John Schneider says odds aren’t very good for Richard Sherman trade

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While the Seahawks have been open about the availability of cornerback Richard Sherman on the trading block, General Manager John Schneider said Thursday night the chances of such a deal seem slim.

Right now, I don’t think the odds are very good,” Schneider said in an interview with 710 ESPN, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “But if someone comes cruising along and something happens and we do something, it happens.”

The Seahawks have fully entertained the idea of dealing one of its biggest stars that offseason. It’s a tact they haven’t really taken before since Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll assumed control of the team in 2010, though Schneider has said they entertain pretty much any idea that comes across his desk.

Nevertheless, Sherman twice blew up at coordinators on the sidelines last season and doubled-down on his criticism of Darrell Bevell for a pass play called from the 1-yard line against the Los Angeles Rams in December. He’s going to be 29 years old this year and has two years remaining on his contract. He’s scheduled to make $11.43 million in base salary in 2017 and $11 million in base salary in 2018.

Schneider says cap considerations would be one of the reasons the team would trade Sherman.

“The only reasons we would do it is to create some cap room and trying to become a younger football team. But that’s just one option,” Schneider said.

Schneider echoed Sherman’s comments from earlier this month indicating there was no bad blood between the two sides with the trade dialogue continuing.

“We just have a great relationship,’’ Schneider said, noting he talked to Sherman on Thursday. “We have constant communication.’’

The upcoming NFL Draft would seem to be a de facto deadline for a deal to get done. If Sherman is still on the roster after next weekend, the shrinking odds he gets dealt could be reduced all the way to zero.

11 responses to “John Schneider says odds aren’t very good for Richard Sherman trade

  1. I wonder what percentage of effort & cooperation Mr Sherman will be willing to give to the ‘Hawks if he’s not traded. Two years left to play. He would be well-served to practice hard, play hard, & keep his rogue mouth under control. He can go out classy that way. And do the Hawks a lot of good – again.

  2. I personally endorse a happy Richard Sherman returning next year and (eventually) retiring as a Seahawk. Second greatest living defensive back for our team since Kenny Easley, and a tie with Dave Brown (R.I.P.) for greatest Seahawk cornerback ever.

  3. Said the odds were ever good of a trade.

    Looking like lynch isn’t going to raiders either

  4. It’s not a great year to be dealing corners. There are good ones available in the draft and Butler is also very available. For those reasons, as well as Schneider’s asking price for Sherman, Sherman will remain in Seattle. At this point, he probably understands that he is not the coach or GM and he doesn’t call pass/run decisions in the red zone.

  5. There’s NO WAY any team will give up a first round pick & have to pick up his salary…. Seattle created this cap nightmare by giving him too much money & must deal with it….

  6. I feel so bad for poor Richard Sherman.
    It must be terrible to be fored to play football for a team you don’t want to be on, at an average salary of > 11MM/year.

    I’d much rather have my job … uh, no!

  7. I wonder what percentage of effort & cooperation it would take to get the phrase “take a tack” right…

  8. In other words, you’re stuck with Big Mouth. Just wait, he’ll be asking for another contract for even more money now since he realizes they can’t get send him away to someone else.

  9. It can be done. do it the same way the Texans got rid of osweiler. Trade charmin to the Browns with a #2 pick and let the Browns eat his salary in exchange for a #3 pick next season. Get younger and save cap space.

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