Tony Romo will get to call a pair of Cowboys games this year

Getty Images

Tony Romo’s still going to be working Cowboys games this year, but only two of them.

With last night’s schedule release comes word that CBS will have a pair of Dallas games this year, giving the former quarterback and rookie broadcaster a chance to call games featuring his old team.

According to Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News, Romo will work the Nov. 5 visit from the Chiefs to Dallas, and will be back in the booth for the Thanksgiving Day Chargers-Cowboys game with partner Jim Nantz.

That will give Romo a few months to get comfortable in his new role, and it will be worth watching to see how far he’ll go with the background he built up during his career in Dallas.

Considering the apparent frost between him and coach Jason Garrett over the handling of last season (when Romo wasn’t given the chance to compete with rookie Dak Prescott for the starting job when he came back from his back injury), there’s the potential for some interesting commentary, if Romo chooses to share it.