Florida draft prospect Caleb Brantley arrested for punching a woman

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Florida defensive tackle Caleb Brantley was expecting to be drafted this week, with some projections having him going in the first round. But things have just changed dramatically.

Brantley was arrested in Gainesville for allegedly punching a woman, knocking her unconscious and knocking out a tooth. He is facing a misdemeanor count of simple battery.

The police report says the 307-pound Brantley punched the 120-pound victim in the face. Although the report says the victim pushed Brantley first, it says that the “use of force was clearly out of retaliation and not self defense” and that Brantley’s force “far exceeded what was reasonable or necessary.” Two witnesses saw Brantley punch the woman, police say.

The incident sounds similar to the arrest of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. That incident has surely affected Mixon’s draft stock, but Brantley’s stock is likely to drop even further. Mixon has spent the last three months meeting with NFL coaches and personnel executives and promising them that he is a changed man. Brantley simply doesn’t have the time to do that, with only days to go before the draft. Teams may also question whether they can ever trust Brantley to stay out of trouble if he can’t restrain himself from punching a woman when he knows the draft is approaching.

We’ll see this week whether any team is willing to draft Brantley at all, and if so how that team explains why it would take a chance on such a player.

83 responses to “Florida draft prospect Caleb Brantley arrested for punching a woman

  1. And the beat goes on.

    This is stuff you cannot measure or even guess at beforehand. There’s no test you can take to measure this level of stupidity. Letting yourself be around a situation like this where you “could” be blamed, let alone actually do it?

    Bah. Dude. He would’ve been a first rounder last year.

  2. Woman beating seems to be the prevalent culture in *communities* the majority of players come from now.

  3. Stoopid Stoopid Stooooopid!

    Players should just NEVER put themselves in situations where this kind of idiocy is likely to occur. In fact, declare for the draft and join the closest monastery to your training facility. Drop off the face of the Earth and get paid.

  4. Stupid AND a scumbag.

    I really hope someone has video of this incident since it seems to be the only factor that makes any damned difference.

  5. Mixon harassed a gay man and called him horrible names, then unloaded on a chick for basically nothing. This tool may be worse. Put them out of work and in jail.

  6. The fact that it is a woman is irrelevant. I hope the ” retaliation ” nonsense would have still been brought up had it been a man. Violence is violence and gender doesn’t matter in these instances. Almost any man or woman in these comments would hit a man back for hitting them without question. Same logic should be applied toward a woman too.

  7. Pouncey, Hernandez. Spikes. Now this clown. Florida sure does send a lot of tools to the pros. Multi-million dollars talents. Ten cent heads.

  8. MayberryMafia says:
    Apr 23, 2017 6:24 PM
    they get dumber and dumber each and every year


    Hey now, Lloyd Christmas would never punch a woman.

  9. Can a 120 pound woman even move a 305 pound man?
    If she pushed him, not punched him, but pushed him, how far could she have moved him?
    How much damage could she have done?

  10. I’m only here for the comments from clowns drooling all over their keyboards for the opportunity to be the first one to make a “Dallas will draft him” joke. I see at least commenter above didn’t waste his chance

  11. These women know what they’re doing and these guys aren’t smart enough to walk away and now she’ll be a millionaire.

  12. with some projections having him going in the first round.

    So he is a late second round projection from NFL.com and everywhere else I see him projected 3-4 round. Apparently the easiest way to raise your expected draft projection is to hit a female and have PFT have a post about you.

  13. I’m GENERALLY for not letting a bad DECISION forever scar a young person from trying to make a living, whether they’re an athlete or not. Just DAYS away from getting to live your childhood dream and you make such a poor decision…smh. I think he SHOULD be afforded an opportunity to get into the NFL. But as an undrafted free agent who will lose MILLIONS by potentially going from the first round, to an undrafted FA. HOPEFULLY that will teach him an expensive lesson.

  14. That woman won’t be a millionaire cause he isn’t going to be one. I bet he goes undrafted now. So if money was her motive to aggravate (certainly possible), her own lack of foresight just cost her. A week from now, and she would have been rich with settlement.

    Either way, stupid situation, especially considering what Mixon has been going thru. You just don’t win hitting women in this culture.

  15. This is what happens when you’re living in an environment where you’re never told “no” and treated like a king.

  16. jagsfanugh says:
    Apr 23, 2017 5:55 PM

    Well CFL is where you are going if lucky.

    They (Caleb and Joe, etc.) need to compete in the MMA …

  17. gixrider says:
    Apr 23, 2017 6:03 PM
    What, are there no men for these dudes to get into fights with? Sheesh. It’s a 120 pound chick, WALK….AWAY….


    There are men to fight but MOST guys are NOT going to pick a fight with a guy 2 or 3 times bigger than them. And unfortunately, SOME women think regardless of what they do to men, no man will ever hit them. While I was raised to NEVER hit a woman and NEVER have, some men were NOT raised that way. I have had women hit me; one slammed my head against a brick wall that I was leaning against and I CHOSE not to retaliate. I’ve also noticed that men that don’t hit women, tend to get hit more than men that will. Maybe if more women thought, “He might hit me back if I hit him and he probably hits harder than me.”, they MIGHT think BEFORE they put their hands on men in the first place.

  18. Here we go again: Woman hits a man first (assault), man strikes back and gets in trouble. You cant win.
    Yeah you can. Walk away.

  19. I figured this might start happening. Every woman who is need of money should just go up and hit or push a rich (or future rich) guy, get punched, and then get a nice little chunk of change. It worked in the Mixon case, and I predicted it would encourage more women to do the same. This is one time that it sucks to be right.

  20. Its like having a lottery ticket worth millions and then saying oops when you flush it down the toilet. He could still make millions but if he sucks he can be out the league in 3 years making barely the minimum as a late round pick.

  21. I was reading various scouting reports of players. You know what it says on ALL of them about Caleb Brantley ? Immature. Many also say that he interviewed badly at the combine. So, Caleb. Enjoy that undrafted free agent league minimum salary. Assuming he even gets that.

  22. GM to head of draft …can he play? ….ok …just see if we can get a round
    or two later!

  23. I can’t wait for him to claim self-defense. What a joke. I’m a 240 pounds and I bet I couldn’t hurt that guy.

  24. Let’s see….
    His agent will promise the victim a big payday to drop criminal charges, maybe even,make a formal statement about how it wasn’t that bad. Cowboys will draft him in the fourth round and he will be gone by 2020

  25. In Florida, a simple misdemeanor battery can be upgraded to a felony if it causes serious bodily harm. The prosecutor may decide that knocking out a tooth qualifies. If I were still doing that job I’d file it as a felony, no question

  26. devanchase says:
    Apr 23, 2017 6:03 PM
    Shouldn’t have pushed him.


    I’m surprised you got as many thumbs up with that ridiculous comment as you did. The victim is 120 lbs and the football player is 307. He should’ve known better.

  27. Not that it’s ever, ever okay to punch a woman (or, really, to punch anyone who is 200 pounds lighter than you), but to do it mere days before you could earn millions and change the trajectory of your whole life is a kind of idiocy I cannot even being to fathom.

    Even if some team is willing to overlook this guy’s character, how could they overlook that complete lack of awareness?

  28. Yes. There is a difference between a 120 lbs. woman pushing a 307 lbs. man and a 307 lbs. man smashing in the face of a 120 pound woman.

    It’s called character. Unfortunately, if you weren’t taught it when you were young, there probably isn’t any point in trying to explain it to you now. The only chance you would probably have now is if your daughter or sister gets frustrated or angry with a man and pushes them and then winds up in the hospital. Maybe you would see the difference then. Maybe you would understand then why real men walk away from such confrontations.

    And for all of you talking about all women being out for a payday. I don’t know who hurt you, but I promise you all women are not like that.

  29. devanchase says:

    Shouldn’t have pushed him.


    Right, just like every black man shot by the police should’ve kept his mouth shut and simply gotten on the ground with his hands behind his head.

    But try telling that to BLM.

  30. Some of these teams need to hire some 120 pound women, because they seem to be able to make these guys lose it! Think of how many 15 yard penalties they could make these goobers give up! Time to grow up!

  31. pkrlvr says:
    Apr 23, 2017 8:16 PM
    Here we go again: Woman hits a man first (assault), man strikes back and gets in trouble. You cant win.
    Yeah you can. Walk away.

    It’s no way in hell the world should ever turn into this. Just walk away from every female that assaults you.

  32. College teams “football teams that is ” need to start perparing there players better for life in the NFL .
    look at hockey those kids are ready off the bat. “well most of them”.
    but they seem to treat football players “like God’s”, an they think there God’s.” in normal life ”
    THINGS NEED TO CHANGE on the College level
    need to be taught different
    ” LIKE … being a man ”

  33. A guy makes a lewd comment to a woman…nothing.
    The woman slaps the man…battery.
    The guy retaliated by hitting her back…battery.
    This seems very simple.

    Not really seeing the reason why everybody is yappin’. Women need to understand that it isn’t 1950 and that it is 2017. That macho never hit a woman crap needs to be forgotten and people need to get it in their head that if you put your hands on somebody, you will probably get a negative reaction that will be painfully unpleasant. Then the local authorities will haul both of you away and charge both of you for battery or more. Nowhere in there does the sex of the parties effect anything. This is something you should learned back in kindergarten little snowflakes. It’s not nice to hit anyone and if you do the teacher (police) will haul you down to the principles office where you will be put on timeout and you mother will be called. Adults acting like children, hilarious.

  34. If he simply walked away he might have been mad about the interaction for an hour or so, but now he’ll be mad about it and the repercussions for the rest of his life. What a dingdong.

  35. This is what happens when you don’t have a male role model in your life, you don’t know how to be a man. You end up being coddled and babied to the point you can’t handle anything not going your way. When you get angry you tantrum like a 2 yr old. Saw this first hand teaching in the inner city, almost all the boys acted like overgrown toddlers.

  36. When kids grow up not learning manners, common courtesy and that there are rules of society that they have to abide by, this is the end result. Our country is rotting from the inside out.

  37. U of Florida in my backyard. Family members graduated from there. I won’t even watch them any more. This is just one of a zillion issues with their players. Constant problems from dope, to crime, guns, violence, and then, on the field, up to a few years ago, constant taunting, trash talk, late hits. They have seemed to work on that now a bit, but the Gators bring in some awful people.

  38. Even if you think this guy had a right to knock someone’s teeth out because she pushed him, you have to admit that it reflects badly on his ability to make decisions. Understanding how the world works, how the NFL draft works, and what it means to be a human being in a civilized society are important abilities that this guy clearly lacks. I wouldn’t want him working for me in any field, let alone pro sports that pays millions.

  39. …and we’re supposed to listen to these morons when they talk to us about social issues?

  40. i don’t go around hitting people for no reason

    but if you put your hands on me unprovoked, i should be able to kill you

    don’t like it? then don’t go around assaulting people

  41. washy04 says:
    Apr 23, 2017 6:47 PM
    So does she get a charge for pushing him first?


    I knew some tool would start blaming the woman

    Brantley just most likely blew millions of dollars and years of hard work because he couldn’t handle a woman 1/3 his size giving him a push

    those big college bars can get spicy and women deal with all types of nonsense and they typically don’t push someone without cause, but all that aside, it didn’t deserve a knockout and blownout tooth

  42. Unfortunately in our social media driven society this is borderline forgiven by some of you morons, but if a Video surfaces, then and only then is it a setious crime. Jeez….

  43. What I don’t understand is why some of these women instigate a physical conflict. In my (little and shallow) mind, some of these ladies use the knowledge that men shouldn’t strike women and become outraged when one loses his mind and hauls off and punches one. I am not condoning the actions of such men and I agree that a man should not strike a women, but a women who is dumb enough to strike a man has no case when she get gets it back. I am not able to judge someone’s actions to determine if an action was premeditated, retaliatory or reactionary. What I do know, if you lay hands on me, I will lay hands on you.

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