Plenty of teams looking to trade down this week

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The draft boards are set, the visits are all completed.

This is the week for making phone calls, and it appears many teams are willing to make a deal.

According to Peter King of, each of the non-Cleveland teams picking in the top seven of this year’s draft are “interested” in trading down.

If the 49ers (second), Bears (third), Jaguars (fourth), Titans (fifth), Jets (sixth) and Chargers (seventh) are all open for business, it could make for a fascinating night, with the potential for a lot of movement.

And with a number of teams looking for quarterbacks (including the Browns, who could come back up from their 12th pick), the potential for deals is heightened.

But there’s also some willingness to move deeper in the draft order.

King mentioned the Giants (23rd) and Texans (25th) as candidates to move up into the teens, with the Ravens (16th) and Titans (18th) willing to move back.

Giants G.M. Jerry Reese has already said he’s looking to move up, and if they believe they can find the correct tackle he may make a deal. The Texans are squarely in the quarterback market, and are probably picking too late in the process to get to the top three passers.

9 responses to “Plenty of teams looking to trade down this week

  1. Big-time buyer’s market in that first round. Going to be a lot more teams wanting to drop than there are wanting to move up so the price to move up may wind up being surprisingly low in some cases.

  2. Compared to past drafts this draft stinks. From a value standpoint it’s a bad draft to have a top 15 to 20 pick. Jonathan Allen may be the only guy worth a top 5 selection. But even then teams may be split on how to use him (DT or DE)

  3. Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine are predicting a bull market in this year’s draft.

  4. After watching the last couple years drafts over the weekend, I guess I was most surprised by how many teams started trading up since the contracts of top rated and signed rookies had been redone by the CBA. No one wanted pick #1 in 2009 and because it could be a hold out, or they could want to break the bank. Then when it switched over to the new CBA, teams were more interested in moving up, knowing the cost of whoever is drafted will be significantly less than previously but now we are back to trading down, not because of the cost of the player, but the ability to get more picks later. However, Eric DeCosta of the Ravens made a great point. He stated that prior to around 2010, most teams were actually horrible at the draft and sometimes Ravens top 100 players will still available after 7 rounds of draft. That was how the Ravens always found that undrafted rookie diamond in the rough. However, he stated that ALL teams have gotten better which would indicate moving down will no longer guarantee a good player will be there. Therefore, you would think they would be less inclined to trade down knowing that everyone knows their stuff now and 6 extra picks later in the draft mean nothing because your going to cut them anyway. For me, the way to go, is move up or don’t move at all, there is nothing valuable left in the bottom of the pile anymore.

  5. guitarkevin says:
    Apr 24, 2017 11:15 AM
    Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine are predicting a bull market in this year’s draft.

  6. No reason to trade up this year.

    I would love for the Eagles to get draft chart value for 14 and move back to 20-22…but nobody wants 14.

    There is a clear top 5-8…then after that, the talent is muddled. It isn’t clear cut like drafts past. At 14, I have 0 clue what the Eagles will be doing.

    And top that all off with the problems of so many players like Foster, Conley, Mixon, etc…and it makes it even worse. Definitely a bad year to be picking from #7-#10 I think.

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