Buzz builds for Gareon Conley being picked in round three

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No one currently expects Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley to be selected in round one, given a rape allegation that likely won’t be resolved in his favor by Thursday night. Currently, the thinking is that someone will take a flier on him before the conclusion of Friday night’s proceedings.

Per a league source, the current buzz has Conley going at some point before the end of the third round.

The risk is obvious; Conley could be charged, prosecuted, and ultimately convicted of a first-degree felony. But he also could be exonerated, either by the alleged victim not pursuing the case or prosecutors deciding based on the witness testimony from the hotel room where the rape allegedly occurred that Conley would be able to establish sufficient reasonable doubt to make a trial a losing proposition.

At some point as the seven rounds unfold, the potential reward will outweigh the risk. The current thinking is that this will happen at some point before the end of round three.

If he’s guilty, he shouldn’t be drafted at all. If he’s innocent, his draft stock shouldn’t be affected at all. His current draft stock reflects the reality that few know exactly what happened in that Cleveland hotel room and, for now, no one knows what will happen moving forward.

43 responses to “Buzz builds for Gareon Conley being picked in round three

  1. I don’t believe he is guilty at this point. Simply no credible information. There seems to be more and more of allegations against sports people from people looking for a quick payday. Look at that Revis shakedown. Yes – some are guilty but others are not. Doesn’t matter. Both carry that stigma forever.

    How many do we not even hear about get paid off just to maintain their image, their draft stock or even their job?

  2. Not a very bright move to put himself even close to that situation. May as well have someone take a photo of you smoking weed from a gas mask and posting it on Twitter.

  3. Yes! Another young guy who is merely accused of a crime, but the media and fans get to unjustly label him and hope he’s driven into the ground! Draft time on top of this high horse is the best time ever!

  4. The only thing worse than arresting a wrongly – accused man, would be letting a rapist walk free. For that reason, I have to assume that there isn’t a whole lot of evidence to support this woman’s claim otherwise Mr. Conley would have been arrested. She went to the hospital and had a Sexual Assault exam. That’s not just to collect DNA. That holds physical evidence that can be compared to the victims statement. I’m not saying she made it up, but I am skeptical

  5. Ohio State player with rape allegations. Hmm. Is there a team with cornerback needs that would take a chance on a troubled player sliding in the draft? I smell a future Dallas Cowboy.

  6. The Vikings already had a highly drafted CB that missed games because he was in jail, they don’t need another one, assuming they even get their pick in on time this year.

  7. Teams, get your PIs on the case. Dallas got a 1/2 rnd talent for nothing due to bogus chgs against that LSU guard a couple yrs ago. Cost him a lot of money. Not saying that Conley is innocent or guilty. I have no idea. But if he isn’t, it’s really unfair to the kid. If he is. You don’t want him. Do your homework.

  8. guilty or innocent he put himself in a situation that paints him in a negative light. I don’t know the kid but it’s certainly not the best way to start a career in the spotlight.

  9. How Dumb can you be to put yourself in this position so close to a giant payday??? And a once In a lifetime opportunity. Teams should pass. Another 10cent Brain.

  10. Even if not guilty his draft stock should be affected because he made a bad decision on who to be with, where to hang out, which led to this situation.

    He may make bad decisions in the future regarding where to be and who to trust.

  11. Has he admitted that she was in the room and just watched? If yes, then he has a problem. If he is saying she was never in the room, the hotel should have video that can be verified.
    I don’t think his agent handled this well. As soon as the story went public even without identifying him, he should have hired the best “help me get out of this mess” team available. If she wasn’t in the room, he should have taken the offensive immediately. If she was in the room, he still needed to take the offensive position immediately, state that whatever went on was consensual, poorly thought out on his part and withdraw from the draft until it’s resolved.
    By agreeing to talk after he is drafted implies, “something went on but we (he and his agent) don’t believe her version will be considered credible, so it’s all good. Go ahead and draft me.” That’s just puts the responsibility on the team.

    If he is guilty then I hope whoever drafts him has a clause making him liable for the loss of whatever is lost by believing him based on his stated innocence.

  12. Remember the Michael Crabtree assault accusation? That never went anywhere. It’s simply amazing that the accused can have his name reported before even being charged with anything, while the accuser gets to go unnamed.

  13. @uncommon1 you watch too much CSI the average forensics DNA test turnaround is 150 days. He could be guilty but not charged until next year. Same for his innocence. The other aspect is if this is a money grab what not wait until after the draft?

  14. “Hey babe, wanna jon me in a foursome?”

    “Gosh no, I don’t even know you but I’ll be happy to go up to your hotel room and watch!”


  15. It sounds like he is innocent based on statements from witnessness. If there was physical evidence he would have been questioned by now.

    This is pretty messed up if nothing happened.

    If he slides and is exonerated, he should hold out and re-enter next year.

  16. I agree with Oreo51… if he’s exonerated he should sue the girl for damages costing him millions of dollars lost in the draft. She’ll end up paying him for the rest of her life and that will hopefully slow down the next gold digger before she tries something similar with the next athlete.

    Now, on the other hand… if he did it then he deserves everything he’s going to get.

  17. Mr. Conley will be wearing the Star. Another coup for Jerry Jones, in his quest on ending the Cowboys 21 years of being in the wilderness, and back to being the dominant franchise in the NFL, once again.

    Which is good ($$$$$), for the NFL sponsorship deals, and the TV Ratings will skyrocket through the roof!!

  18. “Hey babe, wanna come on up and join me in a 4 some?”

    “Oh gee Mister, I dont even know you. But I will come up to your hotel room to watch. That sounds super swell!”


  19. Horrible timing by the “victim” and her attorney if money was their goal. If they would have waited a few days longer there would have been a lot more hush money available.

  20. Nah if hes guilty but no way of knowing that b4 the draft then he should b drafted and b told he wont be brought in or even have his agent start talking contract until its settled.

    I wouldnt fault any team that drafted him and kept him seperate from them team, if hes found out to have done it. Bc what does it hurt. It doesnt condone it and it doesnt reward him. All it says is you are not going to right someone off after only an allegation, but you will also no jeopardize your team by bringing him in until its settled.

    Now u dont spend a 1 on him, bc u cant risk losing that bc of his talent level. Now if hes Peyton Manning u spend a 1 bc its worth the gamble. Conley js probably worth losing a 3 over.

    Im happy the nfl supposedly sees it the same way.

  21. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope the “buzz” is due to the teams’ various security details learning that case against Conley is paper-thin.

    But, this story sounds an awful lot like something Conley’s agent is trying to drive, or someone who owes his agent a favor.

  22. Wait a minute. There are people who believe this didn’t happen, but who also say that Conley shouldn’t have put himself in this situation? Those are inconsistent positions. If you believe no crime happened then it is very likely that nothing at all happened. In other words, there was no situation that Conley put himself in.

  23. I don’t know the facts, but it’s a shame that people aren’t innocent until proven guilty. Rape is a horrible crime, but far too often it’s a he said she said situation, you can’t even trust witnesses. It’s getting to the point that you must get written consent prior to any activity.

  24. oreo51 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 8:49 PM

    If he drops out of the first round he should sue for her for slander.

    And get what from her….. the millions he’s going to lose by slipping out of the first round?

  25. I feel like it’s a hoax but why hasnt he gone in for questioning?? why is his lawyer being so strict on not going in till after the draft??

    if he’s truly innocent he should have been in there and getting that interview out of the way. if he did that he could have been cleared by now and had no harm, no foul when it comes to the draft.

    i hope he’s innocent but dude needs a new lawyer, he’s getting some bad advice.

  26. What makes me skeptical is if I’m going to commit a scam and tell my insurance company that a tree fell on my car – I don’t show up with a car that has no damage.

    You don’t do the rape kit knowing it would come back negative if you’re looking to scam someone. You don’t, essentially, prove your own story wrong on purpose.

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