Raiders G.M. needs an answer from Marshawn Lynch soon


Despite a report that running back Marshawn Lynch had reached a deal with the Raiders that would set the stage for a trade, things haven’t progressed past that point.

As far as Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie is concerned, the time to make a decision is coming soon.

“At some point, you’d like to know,” McKenzie said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Prior to the draft is that point.”

It’s not that the compensation involved in acquiring him from the Seahawks figures to be too significant, it’s that the Raiders can’t pass on a chance to add another back next week if he’s not coming out of retirement.

After losing Latavius Murray in free agency, the Raiders have a significant need at the position, with Taiwan Jones, DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard representing the depth chart at the moment.

23 responses to “Raiders G.M. needs an answer from Marshawn Lynch soon

  1. Don’t do it Reg, this isn’t 2012 Beastmode.

    He is closer to 2015 “I-didn’t-travel-with-the-team-even-though-I-was-cleared-to-play”.

  2. Dudes a headache to deal with. I’ll always be grateful for his hard running for the Hawks, but behind the scenes he always had something. Contract demands, not showing up, playing when he wanted to, aligning himself with guys like Harvin, etc. At some point it became too much vs. What he contributes. I think the Hawks felt his best days were over and no need to coddle him anymore.

    Raiders have been warned. Everything has to be on his terms

  3. When reached by phone, Lynch said, “I feel like on that field, there’s no reason why I can’t run through you,” Lynch said. “I know I’m going to get got, but I’m going to get mine more than I get got, though.”

  4. Well; sounds like Lynch is the hold up. I was thinking it might be the teams working out the deal. Pull the trigger Lynch and lets move on. Hate to see him linger passed the draft and cause the deals to fall through. Bad for all.

  5. well if he does not decide by Wednesday at the latest, and either Fournette, Cook, or McCaffery are on the board, might be difficult to pass on them- and if all three are off the board just means other player still are- right now it looks like Foster is dropping down

  6. By the end of business today to both Lynch and Hawks.

    Hopefully for the Raiders they won’t hear anything. Lynch even if he has something left is a distraction and not the way you build a SB team

  7. It is becoming apparent that Lynch will be an ongoing distraction on a team that has made great improvement and a SB contender. I wouldn’t risk signing Lynch when a trade can be made or a good rookie signing with a more valuable running back. Blount is available and did a fair job last year leading the league in touchdowns.

  8. For the sake of the Raiders, I hope that this deal doesn’t materialize. Lynch is 31, has nothing left and is a head-case. It would be a Randy Moss type of mistake to put him on the roster. Also the Raiders cap space should be directed towards locking up Carr, Mack, Gabe Jackson and improving the D.

  9. He is not even signed and and is already a major distraction. Pull bait, sign players with character and go win. We don’t be needing no Skittles on the sideline.

  10. Gee, I guess maybe all these “reports” involving “sources” saying Lynch deal is done and Sherman is getting traded etc are complete BS and just thrown out there because there is no actual football news to report.

  11. For all you guys saying Lynch isn’t problem, he’s not even on the team and he’s a distraction.
    He’s totally not worth it at his age.
    I say just pass.

  12. Mckenzie is so full of it. A “really great kid” doesnt sucker punch a female breaking her face. McKenzike prolly thinks Hernandez was a really super guy. Hey Reg, when you draft Mixon, you can have Aldon Smith mentor him. Raiders, Commitment to Character. LMAO!

  13. The Las Vegas Raiders reportedly only wants to pay the Beast Mold $3 million but the Mold wants $4.5 million. That means there is a chance the Hogs may be able to renegotiate with him for between $3 and $4.5 mil to stay in Seattle. Even so, Pete the Cheat may not want Beast Mold back, not even for $4.5 million because they simply don’t have the cap space for him and the draft picks they need to sign.

  14. The Beast Mold can simply force the issue by coming out of retirement. That forces the Sea Hogs into releasing him immediately. Then he can negotiate with multiple teams, and the Raiders will have to pay him or lose him.

  15. For all you guys saying Lynch isn’t problem, he’s not even on the team and he’s a distraction.
    He’s totally not worth it at his age.
    I say just pass.


    He’s a distraction for you because you believe that media hype = locker room agenda.

    It’s spring and the only thing the NFL has to talk about is the draft and anything else they want to make an issue.

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