The Aaron Hernandez smear campaign apparently has begun


On the heels of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez committing suicide and at the outset of an effort by his family and lawyers to ask tough and pointed questions about it, someone in law enforcement has decided to begin leaking inflammatory allegations about Hernandez. And multiple media outlets are embracing it.

We weren’t going to write about the Newsweek report that Hernandez was bisexual; that he left a suicide note for his “prison boyfriend” and that Hernandez may have killed Odin Lloyd to conceal that Hernandez was involved in an intimate relationship with a man. Hernandez’s sexuality isn’t relevant or newsworthy, especially at this point.

But then, as MDS and I traded emails regarding how to handle this one, the light bulb flickered: The “law enforcement sources” who are leaking this information on an anonymous basis apparently believe they are smearing Hernandez, possibly as a warning to those who plan to challenge whether prison officials failed to take steps aimed at preventing Hernandez from committing suicide.

If Hernandez was motivated to kill Lloyd because Lloyd was going to “out” Hernandez, wouldn’t that have come up at some point between the discovery of Lloyd’s body in June 2013 and the conviction of Hernandez for the killing in April 2015? The biggest weakness in the Lloyd murder (other than the failure to discover the murder weapon) was the absence of a clear motive.

So now law enforcement sources claim anonymously that this was the motive, even though over the past four years there had never been a hint that this was the motive?

Regardless of the true motive for leaking this information about Hernandez, it’s shameful that law enforcement sources are doing it, and those reporting it merit criticism and scrutiny. This isn’t about having sympathy for the murderer; this is about family members who are trying to get to the truth and who now have to brace for any and every kind of ugly accusation to be leaked to Newsweek or other publications if they dare to ask too many tough and pointed questions about the circumstances surrounding Hernandez’s death.

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  1. I don’t think he needed any help with a “smear campaign”… He did that himself.

  2. The guy murdered at least one person.

    a. A smear campaign isn’t needed. The guy was an awful human being.

    b. Revealing a person was gay or bi-sexual should not be viewed as an attack on a person’s character in this day and age. There is no connection between sexual orientation and character or lack thereof.

  3. I agree with everything said above. I also believe the same could be said about Hernandez’ management and legal team that implied foul play without knowing on shreds of truth about his suicide. Everyone involved here is scum and there lays the issue with Arron’s life.

  4. MOTIVE, in a murder case, is not a smear campaign.

    If it now came to light that Odin Lloyd was having an affair with Hernandez’ girlfriend at the time of the murder, would you still call it a smear campaign?

    Your sympathies for his orientation blind you to the reality…..Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  5. Defense attorney Jose Baez is scum. You can be sure anything he does or says is purely for his own benefit and no one else’s. I believe Hernandez’ actions were well-thought out, and deliberate on his part, with legal implications that were provided to him by Baez.

  6. If you are making this argument, doesn’t that imply you’re saying that the notes he left were forged by prison officials?

  7. Family members really didn’t know Aaron Hernandez,
    and he’s brought shame to his family with this horrible crime. So-called ugly accusations don’t mean anything at this point, it’s very logical Hernandez would choose suicide instead of the lifetime behind bars he was facing.

  8. He smeared himself. Lloyd wasn’t just a friend but was also dating Hernandez’s sister. The odds of him turning on Hernandez given that situation were zero but Hernandez still executed him.

  9. Those saying Hernandez smeared himself are missing the point. Corruption should never be okay in the justice system, yet I’m sure it’s way more rampant than it should be. They sure do protect their own at all costs. That was the point. Well, and the writer was promoting a pro-gay agenda on the low.

  10. he was a 27 year old who lost everything facing life in a cell with every con wanting a shot at him forever I don’t blame him a bit for hanging himself

  11. If law enforcement leaked it, it may be shameful, but that is standard MO for them; nothing new at all there. What motive d they have?

  12. So, we finally found it. Of all of the ‘stories’ this site has found newsworthy, it draws the line at Hernandez’s sexuality.

  13. For what I understand, the not guilty verdict on the trial a few days ago, was going to provide his lawyer with the chance of challenging the original conviction on the first trial. Therefore, I find it very strange that, given the possibility of him being found innocent in a retrial, that Hernandez would commit suicide…There is something here that doesn’t add up…

  14. “Family members really didn’t know Aaron Hernandez,
    and he’s brought shame to his family with this horrible crime.”

    You’re quite wrong about that. They drove from Hartford to Foxboro frequently to see him and kept him anchored in the gang mentality. Many of them have / had connections with gangs and I believe at least one relative died during the Lloyd trial under suspicious circumstances.

    I had previously wondered that if he had been drafted by a west coast team and physically removed from the scumbags he was related to, if he could have turned his life around. But given this is all over an accidental bump and spilled drink in a club its clear he was a psychopath and would likely have caused just as much trouble elsewhere.

  15. If AH was giving away his possessions, that would be a clear sign of potential suicide as he was going to be raining there for the duration of his life.

    If Law Enforcement is leaking this to color people’s perspectives on the issue, that makes sense. Many people are still hostile towards gay and bi individuals.

  16. Didn’t hernandez already start the smear campaign when he murdered people? How can you smear someone who is serving life in prison for murder.

  17. So every person and every organization in America is able to “leak information” but the police are out of bounds? So every politician in the country can “leak information” to color a narrative, but the police can’t?

    I’m really not saying it’s right. But you can’t pick and choose, and there’s absolutely no way you can enforce it while the rest of the world gets to do it.

  18. Give me a break! Why would the police/system have to fabricate anything in this case. Many people that commit suicide appear happy to others right up until they day they kill themselves. Why would they intentionally, leak this “revelation” to draw more attention…especially, if they did something wrong.

  19. Smear campaign against Hernandez? That’s the equivalent of throwing a lit match into a roaring fire; a few years late and several million dollars short.

  20. All you people calling him a muderer are wrong. He was not convicted of the double homicide and due to his dying before his murder conviction appeal was complete state law vacates the conviction. Leaving him guilty of only illegal possession of a firearm.

    That is completely insane.

  21. Its o.k. to murder someone but do not dare smear that murderer’s name. Right I got it now.

  22. All you people calling him a muderer are wrong. He was not convicted of the double homicide and due to his dying before his murder conviction appeal was complete state law vacates the conviction. Leaving him guilty of only illegal possession of a firearm.

    That is completely insane.

    I’m sure you thought OJ was innocent to

  23. If being bi was that embarrassing to him, don’t do it. But he wasn’t the most rational guy as we now know.

  24. “We weren’t going to write about the Newsweek report that Hernandez was bisexual; that he left a suicide note for his “prison boyfriend” and that Hernandez may have killed Odin Lloyd to conceal that Hernandez was involved in an intimate relationship with a man.”

    But then we found an excuse to.

    Who cares if he was gay, bi, straight or whatever? He was a murderer who committed suicide and the world is that much safer without him.

  25. A smear campaign against a guy who kills people?

    Enough with “poor Aaron Hernandez” stories!

  26. 33vikes says:
    Apr 22, 2017 4:28 PM

    Please. Maybe he should have decided against killing Lloyd if he was worried about a smear campaign.


    Exactly. Life is about the choices you make and Hernandez made all the wrong ones. He stole people’s lives away from them and their families. Being bisexual or gay is not a choice,but it’s a minute thing compared to killing people. I’d rather be outed,if it’s even true,than to be a convicted murderer. It’s just sad for his little girl and the victim’s families that he made this enormous mess.

  27. We wouldn’t know the gay side if it wasn’t for a guard leaking it. Good for him. How about some truth, the jury was racist and found him not guilty when there was a witness who saw it happen in.

  28. “All you people calling him a murderer are wrong. ”

    You are correct in a legal sense of the meaning because of the loophole that voids his conviction since he died before the appeal could ever be held, and with his death it never will be.

    But that doesn’t change the fact he killed Lloyd. The evidence the police had in that trial was far more extensive and iron clad than in the one he was just acquitted during. He killed Lloyd. He murdered him. Hernandez was a murderer and this loophole does not change that.

  29. PFT is way wrong about his – The Hernandez gay thing was out way before the suicide.

    I’m wondering if he was paying Baez ala Casey Anthony

  30. wow a legit page of all the same comments. so much for innocent till proven guilty without a doubt…. he had a retrial coming up. Americans have no morals or respect for real justice. age of pr wars is pathetic when lies and hear say is passed off as truth

  31. Great article. Those “leaks” from “unnamed sources” are coming form those in the DOC that what to muddy the waters. The truth remains that they CO’s did not check on him for SEVEN hours. That in no way is protocol. I hope the family sues the crap out of them.

  32. I personally do not care, one way, or the other, what or more accurately who Mr. Hernandez had relationships with.
    As far as a “smear campaign” goes. The biggest contribution to anyone smearing this man, was himself.
    No one else was committed of murder, it was Mr. Hernandez.
    There is an old saying: “You reap, what you sew.”
    I think it fits here.

  33. Perhaps had the Baez not tripped over himself racing to imply foul play on the part of the DoC and accuse the M.E. of misconduct then the other details might have taken much longer to come out. The grandstanding from Baez probably had a lot to do with the leaked information.

    There is an old saying that the only questions a lawyer should ask a witness in court are the ones you already have the answer for. Seems like Baez should’ve operated in that manner here. Accusing the M.E. of illegally holding the brain was stupid and poorly thought out and the implications behind it probably rubbed a number of people with access to all the evidence the wrong way. Hence the leak. If Baez doesn’t act the a grandstanding ambulance chaser maybe we don’t hear this stuff, or at least it we hear it much later.

    In regards to why we wouldn’t have heard about this as a motive in the Odin Lloyd case…C’mon Florio, you have a legal background. You know damn well that using that as a motive in court could have weakened the prosecution’s case. The defense would attack that as a motive and it would simply distract juror’s attention from the strong evidence the prosecution had. If the prosecution had that info it was a good decision not to present it as motive at trial.

    The Sheriff overseeing the prison where Hernandez was jailed has repeatedly called Hernandez a sociopath and a master manipulator. Guards were pulled off his section s soon as AH started using their first names. Looks like Baez fell for the same manipulating personality and lacked the insight to see his client for what he really was and now is looking foolish for going all in after drawing 1 good card (the acquittal).

  34. bradygirl12 says:

    I’d rather be known as bisexual than a cold-blooded killer.

    Well, you’re a girl. A guy, not so much so.

  35. patriot420blog says:
    Apr 22, 2017 5:48 PM
    wow a legit page of all the same comments. so much for innocent till proven guilty without a doubt…. he had a retrial coming up.

    So much for the application of any facts, maybe a bit to much 420 for that. The phrase is beyond a REASONABLE doubt and he was already convicted by a jury of his peers in that regard. Hernandez did not have a ‘retrial coming up.’ He had active appeal motions. There’s a huge difference. Outside of his own legal team everything you can find on the subject from an objective counsel indicates that appeal had a snowball’s chance in hades of ever resulting in a retrial.

  36. Thank you Mike! Finally someone has the b*lls to call out the media and law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong here, I believe Aaron killed Llyod without a doubt. This whole thing is a tragedy. I feel awful for all families involved, including Hernandez. None of this should of happened.

  37. Since when does being outed as being bi or gay make it ok to murder another human being? If it happened, it is real, and it is news, how is it a smear campaign? Any normal intelligent person would look at that murder conviction without parole and the guy’s sexuality wouldn’t even matter. Aaron Hernandez isn’t a murderer, he’s a bisexual murderer? Now how dumb does that sound everyone? One would think killing somebody would be enough to blemish the Hernandez family name, but bisexual is somehow worse. Facepalm.

  38. What do you care Mike Florio? This guy was human garbage. They can smear him from here to Timbuktu for all anyone cares. What, do you think you need to protect his honor? He had none. The world is a better place without him and now taxpayers don’t have to provide for him any longer. Smear on cops for all I care. Shouldn’t bother you Mike, pick another battle.

  39. Biggest difference between law enforcement and alleged perps – group health insurance.

  40. He killed Odin Lloyd in COLD BLOOD, 2 MILES FROM MY home. And, 2 miles from an elementary school that his little girl would have gone too. Martin Elementary school in NA.
    Hes scum and a pig.

  41. Reporting the truth is not a “smear campaign.” Neither is reporting that someone is bisexual or gay..

  42. I’m sure Roger Goodell will find the Patriots guilty of the smear campaign and suspend/fine/remove draft picks.
    He will use “science” because he is scientifical.

  43. Having read the Newsweek article I’m not sure I would classify this new information as a smear campaign, but more so speculation. Multiple news sites are reporting various aspects of the revelations, but specifics are still lacking. The original Newsweek article is probably about 1,000 words too short with the details.

    What is clear is Hernandez’s desire to live a dangerous lifestyle, his involvement in murder, and his decision to take control of his own fate.

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