No byes until Week Five this year

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The Ravens are going to London to face the Jaguars in Week Three and they recently asked the NFL to hold off on giving them a bye week upon their return to the United States.

The league granted that request by scheduling the Ravens for a home game with the Steelers and they went a little bit further. They didn’t give the Jaguars a bye either and the schedule makers eliminated byes in Week Four altogether after years of starting to dole out idle Sundays at that point in the season.

The first byes fall the next week and at least two teams will be off each week through Week 11 this year. Weeks Eight, Nine and 11 will all see six teams taking a breather.

That will make for some light schedules in those weeks, but it seems unlikely that there will be too many complaints about getting rid of the Week Four bye. Most teams would likely opt for a bye in the middle of the season in order to balance out their schedule and get a break at a point when bodies have undergone more wear and tear than they have in the first three weeks of the year.

13 responses to “No byes until Week Five this year

  1. I always thought it better to have two byes. One for the NFC and one for the AFC and make the lean weeks riveraly weeks where all games are divisional games. Evens up the competitive balance of the bye week and provides a marketing angle.

  2. Good – they got something right – hope they don’t go back to wk4 bye’s next yr

  3. I’ve said this a 1000 times. Give half the teams the bye week at week 8 and the other half in week 9. This makes it fair for everyone and gets the byes out of the way in two weeks.

    Hell if you want to be real draconian, give everyone a whole week off mid-season. All the guys have a weekend off to get the yard work done for winter without missing any games. Take their spouse on a weekend get away or whatever you want to do.

    I hate byes so let’s just quit the drip – drip – drip of these things. Rip the Band-Aid off man.

  4. I agree with those stating byes should be even.

    Last season the Eagles played 8 games against teams coming off byes.

    Everyone hates to complain about things being unfair, so lets just make it all even.

  5. On a story like this how is the photo selection determined? There is reference to the Ravens and Steelers so that photo works. It doesn’t do anything for me though.

    The Jags are also mentioned, no photo of them instead?

    These more league-wide stories should use random photos. I’d much prefer to have seen a photo of Tampa’s over-drafter kicker missing a field goal last season instead of “whatever” is going on in that Ravens/Steelers photo up there.

    My two cents, thanks for reading.

  6. Nice that they pushed it back a week but horrible for fans, how do you have 3 weeks with 6 teams on bye and other weeks with just 2 teams. spread it out

  7. It’s kind of unfair that the Patriots get two bye weeks. The first one November 5th and then another one December 17th when they play the Steelers and the 9 points of offense that Big Ben brings to the table.

  8. So to cater to the Ravens they changed a standard the league has had since byes were introduced.

    Corruption runs deep in Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League

  9. Finally got something closer to being right.

    I’d prefer no byes til week 7 and jam them all in 2-4 weeks.

  10. Yup, all the byes should be done in two weeks. It’s so simple. Which means it will probably never happen.

  11. Love it when people cry about the Ravens. You do know that John Harbaugh is going to be the commissioner on day…just saying. You’ll really be crying then.

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