Rick Smith: We have two QBs and intend to take three to camp

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The Texans are among the teams that have taken long looks at members of this year’s incoming group of quarterbacks, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the current makeup of the position group.

Tom Savage has gotten looks with the first team in the past, but hasn’t stayed healthy long enough for an extended run as a starter. Brandon Weeden got a longer stretch with the Browns early in his career, although it came without many signs that he was well suited for the role.

During a press conference on Friday, General Manager Rick Smith didn’t exactly play it coy when it came to questions about the Texans’ plans at the position.

“We have two quarterbacks on the roster and our intention is to go to camp with three quarterbacks,” Smith said.

Smith said that he thinks it is a good quarterback group this year, but also that Savage has “proven that he understands this offense and can play at a high level.” Smith said he’s “comfortable” with that and we’ll have a better idea just how comfortable about a week from now.

22 responses to “Rick Smith: We have two QBs and intend to take three to camp

  1. Sometimes Rick you have to make a decision and support your guy and ride it out with him for better or for worse. Waffling yearly and being in Flux at QB is how you lose bruh. Make Savage into your franchise guy and move onto other areas of your team

  2. I don’t understand why teams don’t draft more QB’s, even multiple in the same draft like the Redskins did, and let them compete.

    The Texans defense is excellent and they could be a very good team with a solid QB, yet the Texans have drafted only TWO QB’s since 2011. And have not taken a QB higher than the 3rd round in franchise history other than David Carr in 2002.

  3. The Texans were too hasty in getting rid of Osweiler thinking next man up was Romo. They got faked out. The old Hebrew saying….”don’t throw away dirty water until you have clean” is appropriate. Although I’m way in the minority, I believe Osweiler will be a major step up for the Browns and will succeed as an solid NFL QB. Now the Texans have a Super Bowl run team who is frantically searching for a QB that can lead them to the Promise Land. The idea that maybe a Dak Prescott is out there in the draft is foolish. They made a big mistake without the owners knowledge.

  4. Keep Savage…Sign Cutler…Cut Weeden…Draft best QB available @ #25…

    Now you have got an experiencd veteren…A young veteran and a rookie to develop…

    I should be a GM…

  5. Why not Cutler? He’s not THAT bad, he’s thrown like 30 TDs in a season a couple of times. Plus isnt Bill O’Brien some kind of QB whisperer? He can’t work something with Cutler’s physical traits?

  6. jjackwagon says:
    Apr 21, 2017 2:23 PM
    Savage and Weeden…you going to have to do better than that to get back to the playoffs.
    Savage/Weeden are better than that with “that” being Brock Osweiler. So yes, the Texans should win the AFCS again and go back to the playoffs.

  7. flipola says:
    Apr 21, 2017 5:51 PM
    Please sign Cutler.

    – Rest of AFC South


    Whenever Cutler has played the AFC South he has played extremely well. Be careful what you wish for….

  8. Cutler for two years would be an upgrade over either of these guys. Gives them a chance to go deep in playoffs. The biggest knock on him in their situation is that he’s never been known to work with a young quarterback, and they need to draft one in waiting.

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