Unnamed first-round prospect faces sexual assault allegation in Cleveland

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A bizarre story has emerged in Cleveland only two days before the draft.

Via WOIO-TV, a woman has accused an unnamed NFL prospect of sexual assault. The player is expected to be selected in round one. WOIO-TV has decided not to name the prospect, pending the issuance of a police report. WOIO-TV also has emphasized that the player has not yet been charged with a crime.

Here’s where it gets weirder. The story quotes the lawyer for the unnamed player, but still doesn’t name the player. Kevin Spellacy represents the unnamed player, and Spellacy calls the allegation “ludicrous and ridiculous.”

“In my opinion this young lady is an opportunist and it’s actually despicable,” Spellacy said.

Spellacy told WOIO that the unnamed player was never alone with the alleged victim at the Westin Hotel in Cleveland, the site of the alleged incident. Spellacy also said that the unnamed player has three witnesses who claim the unnamed player did nothing wrong. Spellacy said he’s willing to make the player available for an interview with police immediately after the draft.

Why not do it before the draft? Because if the player is interviewed — and if the news get out as to who the player is — a potential La’el Collins situation could emerge. Two years ago, Collins was questioned in connection with a murder. Because he wasn’t cleared from involvement before the draft, he tumbled completely out of the draft, even though he was never accused, arrested, or charged with any crime.

If the unnamed player in this case isn’t cleared before Thursday night, he could tumble even if he’s not guilty.

This makes it incumbent on every agent of every player who isn’t the subject of the investigation to say clearly and loudly and in no uncertain terms that their guy isn’t the guy who is facing this investigation. As to agent who represents a player who was in or around Cleveland on April 9, the date of the alleged incident, there should be a shouting of the player’s non-involvement even more loudly, along with a demand that WOIO disclose the accused player’s name ASAP. With a small, defined universe of players who may be the player facing the accusation, failure to identify the player indirectly defames the other players who it could be, but who it isn’t.

As to the 32 teams, someone unwittingly will be picking a player who brings negative publicity and, potentially, a prosecution and a guilty verdict to town. Thus, they each should be seeking clear assurances from each player they are considering that the player they are considering isn’t the guy who is accused of sexual assault.

Although WOIO has taken steps to keep the player’s name out of it, the mere existence of the story necessarily will pull the player’s name into it. With more than 48 hours to go until the draft begins, it’s inescapable.

Even if the name isn’t leaked to the media (and chances are it will be), the teams definitely will know who it is, When that player slides, so will everyone else.

77 responses to “Unnamed first-round prospect faces sexual assault allegation in Cleveland

  1. I like this idea. Reveal all the players’ baggage after they have been selected with close ups of the owners and coaching staff’s faces.

    “Let’s see what’s behind pick number three!! MURDER CHARGES!”

  2. Props to WOIO-TV.

    In a world filled with out-of-proportion reactions to fake stories, more midia outlets should wait for all the information to be known AND CONFIRMED before leting it loose on the internet

  3. I’m actually more interested in watching the draft now than I already am! A team is going to take a PR hit, but which one? Will the Cowboys/Ravens/Bengals instincts come through, or will a pure team pick up the player? It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  4. This has to be a game. This is some Saw movie kind of twist. Instead of making people chose from 32 antidotes with only 1 being poison, its 32 draft prospects, and one has unwanted baggage (that could be b.s. baggage anyway).

  5. Just like Marino and Collins falling to the Dolphins.. Put a fake story out there and let said player fall in your lap!

  6. This is getting worse every year. I wonder who will have a gas mask video leaked round 1 this year?

  7. This is foreshadowing, you just know they will name the player day of the draft, and subsequently ruin a kids draft status–following him as he tumbles down the draft board, cameras capturing each cringe worthy moment. This is despicable work by the media, what ever happend to due process in this country.

  8. Were he my son and not guilty, he would contact each team directly to advise them of the situation, and a lawyer or agent would not be necessary. Just someone who understands English.

  9. “Not a problem for NE since we don’t have a first round pick.”

    Yes we do actually, its Brandin Cooks.

  10. joaonmatz says:
    Apr 25, 2017 10:40 AM
    Props to WOIO-TV.

    In a world filled with out-of-proportion reactions to fake stories, more midia outlets should wait for all the information to be known AND CONFIRMED before leting it loose on the internet
    WOIO isn’t the one withholding information. it’s the police who haven’t released the report. WOIO is actually tying to obtain the suspects name.

  11. Draft version of Russian roulette. Adds to the excitement, they should release the name right after the 32nd pick, then have the video cut to the team war room that drafted this guy. TV gold.

  12. Nightclubs and parties basically have to become a thing of the past for serious college prospects. Too much money involved. They are targets.

    Stay sober, hang out with people you trust, come home before midnight.

    Not what you want to do in college, but I don’t know if there is another way to avoid these kinds of problems.

  13. Everyone cares now… but Ray Lewis played for 10 years after his incident and no one said a word. Pats are two time cheaters and are treated like Gods.

  14. Maybe it’s an OSU guy, but Cleveland is not exactly that close or relevant to Columbus and plenty of other schools (like Michigan) and home towns are a similar drive away. I guess you have to give OSU the odds for having so many prospects.

  15. Maybe sports and real life are intertwined and we’re stuck discussing both all the time. But these neverending episodes make me care about football a lot less.

    We are to the point where you can’t approach any NFL draft without hearing about abuse, diluted samples, rape, and so on. It’s revolting.

    Maybe if the NFL took a firmer stance on prohibiting these monsters from the game, it would shore up its fan base. As it is now, there’s a real nasty contingent making up this league. Having no one draft the Joe Mixons of the world would be a start.

  16. Leeroy Jenkins’ agent trying to drum up support for the idea that he could be a first round draft choice in the first place.

  17. genericcommenter says:
    Apr 25, 2017 11:11 AM
    Maybe it’s an OSU guy, but Cleveland is not exactly that close or relevant to Columbus and plenty of other schools (like Michigan) and home towns are a similar drive away. I guess you have to give OSU the odds for having so many prospects.


    Or it could be any prospect that visited Cleveland on a private visit. Did you happen to think of that?

  18. Terrible logic. There is strength in numbers. Teams won’t take the top 32 prospects off the board.

    Unless someone’s name starts getting bandied about in speculation, there is no cause to deny it.

    Plus, NFL teams have resources. Even if the media doesn’t report this, most teams will have a good idea if the names they care about are possibilities.

  19. There should be a big reveal at the end of the first round.

    The Team that choose the player under investigation is….

  20. nfella says:
    Apr 25, 2017 10:42 AM

    Malik Hooker is my wager.

    Lattimore maybe since he is a Cleveland native.


    It was Hooker just being at home with the other Hookers!

  21. Funny how the lawyer will make the unnamed player available after the draft. If he was that 100% innocent then why not do it now? Obviously its because there is a chance that it may be true and they want him to be drafted before going through the legal proceedings. This players name will get out soon enough and if it comes out before the draft then his draft stock will take a major hit since he has yet to talk to the police.

    Welcome to todays NFL National Felon League

  22. Is there another industry where a man’s employment prospects and future earnings can be so impacted by the false accusations of a woman? Let’s hope some of these ladies are sued for the lost earnings.

  23. Players have to be smarter around this time and teams have to actually have a real intuitive approach to assessing the risk. There are legitimately creepy dudes out there but there are also opportunists and unsavory women out there looking to pay their bills. I’d just stay in the house honestly. Hang with my agent and family until the draft day.

  24. Man, if I were a first or second round talent, I would lock myself in the house and not leave for 2 months before the draft. These witchhunts are getting ridiculous!

  25. It won’t be a player that Cleveland picks at either #1 or #12, I can promise you that.

    If the cops don’t pass the name along to Sashi and crew, the local hookers will.

  26. niner fan! 100^ these guys have to realize they will have time to party come march/february and after their career is over. Put off women chasing bruh!!!

  27. If there isn’t enough evidence for the police to even press charges, then there is no reason to allow some flimsy and likely baseless accusation to impact a player’s draft stock.


    Pictures of him and Cardale Jones popping up in Cleveland!

    Thats why they are so worried about his name getting out its because if this story breaks he wont be the first CB drafted this year!


  29. If this gal is lying and filed a fake police report, she needs to be locked up.

    If this player really did it, he needs to be locked up.

    Smell test says this is nothing but a money grab.

  30. It’s too easy to figure it out. It’s a Safety. Another article spelled out the real timeline of what happened. Check who visited the Browns on that date and viola.

  31. “Not a problem for NE since we don’t have a first round pick.”

    Yes we do actually, its Brandin Cooks.

    You don’t have a 2nd round pick either….

  32. Its not any of the qb’s or mixon or cook per when the visited Cleveland. Same for Njoku. And Garret.

  33. So we’re clear, though, Collins fell out of the draft due to his ridiculous demand that he be drafted in the first round or he’d sit out the year.

  34. Agent calls up prospect, lets him know the Browns, who have the #1 pick in this years draft, want him to come in for a pre draft work out.

    Player, not wanting to be rude, attends the workout. Bombs the workout on purpose, thinking that will deter the Browns.

    Browns front office of number crunchers, have no idea he sucked in the workout, and tell him how excited they are to have the opportunity to draft him #1.

    Player makes up a sexual assault story and leaks it to the media so that the Browns wont draft him…

  35. I was seeing some people pointing to Obi Melifonwu. He visited the Browns on Fri April 7, but the date in question was Sun April 9. Melifonwu visited the Redskins on Sat April 8. So I’m going to guess it wasn’t him. Find out who visited the Browns on Monday April 10 and you have your guy

  36. The timing of this is very very suspicious. Not saying it can’t be true but I’m not going to just blindly believe this woman was sexually assaulted before more information comes to light

  37. Is it that hard for anyone to look back at all the tweets and articles written by local journalists regarding who was in Cleveland in and around April 9 to start to narrow the scope of who might be at issue?

    I’m sure the Browns have an idea.

    The article posted in the website for the local paper says that WOIO reported that an “off duty police officer called for EMS about 3:50 am on April 9th asking for help for the victim.” That leaves a lot to the imagination.

  38. Anyone who thinks that NFL teams don’t know the identity of this player are delusional.

  39. Malik Hooker is not attending the draft… that is fact. So you can do your own walk likes a duck, quacks like a duck thing.

  40. So basically we’re waiting for 31 prospects to jump up and yell “Not it!”?

  41. DNA test will be the key. Maybe that’s what the police are waiting for. TMZ is where I saw it linked from.

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