Daryl Washington thanks Commissioner for reinstatement

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Suspended three years ago, linebacker Daryl Washington has been conditionally reinstated to the NFL generally, and to the Cardinals specifically.

“I’m honored and humbled to be back in the National Football League,” Washington said in a statement provided to PFT. “These last three years have been the most difficult of my life without the game I love so much. That said, I’ve used this time to make tremendous strides as a man and have grown into a proud husband, father, and contributing member of my community.”

Washington returns at the game at the age of 30. He has played only four seasons, two of which resulted in Pro Bowl and All-Pro recognition. So he has less wear and tear, and more tear on the tires.

“Physically I’m in the best shape of my life and have maintained a strenuous six-day per week workout plan for over a year in anticipation of this day and next season,” Washington said. “I understand the physical and mental demands that it takes to be an All-Pro linebacker in this League, and I fully intend to play at that level this season.

“I’d like to thank Commissioner Goodell and his staff who I’ve met with multiple times, my attorney Daniel Moskowitz for all of his work on my journey back, my amazing teammates who I’ve stayed in contact with, and most importantly, my family for all of their unconditional support. As I told Mr. Goodell, I will use this opportunity to help lead and mentor younger guys in the locker room and in my community to learn from my mistakes and understand it’s an honor to be in the NFL.”

The Cardinals have been circumspect so far regarding whether they want Washington. That’s the next question that needs to be answered before Washington suits up for the team again. It’s expected he’ll get the chance to show the Cardinals what he can still do; few franchises are in the business of sending away quality contributors who can make the team better.

29 responses to “Daryl Washington thanks Commissioner for reinstatement

  1. The Cards are fine tuning their draft plans like every other team in the league and magnanimous Goodell waits until 2 days before the draft to decide to do this?
    Might as well get a megaphone and scream from the rooftops that he hates the Cardinals.

  2. cheater goodell will continue to be a fraud
    regardless of what some half baked loser says


    You sad that brady and belicheat’s legacy is tainted by spygate and constant accusations of cheating?

  3. Washington, though not all that well known at the time nationally, was most likely the best sideline to sideline, athletic linebacker in the NFL until he was suspended.

    He was certainly one of the best outright Cardinal players at any position over a span of recent memory.

    But….he absolutely screwed the organization. Just completely shafted them. From lying, to draft timing and the Cards having to scramble to fill his position, to sitting on his new signing bonus, to messing with their salary cap, he just screwed them.

    This should be interesting to watch play out.

  4. Good luck to you Sir. Glad you have chance to redeem your name.

    Hopefully your story will have a happy ending no matter where play.

    I am glad the league saw fit to give a second( or 3rd) chance to a few men this off season.

  5. Sounds sincere, live up to it Daryl. Get in that community also. The way you talk is the salvation our inner cities need. Good luck.

  6. I’d take a cheap flyer on him if the Cardinals don’t want him. He was a beast when he stayed out of trouble and played. Not to mention it’d be a good story to see him right his wrongs after 3 years up of football. Especially after being an All-Pro to out of the league.

  7. What criteria does a player have to meet to be reinstated? If this guy has gotten his life together in the three years he was out of the league, then that is great, but did he not have his life together a year ago? Goodell has kept him away from his prime money making years based on some arbitrary process by the commish himself.

  8. I dislike the fact that I don’t remember what this guy did, & I need to ‘Google-it’ to find…when putting a small paragraph or sentence in the article explaining makes sense…apparently, too much sense.

  9. 3 years removed and 30 years old. He’s lucky if He’s only lost one step. He has a wife beating charge he needs to get suspended for as well.

  10. Larry Fitzgerald tweeted him out a congratulations and that’s good enough for me. The Saints got Adrian Peterson and hopefully, the Cards will welcome this unexpected gift from the league, and it’s about time.
    With Dansby and Bucannon, a healthy Honey Badger, PP, this team could actually turn out to be a surprise nobody saw coming, Keim has a lot to make up for after blowing the FA period and having Washington back would help take some of the pressure off performance in the draft, which was going to be pretty tall order for this front office. The Saints got AP, and Washington could help level the playing field for the Cards. It will be interesting to see just how committed to the win Bidwill actually is and who’s really running the show.
    Washington paid for his mistakes and deserves the opportunity for a second chance at his career. Good luck Daryl, hope you prove the haters wrong and win a ring!

  11. I imagine that Washington’s reinstatement was not a complete surprise to the Cardinals. It is definitely a 2-fer: they get back the best LB that ever put on a Cardinal uni, and now don’t have to draft a LB unless they want to stack the position with all-stars.

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