Bill Parcells is glad Tony Romo retired

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Hall of Fame head coach Bill Parcells declined all media requests in the aftermath of the decision of former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to walk away from football. Parcells has now broken his silence.

I was glad he retired,” Parcells told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “Enough is enough. You got to know, this is hazardous to your health.”

Parcells, who added that he wishes tight end Jason Witten had retired, discovered Romo in 2003 as an undrafted player for whom former Cowboys assistant and current Saints coach Sean Payton stood on the table.

But it was more than finding Romo. Parcells also developed the former Eastern Illinois quarterback.

“I really believe I handled him the right way when he was young,” Parcells said. “If I had thrown him in there, it would have been tough. He was indiscriminant. It took a while. When we got [Vinny] Testaverde down there [in 2004], it was a big help to Tony. Vinny was very meticulous, very studious, very professional in his training and his weight lifting. Tony got to see that.”

In 2006, Romo supplanted Drew Bledsoe as the starter, a job Romo held until a back injury last August opened the door for Romo to be supplanted by Dak Prescott.

21 responses to “Bill Parcells is glad Tony Romo retired

  1. Definitely a great talent in an undrafted player. Amazing they found him. But something was off with him. It seems like the Cowboys underachieved in his era and they had some really good talent around him.

  2. Romo carried us on his back for years and now it’s time for Romo to carry his sons on his back. Him and his wife are expecting another child. I want to see you walk into the ring of honor instead of getting pushed there on a wheel chair. Enough is enough. Thank you Romo

  3. Bill Parcells…..The football genius who set the Miami Dolphins franchise back ten years. Thank God it looks like they are finally digging out of the mess that he and his Boy Wonder, Jeff Ireland created!

  4. I think Parcells is spot on here. Multiple back injuries are nothing to be playing around with. Good Luck with your horses this year Bill (like the trainer additions). Rooting for ya!

  5. If he’d just shut up we’d be all set.


    there’s a lot of coach haters and QB haters in the world, but Parcells is clearly one of the best coaches of all time and Romo is clearly one of the best QBs of all time as is proven by him consistently pulling one of the top 3 lifetime QB ratings of all time

    Romo was unfortunately saddled by JJ most of his career and as such had a long string of malcontents to throw to, but there are a lot of QBs in the same boat, Marino coming to mind instantly

    reality: while not perfect like everyone else, Romo was a class act and clearly a great QB and deserves a lot more respect than he gets…

  6. eagleslayer says:
    Apr 22, 2017 9:58 PM
    Some great players weren’t meant to be champions…
    How do you arrive at great? Are you suggesting that he will be in the HOF? Most of us aren’t there on this guy.

  7. In terms of the “great players weren’t meant to be champions” comment made by someone else, keep in mind, the QB position has more impact than any other on the football field. Great players like Barry Sanders were limited in their ability to change the outcome of a game, and elite QBs didn’t always have expanded playoffs and free agency.

    The issue with Romo isn’t the fact he wasn’t a world champion, but the reality he never came close. Dan Fouts didn’t have an elite defense, yet he was able to lead San Diego to two AFC TG. Warren Moon was a multiple champion in Canada. Never even reaching a conference title game, and owning just two playoff wins is the real problem with Romo’s career.

  8. You clowns believing how great Romo was, need help.
    His true colors come to bear in two playoffs wins in total.
    The jerk off coach Garrett oops Jones, insisted on passing the GD to the detriment of their running effort and overall game strategy

  9. Romo was a great QB. I will miss watching him play.
    He had a great brand of football.

    BTW, QB rating doesn’t mean too much when you haven’t even led your team to a SB, let alone win one.


  10. I get a kick out of the people claiming how great Romo was as a QB. The guy amassed two playoff wins in 14 seasons…..that stinks. And Dallas had good talent around him…. Romo was mediocre at best.

  11. I’m glad Bill Parcells retired. If he’d just shut up we’d be all set

    If Parcells was so good, how come he was on so many teams?
    Amen and amen. All that clown ever did was ride Belichick’s coat tails – LOOSING career record without him and ZERO playoff wins. The great “rebuilder” jumped on teams with loads of draft picks, got paid for being mediocre, and bailed to the next one. What did Jets, Cowboys, or Fish ever do when he “rebuilt” them? They stunk forever thanks to his bonehead management.

  12. While a solid starter for the Cowboys, Tony Romo is not a HOF caliber player. If Dave Kreig had played for the Cowboys, would we be touting him too?

    He is better off retiring at this stage of his life so that he can have a fulfilling life with his two young children and pretty wife.

  13. “I was glad he retired,” Parcells told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “They keep replaying that Wild Card game on NFL Network and I can’t stand it…maybe now they’ll stop.”

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