from last year. Jenkins was all over him, including Dallas’ last gasp late in the 4th quarter with the money on the table, lol!

  4. Bryant does have “[something] else” in his repertoire: catching the ball over a defender. I don’t know what news Jenkins thought he was providing with his original comment – Bryant has never been close to elite in terms of separation, but he’s as good at high-pointing the ball as anyone in the business, which is what makes him such a good red zone threat and how you can’t fall asleep on him at any time because he move the ball in chunks even when you think you have him covered.

    The benefit of having a Bryant-level WR is that they demand extra attention throughout the game, which opens things up for the rest of the offense. That is why they are VERY valuable even when they don’t have big statistical games (because they are helping others get the stats), and a BIG reason why Dallas’s offense was so bad in 2015 without him.

  5. dasboot504 says:

    As stated…Bryant just ain’t that fast.

    Same thing was said about Jerry Rice.

  6. “They put him in the Pro Bowl based on popularity!!!!”

    Uh, isn’t that all that “game” is anymore is a popularity contest? Unless you make it a who got “hurt” so they didn’t have to show up contest…

  7. Wait, didn’t Dez Bryant put Jenkins on skates while he was on the Rams?? Bryant scored the TD w/out a defender within 30 yards? 1 game doesn’t make a match up Janoris… Look at the body of work, Dez has been dominate his entire career, Janoris has been a rather flash & splash player. Lets see if Jenkins can keep it going for more than a year!

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