23 cities are interested in hosting the draft

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Now that the NFL has realized that it can do with the draft what it does with the Super Bowl, cities are lining up to get a chance to host the league’s annual offseason tentpole event.

Via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, the number of locations interested in hosting the draft exceeds 20.

“We have gone out multiple times to all 32 clubs to get their expression of interest in hosting the draft,” NFL senior V.P. of events Peter O’Reilly told Kaplan. “The number of interested . . . markets are 23, which is inclusive of Canton.”

For now, the NFL pays most of the freight when it comes to hosting the draft. As more cities compete for that privilege, the league could soon dictate terms, like it does with the Super Bowl.

The draft also could be hosted in a given year by several different cities. That’s a possibility the league has mentioned in the past. As interest grows, it makes even more sense to consider it.

New York City had a hammerlock on the draft from 1965 through 2014. In 2015 and 2016, the draft was held in Chicago. This week, the draft will be held in Philadelphia.

25 responses to “23 cities are interested in hosting the draft

  1. I wonder if Radio City Music Hall regrets not rescheduling the event that caused them to move in the first place. Great business decision there.

  2. hosted by several cities in the same year??? that sounds like it would be a disaster.

  3. There is indeed a long and growing list of places that want to boo Goodell on national television.

  4. Translation: Let’s see how much we can get the taxpayers to PAY the NFL for the “privilege” of hosting the NFL. It’s a glorified convention but the difference is that cities will have to pay instead of getting paid. Hmmm.

  5. How about just cities that won’t host a Super Bowl? This seems like the only way those cities can capitalize on a big NFL event.

  6. parasol monster says:
    Apr 24, 2017 11:07 AM
    Just host it in Cleveland every year, since they’re most consistently picking #1.


    Yes, because picking first overall three times since 1954 makes them “consistently” picking #1.

  7. I attended the draft several times in NYC in the MSG Theatre and Radio City.
    Years ago you could show up at 11:00 AM and get into the draft which started at 1:00.
    All free, a great time.
    It has become so popular, that it should now be held in larger areanas ( at least for the first round ). Moving to different NFL cities. The NFL could charge a minimal amount, say $ 10.00 and donate the money to charity.
    The second round on could still be held in a theatre.

  8. whatjusthapped says:
    Apr 24, 2017 11:51 AM
    Keep it in the Central Time Zone, that way the Minnesota Vikings wouldn’t have any excuses for not being on time with their draft pick.

    I meant to add, in those rounds where they still have a pick remaining.

  9. The NFL could charge a minimal amount, say $ 10.00 and donate the money to charity.


    NFL donate money???? they barely donate money they raise during breast cancer month. If they charged for the draft it will go right to the league coffers.

  10. It would be smart business for the League to have the draft in cities that don’t have a franchise. Imagine all the great PR (and memorabilia sales) they would get if they did it in Milwaukee or Santa Fe or Grand Rapids or Sioux Falls or Savannah or Providence.

    Tons of cities could handle it easily in terms of adequate hotel rooms, easy transportation, etc.

    But the League has shown that the fans are low on their list of priorities. So it will never happen. They will have the draft in London before they do that.

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