Bruce Allen says he met privately with Chris Cooley, Scot McCloughan

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One of the odd things that happened as Washington fired G.M. Scot McCloughan this offseason was that Chris Cooley, a former Washington tight end who now works for the team and for a Dan Snyder-owned radio station, speculated on the air that McCloughan was drinking, and it was affecting his job. Even odder was that the team never responded to that allegation, and never acknowledged that it was inappropriate for Cooley to speculate like that.

But team president Bruce Allen tells the Washington Post that he told Cooley privately, with McCloughan present, that the comments were inappropriate.

So why didn’t Allen say so publicly? He says he just doesn’t have the time to shoot down everything said on the radio that isn’t correct.

“There was someone who said on the radio that there was jealousy. Then, there was somebody who said we were trading Kirk Cousins for Tony Romo and giving the Cowboys draft picks. Then Chris said what he said. Then somebody said ‘X, Y and Z.’ I can’t keep up with sports-talk radio; I don’t ever want to keep up with sports-talk radio. If I had Twitter, maybe I would say, ‘This is false! This is false! This is false!’ . . . Every time somebody throws something against the wall to speculate, we’re not going to respond to all that. That’s what the media does. It’s impossible to answer all of the foolishness that’s out there,” Allen said.

Of course Allen can’t be expected to respond to every single thing that’s said on sports talk radio. But this wasn’t just any old thing. This was a guy who works for the team speculating that alcoholism was affecting the team’s G.M. That would have been a time for the team president to speak up. Allen didn’t.

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  1. What makes this worse is that Allen bleated to (Conor Orr, March 27th) that he thinks McCloughan is a great guy and released him early enough to enable him to find another team before the draft. If that’s true then why let fellow team employee Cooley’s poisoning McCloughan’s reputation go unanswered?

    Allen has (yet again) turned a fender-bender into an on-going multi-car pile-up costing the team PR and a slander suit pay-off, and he should now be exited from his current career route via the I-4 off ramp – along with Cooley.

  2. Actually when Cooley is on the radio he isn’t working for the team. All of the guys on that station are critical of the redskins including former players. Allen could spend all day just responding to claims from that station everyday. Snycer owns the station but the personalities have free rain to say whatever they want.

  3. Not familiar w/ terms of McClougan’s dismissal/contract/buyout but hope they paid him or get ready to watch the circling legal buzzard show.

  4. He’s too busy screwing up the Cousins situation and preparing to blow the draft. He doesn’t have time to have his PR guy put out 2 sentences to respond to a serious allegation by an employee.

  5. First, the Washington team has a name – it’s the REDSKINS.

    Second, Cooley absolutely does NOT “work for the team”. His contract is with Red Zebra Broadcasting that does ALL local Washington sports. It’s disingenuous and outright lying to suggest he gets his orders directly from the team.

    Lastly, while Allen may be the worst, but he’s still 100% correct by not responding to sports radio talk. Those people throw out dozens of “speculations” every day and just hoping something sticks.

  6. Speculate and hate….This is all the Redskins get all offseason……When we come out and start kicking whoever your perfect team is behind,your jaw is going to drop!!!

  7. It warms the heart to know with certainty that this franchise will once again return to true form under this ownership after firing the only competent they have had in some time. Snyder and Allen go together like peanut butter and jelly. This team is going to crater badly.

  8. Maybe it was true, so Allen didn’t want to refute it publicly because it was true but he also didn’t want to acknowledge it and make it into a bigger story. So, he let it go and it was a story for a week or two, but it’s in the past now.

  9. McCloughan should sue Cooley for libel, if his statements were false.
    And Cooley should be fired if they’re not true also.

  10. Have you people criticizing Cooley, ever listened to his show.
    He is no ones toady and tells it like it is.
    Snyder and Allen are a disastrous duo and screw up enough decisions without trying to deflect their ineptness by implying Cooley is at fault.

  11. The media doesn’t run things. Thought they were there to report on things not make them up.

  12. Now I see why Allen didn’t immediately issue a statement. Look how long he’s had to prepare a statement, and his rationale can’t hold a teaspoon of water. Michael David Smith hit the nail on the head. “This wasn’t just any old thing”. The fact that Cooley is still employed, says a whole lot, even if Allen doesn’t have time to say it.

  13. i don’t have a problem with cooley “keepin’ it real” but you just don’t expose someone’s addiction or dependencies in that manner.

  14. jjbo811,

    He did will the team to his children. John Kent Cooke became the owner and he was much worse than Dan Snyder which is hard to believe but true. John Kent Cooke sold the team to Daniel Snyder.

  15. Please inform Bruce Allen Nobody cares about a word he says. He’s ruined the Redskins for years. All We want to hear come out of Bruce Allens mouth are “I resign from the Washington Redskins”

  16. John Kent Cooke did not willingly sell the team to Snyder. He was forced to put in a bid to a group of estate planners, and Snyder and his team outbid him.

  17. Like many long suffering Redskins fans, the egregious firing of the super talented – and much loved by players and fans alike – GM Scot McCloughan, I had to put my fanship into cold storage. I’m off to pull for another team where the management has heart and the team has hope.

  18. I told him it was inappropriate, and then I put my PR team into overdrive to use that as the reason why I got him fired, lol. Just politics as usual from Bruce.

  19. You have waited waaaaayyyyyy too late to try to clean this one up, Bruce Allen.

    Your Dad is a Redskins’ legend. You will simply go down as a Redskins’ nightmare!!

  20. Cooley is being a scapegoat in this situation. It was an off the cuff remark.
    Then, my guess is, that is when Allen started rumors, including the one where Scot was ALWAYS drunk and it was an embarrassment for well over a year now. There were other rumors put out too. And it was clearly orchestrated by the team that now has history of the smear campaign that continues every time under Allen (Zorn, Shanny,and now McCloughan). Just fire them and move on. It is classless to throw dirt. But, insecurity will do that.

  21. Orange , I have listened to Cooley many times ( no longer, though). He used to be good, now has gotten full of himself. He is extremely immature on the radio, curses like he is in high school, and it was highly reckless of him to talk about McCloughan drinking again, on the radio.

  22. Bruce Allen is a snake oil salesman. No that gives snake oil salesmen a bad name. He is asnake.

  23. Never seen so much uproar about an alcoholic losing his 3rd job. I’m pretty sure alcohol has damaged the lives and careers of millions of people, regardless of their talent and skill.

    A lot of the Skins fanbase are masochists. They love to make turmoil out of everything. They think that Scot’s alcohol problem is one big conspiracy caused by Allen being jealous lol.

    Whatever. I guess haters want to hate.

  24. normaneinstein7 says:
    Apr 23, 2017 3:22 PM
    Never seen so much uproar about an alcoholic losing his 3rd job. I’m pretty sure alcohol has damaged the lives and careers of millions of people, regardless of their talent and skill.
    A lot of the Skins fanbase are masochists. They love to make turmoil out of everything. They think that Scot’s alcohol problem is one big conspiracy caused by Allen being jealous lol.
    Whatever. I guess haters want to hate.

    Why do you have to hate on McCloughan?
    Whatever. I guess haters want to hate.

  25. So the bonehead Bruce Allen fires the GM that was responsible for assembling the Redskins team that had back to back winning seasons which they haven’t had since 1996-97 and also brought them to a playoff game. Ah yes, this isn’t going to work out well for the Redskins next season.

  26. As long as Snyder owns this team it will be mediocre. He’s a Jerry Jones wanna be. The little general. If he would close his door to the players and listen to some of the people he hires that know what’s up he would be far better off. Darrell Greene was one of the best Redskins ever to play but he got rid of the best coach they’ve had in a long time. Marty Schottenheimer. Darrell told Dan that Marty was too tough. That was because there was no discipline on the team before that. Marty started out being overboard a little but they started slow but finished fast. They would have been a very good team right now. Organized.

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