Report: NFL teams holding missed bowl game against Jabrill Peppers

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Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers was one of a handful of draft prospects who didn’t play in his team’s bowl game. And now that may be costing him in the eyes of NFL teams.

Adam Schefter reported today on ESPN that there are teams with concerns that Peppers didn’t play in his bowl game. Those teams apparently worry that by sitting out Michigan’s Orange Bowl contest against Florida State, he showed a lack of commitment to his team.

Why should that affect Peppers’ draft stock when it hasn’t seemed to affect the stock of LSU running back Leonard Fournette and Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey, both of whom also sat out their teams’ bowl games? Apparently because Peppers didn’t reveal he wasn’t playing until the day of the Orange Bowl, whereas both Fournette and McCaffrey addressed their decisions with their coaches and teammates well in advance of their bowl games.

However, it’s a little odd that this report is coming from Schefter today, because on the day of the bowl game, Schefter reported that Peppers had legitimately suffered a hamstring injury and wanted to play but physically couldn’t.

A few NFL decision-makers, including Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, have said they would be concerned about a player who sat out his bowl game. But this is the first report we’ve heard a report that a specific player is actually dropping on draft boards for that decision.

58 responses to “Report: NFL teams holding missed bowl game against Jabrill Peppers

  1. So that means they don’t care and want him to drop so they can pick him. We get it.

  2. This issue is related to the other Peppers news today, as Schefter and others are reporting. It’s easy for a player to claim a hamstring injury in order to miss the bowl game drug testing.

  3. I really hate the last week or two before the draft. The media rides at least a couple of young guys with “question marks” and fans chime in to express their disgust that these guys don’t live up to a standard that the complaining fans surely don’t live up to.

  4. Very easy to take this position after the news of is his diluted sample earlier in the day. Have a feeling if teams truly felt this way, this info would’ve “leaked” well before now and not conveniently the day of the news of his drug test.

  5. Its foolish if they really think that. It should be moved as a smart business decision.

    Unless the bitter old men who make fortunes off these players start paying them and paying them well, more and more will skip what to them are meaningless bowl games.

    Some year soon we will see most of the starters on a team will skip a bowl game and it will be a disaster for the NCAA.

  6. I don’t believe it. If teams like Peppers’ tape, they’ll draft him. He will slide a lot more because of the potential to miss games (drug testing), than he will for missing a bowl game. We all love Bruce Arians, but he’s the “Richard Sherman” of coaching.

  7. I understand it though. Fournette and McCaffery didn’t play to not get hurt.

    Peppers didn’t play in either bowl game with Michigan. One was reported because he cut his hand punching a windshield.

    So either, he is very unlucky, or he doesn’t spend his free time wisely.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think he’s a first round pick, wasn’t even the best player on Michigans defense. Probably 3rd or 4th best player on that defense actually. If you even want to say that. With all that talent around him he had an amazing lack of production. Did nothing against better teams (Iowa, MSU, OSU)

  8. steeelfann0155 says:
    Apr 24, 2017 7:05 PM
    Peppers overrated. Everyone knows it

    If you believe fans, pretty much every Prospect is overrated and the draft should just start with round two. I guess it makes people feel smart to put these athletes down, as if there are a bunch of perfect prospects that usually come out.

  9. Don’t be coy! They’re thinking that performance enhancing drugs played a part in his injury which caused him to miss the bowl game. That’s what they’re holding against him…

  10. Jerry Jones pumping the media with b.s. stories to save himself the pick he’d have to trade to move up. You know Jerry….he loves those picks. Wouldn’t even do right by Romo if it meant getting a conditional 7th.

  11. This ridiculous overthinking of every move that every prospective player makes is cloying. No wonder teams miss on more than half of the number one picks–they overprocess and overthink things.

  12. leshon42 says:
    Apr 24, 2017 7:21 PM
    He didnt play because he would of been tested after the game
    Agreed – and is also why his sample was almost certainly (99%) deliberately diluted at the combine: the league know full well that players would use Peppers’ excuse of rehydrating after dehydration, so to rule out such accidental dilution, the NFL and NFLPA, after medical advice, agreed that a “specific gravity value less than 1.003 and a creatinine concentration of less than 20 mg/dL” was indicated a deliberate attempt to disguise. Did Peppers immediately offer blood and hair to clear his name? Nope. That test result, and skipping the bowl, smells a little – and since the NFL’s bio-passporting started in 2015, teams know players will get caught and will miss games.

  13. I watched every game, dude is a baller. His problem is Michigan spent too much time force feeding him on offense which hurt his defensive game. If my team (the lol Lions lol) drafts him in any round except the first, I’ll have no issue with it.

  14. 26predator says:
    Apr 24, 2017 8:49 PM
    I watched every game, dude is a baller. His problem is Michigan spent too much time force feeding him on offense which hurt his defensive game. If my team (the lol Lions lol) drafts him in any round except the first, I’ll have no issue with it.


    In what games did he “ball?”

    I watched every game too, he is overrated.

    Can’t cover well, overruns running plays, to small to take on blockers, doesn’t have great hands and hell, he didn’t even look good running the ball. Literally did nothing in games against Iowa, MSU or OSU (Tipped pass INT was his only INT in his career.)

    Just look at his game log, he racked up a ton of TFLs against a bunch of bad teams like Hawaii and Rutgers. He uses his speed to be the better athlete, but everyone in the NFL has speed.

    I’d much rather take Taco over Peppers.

  15. Would NFL GMs be concerned about a NFL free agent who didn’t show loyalty to his team and was concerned about future income?

  16. Speaking of bowl games, while Fournette and McCaffery skipped theirs, Cook was the MVP of the Orange Bowl.

  17. As a Bears fan, I sure hope it is true.

    It would be great to see him fall to the early picks of the second round. At worst, the Bears would have a top quality return man, and at best, Peppers can be a dominated DB.

  18. I imagine some teams are thinking that this kid knows when to take risks and when to not. Second round to the Detroit Lions.

  19. “Leaked” news about a diluted sample….then missing a “bowl” game? Why should he play in the Toilet Bowl? This is a definite “smear campaign”.

  20. If a team holds it against a player that he made a mature and professional decision, then that team is to be avoided.

    Because they are neither mature nor professionnel.

  21. I hope it’s true. I am sick to damn death of the “but what if you get hurt?” crap. Jaylen Smith was the EXCEPTION. Top 20 draft picks DO NOT get hurt in their bowl game every year. Stop the crybaby crap, put your jock strap on and go play the damn bowl game.

  22. Between this and the chatter about his failed test at the combine, I’d say some NFL team really likes Peppers and wants to tank his draft stock so they can pick him.

  23. The draft has become a game of other draftee’s agents putting out false information and smearing other players in hopes of improving their own position. Was really bad last year with Tunsil. To me, let him fall to the Ravens in the second round. Jim will let John know exactly what this kid is about and he could be a big steal or the Ravens could pass on him. If he is there when the Ravens pick in the second and they don’t pick him, that should indicate that Jim did not talk him up to his brother.

  24. Hey I’m a long time M fan but not diehard. I thought he was over hyped. Never showed me the play the analyst were gawking about. I never had him first round.

  25. Good. Let him fall to the Cowboys at #26. We will welcome him into our revamped secondary.

  26. Okay well let him slip to the 2nd round.. I still want my Broncos to select him.

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