Joey Bosa has a specific plan for his offseason work, and it seems to work

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Joey Bosa takes preparation seriously. Last year when he was getting ready for the draft, he even practiced for the Wonderlic, before logging the kind of score that would make people who care about such scores nod approvingly.

“I’m not as dumb as I may sound or look,” Bosa said.

Along those lines, the Chargers defensive end has a concrete plan about his offseason, which he has taken pains to keep team officials abreast of. It was noted that he wasn’t around for the start of voluntary workouts last week, but he has since returned.

I’ve been over-communicating with everybody for months now,” Bosa said of his plan, via Jack Wang of the Los Angeles Daily News. “It’s no secret to anybody.”

Bosa told all his coaches well in advance that he was going to continue the conditioning work offsite with his own trainer (who didn’t want to be named, in a rare lack of self-promotion in that industry). Bosa worked with the same trainer last year and emerged from a long contract standoff to win defensive rookie of the year honors, with 10.5 sacks despite missing the first four games.

“I just found a guy who really knows what he’s talking about, and my body changed in ways I could never have imagined last year,” he said. “Pain in certain parts of my body that I’ve had chronically for years and years was suddenly gone after going through this process and this program.

“After that and after the year I had last year, I saw no reason why I would ever change what I’m doing.”

Considering his production, the Chargers ought to be fine with it, and appear to be. And considering the lengths he’s gone to to explain his participation in a process that’s supposed to be voluntary, everyone else should be as well.

15 responses to “Joey Bosa has a specific plan for his offseason work, and it seems to work

  1. Since I don’t pay to close attention to the awards handed out to players because the only prize that matters is winning the Super Bowl…

    I find it interesting Bosa won the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award despite missing 1/4 of the season.

    The reason I find it interesting is the number of talking heads who said Brady couldn’t be the league MVP because he missed 1/4 of the season.

    At least Brady got his MVP in the end at the Super Bowl along with shiny trophy.

  2. Garrett isn’t as good as this guy. I don’t think he’s as good as Clowney or even Mario Williams when he came out in the draft. Some are saying Garrett had a high ankle sprain that lead to his less than impressive Junior year. I don’t know if I should believe that or if that is just the “my failed drug test of adderall for my ADD” level of excuse?

  3. I love how the picture shows him playing video games. One think I have never understood is why more NFL teams don’t use video games to simulate what they are going to see on the field. Fighter pilots use it, for goodness sakes.

    Players could get thousands of reps in a fraction of the time, with zero chance of injury. You could even have quarterbacks throwing into a screen, like in virtual golf.

  4. Have you seen the Chargers?

    In particular, have you seen how many Chargers first round players get injured EVERY SEASON.

    Joey Bosa is going to stay as far away from the inept organization as much as possible until he has the opportunity to go play for a team that can win a championship.

    This is what good players do.

  5. “He is worthless. Another NFL draft bust of a fraud and being overrated.”

    Perhaps, and this is just a guess, you don’t watch much football.

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