Report: Browns still considering Mitchell Trubisky first overall

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Everyone thinks the Browns will take Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett with the first overall pick in the draft on Thursday night, but maybe everyone is wrong.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is still under serious consideration by the Browns with their top pick.

There’s also been talk that the Brows could draft Garrett first and then try to move up from their second first-round pick, No. 12 overall, and grab Trubisky in the Top 10. The problem is there’s no guarantee he’ll be there. Projections on Trubisky have been all over the map, but some people think the 49ers could take him second overall, which would mean the Browns can only get him if they take him first.

The dilemma for the Browns could be that they think Garrett is the best player in the draft but Trubisky is the best quarterback, and then they have to weigh whether it’s better to use the first pick on the most important position, or on the best player regardless of position.

The Browns could also take Garrett first overall and then take whoever the best quarterback on the board is at 12, whether that’s Trubisky, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson or Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes. But if the Browns think Trubisky is the best quarterback in the draft, it seems odd that they’d settle for their No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback.

There have also been reports, denied by the Browns, of a rift in the front office, with head coach Hue Jackson wanting Garrett but Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta wanting Trubisky. It would be strange, to say the least, for the Browns to hire a head coach with a good track record for developing quarterbacks in Jackson, then use the first overall pick in the draft on a quarterback Jackson doesn’t think they should take.

It’s also possible that what the Browns really want is to trade down, and they’re feigning interest in Trubisky to make any other team that wants him think it would need to trade up to No. 1 to get him.

The Browns have said they won’t announce their pick until they’re on the clock. So we’ll find out on Thursday night.

89 responses to “Report: Browns still considering Mitchell Trubisky first overall

  1. This would be such a Browns move. It also shows the desperation in this league for a QB.

  2. Jimmy. Gimme a call and Ill take care of the entire draft for you. Do not let these clowns continue to screw up your team and drafts

  3. ah, the days leading up to the draft, when bs flies and we crane our necks to see where it sticks…wasn’t it just three months ago when, after the championship game, it was largely conceded that Deshaun Watson would be, if not the overall #1 draft choice, at least the #1 QB taken…

  4. If they pick Trubinksy, everybody in the front office should be fired. 13 games is not enough of a sample. Smacks of laziness. Garrett does come with a flaw. Will he dedicate? Remember last year he signaled his true intention, he wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy. Though he took that statement back, that certainly dent worrying signals to the Browns front office. So likely they don’t trust him.

  5. It appears that the “football expert idiots” are in full bloom in this last week before the NFL draft. Real football people understand that a defensive coordinators’ best weapon is consistent pressure on the opposing QB without having to blitz. Myles Garrett has the ability to do just that for the Browns.
    If a QB isn’t the best player in the draft, or close to the best player, you take the player with the “biggest bang for the buck”, period.
    Hopefully, common sense will prevail for the 1st pick and the Browns take the defensive menace that all offensive coordinators and QB’s dread!

  6. Years from now, when MITCH Trubisky is a glorified Jay Cutler, and Jimmy G is dominating defenses, we’ll all continue to point and laugh at the Browns.

  7. The Browns are the Great Ruiners. They hog all the new QB talent every year so no one else gets to draft a QB and then they destroy the careers of those poor QBs. I’m surprised QBS don’t refuse to go there but then unlike Eli Manning, they’re professionals.

  8. The Browns should just trade up from 12 to the Jets pick at 6 and they can still get Trubisky.

  9. It’s apparent Browns are not enthusiastic about taking Garrett. Can’t blame them.

  10. I don’t know much about Mitch but I’d rather take Watson’s experience. This just seems like it has potential to be Blaine Gabbert 2.0. I know teams are extremely desperate for a qb but I don’t know if I could trust a guy with only about a full season.

  11. Miami drafted a converted WR with one year of college qb experience in 2012 (Tannehill), its still a failure after 5 years.
    Learn from others mistakes, don’t repeat them.

  12. I’m a Tar Heels fan, and I don’t actively root against the Browns. Actually, I wish they’d get it together to make the AFC North more interesting.

    But if you take Trubisky in the top half of the first round, in two or three years you’re going to be in the same position you’re in now. Same position you’ve been in for 25 years.

    Build the core of the team, the defensive front 7 and the offensive front 5. Without them, you will continue to waste first rounders on QBs.

  13. hmmmm… can’t decide… is it pre-draft smoke and mirrors or could it be pre-draft mirrors and smoke… or maybe…

  14. No way does the baseball guy want a 13 game QB, if anything the Browns want to trade down from #1. Haslam wants neighbor Trubisky but the baseball brain guy is pushing back. If Haslam picks another Manziel, Depodesta leaves town.

  15. This is just Mary Kay trying to get mouse clicks. She never has anything of substance to say, it’s always just rumors and fluff. This is likely Trubisky’s agent drumming up hype for his client, or the 49ers trying to get the Browns to trade up to #2 so they can take both Garrett and Trubisky.

  16. For the love of God, don’t overthink this! Take Garrett at 1 then do whatever you want with 12. What is the point of having all these picks, including #1, if you’re not going to use them on the best players on the board?!? Take off the glasses and propeller hats, quit trying to prove you’re smarter than everyone else, and think like normal GM’s for once!!! Can someone PLEASE get this message to Sashi!!

  17. The decision should not be that difficult. Draft Garret first and wait and see who is on the board at 12. If the guy you value is gone trade the pick for Garrapolo. If NE doesn’t want to trade him and in reality I think they would, then you pick the next best player regardless of position. You can sign a stop gap QB until someone you want comes available. The Browns are building and Rome wasn’t built in a day so be patient. Use your picks for as many good players as possible and coach them up.

  18. Cabot has a long history of being obsessed with the QB position. This year this syndrome has become especially exasperating and unbelievably tedious. She is most definitely, on this point, uncoachable.

  19. Simple fact is you need at least an above average QB or a historically significant defense (Ravens, Bucs)e to get to a Super Bowl. This draft is flush with edge rushers and not with QBs. The draft is a crap shoof with a less thsn 60% success rate in round 1. Take the best QB first pick and maybe another round 4. An edge rusher can be picked in between. Example, Redskins.

  20. Trade picks 12 & 33 this year & their 1st & 2nd round picks next year for Garoppalo…. They get Garrett & their franchise QB & still have a ton of picks & the Pats get fair & reasonable compensation for running the risk of Brady getting hurt & only having Brissett to play….

  21. Not surprising how the rift may be playing out. QBs sell tickets, while a top defensive player may better help win games. The coach wants to win games and the FO wants to sell tickets.

  22. The Browns would be stupid to draft a QB at all. This quarterback class sucks, stock up on other positions. Tank the season, and draft Sam Darnold #1 thats what they should do but, they won’t because they are the Browns!!

  23. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Apr 22, 2017 8:28 AM
    Trade the pick to NE for Garrapolo, its the best move.
    Garrapolo is a younger version of Matt Cassel.

  24. Sashi makes the final decision. He was given that authority after the finger pointing between Pettine and Farmer. Difference of opinion between coaches, scouts and the owner about players is SOP. Guess Hue doesn’t like the fact he doesn’t make all decisions.

  25. Just watch it unfold and call Reggie at#24….every QB will still be on the board until then…ship your ist pick in the 2nd and your 3rd rd pick, and you get your QB, and Garrett, and whoever else you want in the second rd.

  26. I hope he’s available at #10 and that the Browns do a deal, including picks, with Buffalo to move up 2 spots. Browns waste another pick and the Bills pick up picks in a rich draft.

  27. I recall that Garrett spoke up loudly about how if the Browns didn’t take him #1, that he would make it a point to terrorize their QB’s his whole career? Doesn’t sound like a ‘dedication’ issue to me?!
    That said, this ‘best layer’ idea is always puzzling. If it’s universally accepted that the QB is the most important player on the team, then it would seem to logically follow that the best QB in the draft (whomever it may be), is the best and most valuable player in the draft for a QB-needy team. Would it not?
    That said again, I would be very leery of making a guy with 13 collegiate starts my #1 pick.

  28. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Apr 22, 2017 8:28 AM
    Trade the pick to NE for Garrapolo, its the best move.


    I agree that makes more sense than taking a college qb with the first overall unless the Patriots have proven sincere that they aren’t parting with JG for any price. But even so using that top pick for a qb at all is a head scratcher. They could trade it for another pick high enough to get Trubisky along with some other picks to fatten their pie.

    Frankly, if they did do something that put that top pick in Belichicks hands he would want to trade it down for multi picks anyhow. Regardless of who they can get there Belichick has never been one to like his eggs in one basket like that.

    Bring popcorn.

  29. The Brownies will trade for the 49ers first pick. They will now have the first 2 picks. The 9ers will then get the Browns #12, the second and 3rd round and next years 2nd.

  30. If you don’t take the best player available you end up with a team staffed with OK players that were picked because of the position they play and your team needs. No successful team picks based on need. Take the best player available and you end up with a team of great players. In this case it’s not even close. None of these QBs are top 20 players. If Cleveland takes one of these QBs at the 12 spot they will be disappointed again.

  31. At least for the NBA, a one-and-done college player has 30 or so games to look at.

    Trubisky has 13.

    Also in the NBA, it’s an accepted practice to draft a kid high based on potential. But to draft this kid based on potential, you must be high.

  32. This QB guru held a fake QB competition with RG me. When he worked RG me out the earth moved. Then he said “trust me” and drafted Kessler. Then leaks said that Kessler wasn’t Hue’s selection. Sounds like someone continues to do Hue’s dirty work. It’s Sashi’s decision not Paul DePodesta or Hue Jackson or the scouting dept. Difference of opinion is good.

  33. Is it fair to assume that most here think Mitchell Trubisky is a clear #1 pick. I will sate this “all” of these QB’s would not have been a first rd pick in the last couple of drafts, nor next years—-Plus I am not certain Mitchell Trubisky is the best QB of the bunch. Browns don’t need to be stupid…none of these QB’s are worth a top 10 pick, nor even a top twenty pick…..maybe 20 on, and that is a maybe. I know picks 19 to 23 will be hard to watch as a Raider fan, as I could only hope there is a run on QB’s before we pick.

  34. If the Browns take Trubisky we’ll see how badly teams want to get their hands on Garrett. Or it’ll make life really easy for John Lynch.

  35. senatorblutarsky says:
    Apr 22, 2017 2:03 PM
    Tough situation to be in, those win-win situations.

    Yeah, if you dont choose the right win then you lose.

  36. These Harvard guys are really smart. Their brilliance earned them the number one pick.

  37. Amazing the Browns butcher themselves year after year even with the 1st overall pick over and over! What the hell? Sorry Cleveland fans. You deserve better.

  38. They should take a kicker with the 1st pick and a punter with the 12th. They’ll never win if they don’t fix that damn kicking game!

  39. As a nearly 60 year fan of the Browns a nd as dysfunctional as they have been at times, even they must have their draft board determined with 5 days to go.

  40. I think people want them to draft him just so they can have something to bellyache about. The Eagles traded up with this same team to grab a guy with limited playing time and injuries that no one outside of the Dakotas heard about and now they’re hailed as geniuses. The Browns might want to draft a D1 starter and now it’s oh no. Besides, Mary Kay Cabot is a poor source of info.

  41. This is such an OBVIOUS SMOKESCREEN. Do the Browns realistically think anyone would actually believe this?

    If the Browns were seriously considering drafting Trubisky, they would trade up from 12, as the article mentions. Plenty of teams are looking to move down, and the Browns have plenty of extra picks to trade up with.

    They might trade up from 12 (or stand pat) for him, but there is no way they are taking Trubisky at 1. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

  42. If they’re truly considering Trubisky #1, the braintrust of the Browns needs to be arrested for professional malpractice.

  43. Amazing the Browns butcher themselves year after year even with the 1st overall pick over and over! What the hell? Sorry Cleveland fans. You deserve better.

    Not to point out the facts, but they have not had the #1 pick since 2000.

  44. Theres a reason you always draft near the top, u stink and u make horrible Draft picks.

    Only in the NFL can the game tape not matter.

    Jamal Adams and Deshaun Watson are 100x better than Garrett and Trubisky

  45. Trubisky is the perfect QB for Kyle Shanahan’s offense, so the 49ers can’t wait until they’re on the clock. The Browns have no idea how to go about evaluating players, so they’re scared of having the number pick, and they’re hoping to scare the 49ers into trading one slot down.

  46. The Cleveland Browns will find a way to do the wrong thing! Trubisky is a project with not big game experience he looked like an inexperienced freshman QB against a Stanford defense that gave up 219 passing yards per game and was rank 32 in the country. Trubisky maybe a 2 or 3-year project.

    The Browns had the worst defense in the NFL last season and an even worst OL the last thing they need to do is draft a QB that is no way near ready to start in the NFL.

    Build a solid defense and offensive line! Draft one of those top safety’s or cornerbacks with the # 12 pick and then draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. The two first round picks should be impact players………

  47. “Hey….let’s try to convince the rest of the league we’re going to spend the #1 overall pick on a third-round talent!”

  48. If they’re seriously considering him with the first overall then they should just offer that pick to the skins for cousins or the pats for JG.

  49. Who wants Kirk cousins for a first overall pick! noose18 are you insane! Kirk Cousins out of the Jay Gruden offense is like a fish out of water. The defenses in the AFC North will eat Kirks lunch! Kirk better hope and pray that he stays with the Redskins!

  50. I love the fact that a team that’s always rumored to take a QB high in the draft but NEVER DOES is somehow known for always taking QB’s high even though they’ve done it once in the past 20+ years (Tim Couch).

  51. The Browns are the Great Ruiners. They hog all the new QB talent every year so no one else gets to draft a QB and then they destroy the careers of those poor QBs. I’m surprised QBS don’t refuse to go there but then unlike Eli Manning, they’re professionals.

    Where are you getting your information? Every qb chosen has come with question marks. Not one of them was in the top 10. Multiple weren’t even in the first round.

  52. Garrett is going to be a sure-fire star in this league for the next decade or more. If they Browns don’t take him with the first pick, they deserve to remain cellar-dwellers. Cleveland has a lot of draft picks and there are options for acquiring a QB. But blowing the first pick on a “maybe” QB would be asinine. Let’s see what the Browns do, and let’s hope they do the smart thing for a change.

  53. As an Eagles fan all I can say is THANK YOU Browns for Carson Wentz. I truly believe he will deliver a Lombardi Trophy to my Birds over the next 4 years. Hope you guys can find the QB to lead your franchise!

  54. None of these QB’s are can’t miss prospects. Since it is a crap shoot, take Garret and whatever falls to them with their 2nd #1. Or trade that #1 for Garropalo. NE also has Brissett in the wings so I’m sure Jimmy is available.

  55. They want him to sell tickets…..Kid grew up 20 Minutes from the Mistake by the Lake.

    If they take him #1 it’s a PR move.

  56. This is a huge smoke screen. According to IBM Watson online, the 3 top players in this draft analytically are:

    1. Myles Garrett
    2. Malik Hooker
    3. Patrick Mahomes

    The Browns are trying to get Mahomes off the RADAR to snag him in the second round.

  57. The Browns should have to change their name to the Turds until they are able to win 8 games in a season again. They wouldn’t even have to change their colors. White for the toilet paper,brown for the .. ok you get the point. It’s like Warren Sapp once said early in his Buccaneer career, Bucs were so bad they were called by many the Yuckaneers. So he got sick of that and many of the players also.So along w good drafts(McKay and Dungy) and good coaching(Dungy)and refusing to be called a Yuckaneer any longer they turned the program around. No one wants to be called a Turd but the Browns current state of affairs and performances in recent years , they resemble one. So w actually Drafting well,finally! – hopefully starting Thursday- and good coaching and players getting P.Od and embarrassed by being known as a Turd, maybe just maybe they can turn it around too. May want to consider a name change anyway. Not like being called the Browns has done them any good. Or maybe they’re cursed? They have had some major bad luck too. Maybe the curse is buried beneath the surface deep in the soil of the landfill that used to occupy where stadium sits today. Nothing good comes from garbage dumps.

  58. Hey everybody: make a sequence list of your top five QBs this year. Put the list in a secure place, and take a look at it in five years. Also, go back through the last 5 years and see the order that all the QBs were drafted. Where did you have Derek Carr rated? Manziel? RG3? Is it possible the Browns don’t have Trubisky rated number one? Maybe they like Mahomes better, and they’re planning to get him at number 12 or later. Don’t you think if we were going to re-do the draft from last year, there would be a heck of a lot more talk about Dak Prescott? I don’t recall any pre-draft discussion about Tom Brady, and most of what I remember being discussed about Joe Montana was negative. I think Trubisky is a good QB, but Mahomes looks better to me. Maybe Hue Jackson likes someone else better too.

  59. Poor Mitch…

    I’ll bet he is already having nightmares about being drafted by the Browns.

    As a Browns fan, I hope they don’t take him, being that Mitch Trubisky is ALSO A BROWNS FAN, I’m thinking maybe he hopes they do. Yah know, going first overall to his favorite team and whatnot.
    I love how the ill-informed badmouth the Browns for all the wrong reasons. Like how they supposedly ruin qbs. Nevermind the fact that they haven’t drafted a real prospect since Tim Couch.

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