Brian Kelly: I support DeShone Kizer, but he’s not a finished product

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Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly thinks highly of his former quarterback DeShone Kizer. He just wishes he’d had more time to coach him.

Kelly said today on PFT Live that Kizer is a good quarterback and a good person, but he hasn’t fully developed yet. Kelly, who received some criticism when he said Kizer should have stayed in school, said he was just giving his assessment as a coach who thinks his player still has room to improve.

“My comments were really specific about just maturing as a person,” Kelly said. “We want our guys to come to Notre Dame and develop holistically in all areas. So being at Notre Dame for a couple years does not give you that chance. When we turn over our young men to the NFL we want to say they’re finished products and DeShone’s not there yet. He needed more time. We clearly understood his decision to go to the NFL and we supported him, but I was merely saying that, again, he’s a young man that could use more time at Notre Dame. He’s a wonderful kid, he’s got great character. . . . Whoever gets the chance to draft DeShone is going to get somebody with great character and somebody that’s just scratching the surface as it relates to his football ability.”

Kelly chuckled at Kizer comparing himself to Tom Brady and Cam Newton, saying NFL teams don’t have to worry that Kizer is the type to say things that would embarrass the team.

“He’ll learn what to say and how to say it,” Kelly said.

And he’ll learn how to play, even if he’s not there yet.

32 responses to “Brian Kelly: I support DeShone Kizer, but he’s not a finished product

  1. “Well, the thing about that is *throws sheaf of crayon marked up game notes at coaches*” — Kizer

  2. finnymcphin says:
    Apr 24, 2017 8:40 AM
    Seem to recall Carroll saying much the same about Sanchez and he wasn’t wrong.

    Sanchez only started 1 year at USC….

  3. Seem to recall Carroll saying much the same about Sanchez and he wasn’t wrong.
    No amount of additional coaching at USC was going to make him anything other than what he is. But let’s not forget that Sanchez went #5 overall & is still collecting a nice NFL paycheck. He made the absolute right decision for himself.

    But these coaches are stupid saying 1 more year of college coaching will make them better. If I’m a QB I’d rather have 1 year of NFL QB coaching than 1 year of college coaching.

  4. Brian Kelly just will not get out of Kizers life. First he wants the other guy to start over Kizer, then he talks crap about Kizer then he says I”m coming to the draft to support him (but by the way everyone I don’t think he’s a finished product). Leave the poor kid alone already Brian damn

  5. ariani1985 says:
    Apr 24, 2017 8:51 AM
    Welcome to green Bay, home of the offseason championship!
    This coming from a Vikings fan, wow.

  6. @thefirstsmilergrogan

    Let me help you with your memory.

    Kelly did take the Irish to a championship game his winning percentage at ND is .656 and he meets difficult academic standards.

    Pete Carroll was run out of USC because of cheating and had his program placed on probation.

  7. “just scratching the surface.”

    Funny, that is the same thing ron boat says about cam newton.

  8. He’ll be a finished product in about 3 years when he’s out of the NFL and selling insurance.

  9. Kizer is a textbook example of a kid who really needed to stay in school one more year and develop into a more NFL-ready product. That being said, he and Kelly’s relationship clearly was not good so I can see why he bolted. He will be massively overdrafted due to the weak talent in this class and had better hope he doesn’t get thrown into the fire as a Day 1 starter because he simply isn’t ready on any level for that.

  10. Lets say that all of this is true, why would Kelly tell that to the public? It seems like sour grapes from a coach that is upset that his qb is leaving his program so he will try to lower his draft stock by saying he isn’t ready. Maybe Kizor would have stayed if Kelly didn’t keep trying to replace him? I think Kizor was pissed because he did for the most part play well and should have been the solidified as the starter there.

    Kelly’s comments coupled with him spurning his old team (Cincinnati) by taking the ND job left them with an undefeated record going into a BCS game was so bottom of the barrel, I have a hard time feeling sorry for him in this case. In any event, the coach needs to shut his BIG mouth if he doesn’t have anything positive to say about his former players who are about to be drafted and earn a living. Kelly did nothing positive with his comments except throw shade at his former qb and try to sink his draft stock. I’m usually pro team but this really pisses me off that he said this. Recruits should think twice about going to ND as long as this selfish baby is in charge.

  11. LOL at all the B. Kelly haters. dude has won on average almost 10 games a year at a school where: there are stringent academic requirements, religious requirements, its cold in southbend with nothing to do. not only that but he has in all honesty got more out of his players than most coaches ever would. he’s not getting 5 star guys every year like they used to. ND is what it is, a top 15-20 program that overachieves almost every year because of B. Kelly, not despite him.

  12. This from Kelly, the Coach who murdered a kid who was filming their Practice ON A BOOM in 40-50mph Gusts … take some responsibility upon yourself Kelly, it starts by looking in the mirror, and not hammering a kid who is tired of your lies and wants to give the Pro’s a go.

  13. Has the league ever seen an ‘unfinished’ QB come in from college and become more than an inconsistent but ultimately unsuccessful starter. To me, unfinished means either a) big arm, or b) good runner, but doesn’t have game management skills, leadership abilities, and/or an ability to quickly process coverages. Without all three of those, what do you really have?

  14. No one’s opinion, including Kelly’s changes the fact that Kizer stinks. This guy is 4th round material at best and that would be for a team that wants to develop a backup.

  15. How many academic scandals has ND had under Kelly?

    After the national championship game (where a lot of the key players he inherited), ND has been an average of 8-5.

    I’m not just not seeing genuis coach anywhere.

  16. Translation: “If Deshon’s great it’s about my coaching, if he sucks, it’s on him. “

  17. Why say anything derogatory? How does that help anyone….including Kelly? Why not say he is a talented kid with great upside in the right environment? That’s it. Kelly seems to be someone who is not up to the pressure of being a ND coach and is narcissistic. I don’t get it.

  18. KCFinfan says:

    “at a school where: there are … religious requirements”

    Just a point of order — the only religious requirements at Notre Dame are two theology courses.

  19. He wants them to leave notre dame as complete men. Real men, with real strength, real goals, real ambitions and real girlfriends .

  20. Kelly seems to be someone who is not up to the pressure of being a ND coach and is narcissistic. I don’t get it.
    Yes you do. You nailed it.

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