NFL has spent $12.8 million on new soccer/football stadium in London

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At a time when NFL teams are moving from city to city to find more lucrative stadium options, the league is putting some money into a stadium overseas.

The NFL has spent $12.8 million on the construction of a new stadium for soccer team Tottenham Hotspur in London, according to ESPN.

Tottenham and the NFL agreed before construction began that the league would contribute some of the money toward the $1 billion stadium, and in return the league would get amenities including NFL-sized locker rooms and an NFL-caliber playing surface. The stadium will have a grass field for soccer games and slide in field turf for NFL games.

Starting next year, the NFL plans to play two games a year at Tottenham’s stadium, as well as one game at the iconic Wembley Stadium and one game at rugby union’s Twickenham Stadium.

At this point, the NFL playing four games a year in London looks like the minimum. The league is continuing to invest in what it believes will be a lucrative overseas market for many years to come.

8 responses to “NFL has spent $12.8 million on new soccer/football stadium in London

  1. $12.8 million on a stadium?

    What is that, a joke?

    Two cups of beer and a box of popcorn costs more than $12.8 million at most stadiums these days.

    Maybe the NFL also threw in a couple of Eli Manning’s game-worn helmets.

  2. Goodell really wants to kill the league huh? Not sure about other fan bases. But I’d be petty upset if my team kept going to London.

    Heck, I think it’s disgusting that the NFL is spending money on stadiums overseas when three teams have moved in a year.

    The fans can only take so much of a beating. With continually rising ticket prices, the terrible officiating, the over saturation (TNF, 3 day draft, schedule release) and the overall disrespect of the hometown fans. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the NFL start a steep decline in viewers. I know I’ve watched less and less NFL the past 3-5 years.

  3. Stupidity.

    The teams hate it. The players hate it. The fans hate it. The English aren’t exactly packing the stadiums. And instead, NFL fans with season tickets get home games pulled away from them to go to stinking London.

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