Longtime NFL reporter Ed Werder laid off by ESPN

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One of ESPN’s most experienced NFL reporters is out, effective immediately.

Ed Werder, who has a strong reputation for covering football and particularly the Cowboys, has been let go, he said on Twitter this morning.

“After 17 years reporting on NFL, I’ve been informed that I’m being laid off by ESPN effective immediately. I have no plans to retire,” Werder wrote.

ESPN is expected to lay off around 100 employees this week, as the network tries to reduce costs as it deals with declining revenues thanks to cord cutting. At least one other NFL reporter, longtime Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky, has also been let go, and it’s likely that several notable names in the NFL media world will be without jobs soon.

123 responses to “Longtime NFL reporter Ed Werder laid off by ESPN

  1. Consider yourself lucky Ed! ESPN is pretty much unwatchable garbage..

    Welcome to NFL NETWORK!!!

  2. firing reporters (the guys who find information to report on) but retaining TMZ blowhard personalities like Stephen Smith, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith only further drive the ESPN brand into the toilet

  3. That’s cold. Ed was one of the best reporters they had. He actually practiced journalism and reported stories as opposed to making himself part of the story. Yet another reason to stop watching ESPN generated “content”.

  4. I have nothing personal against Ed Werder, however, as a wronged Patriots fan, anything and everything related to bringing pain to ESPN and their below avg staff is welcome.

    I. want. to. watch. them. burn.

  5. The number of people making their livings on the backs of these players is amazing.

    I liked this guy. He was more of a journalist then a mouth piece for agents and teams like the rest.

  6. Bummer – would rather see ESPN keep the good reporters and dump the talking heads.

    Your product is only as good as your information is solid. Better off keeping a good reporter vs a pretty face reporting the news.

  7. @frozenburritobuttsecks says:
    Apr 26, 2017 9:54 AM

    firing reporters (the guys who find information to report on) but retaining TMZ blowhard personalities like Stephen Smith, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith only further drive the ESPN brand into the toilet
    Must be a Fox News type of person.

  8. They let go of an actual decent journalist in Werder and keep an arrogant misinformed blowhard like Chris Mortensen. It’s this kind of move that’s putting ESPN in a large free fall that they are so desperately trying to avoid in the first place.

  9. It’s not just cord cutting impacting those revenues.
    The ‘product’ has gone from bad to worse. If there isn’t a game on do any adults watch it anymore?
    Informal poll, thumbs up for only watching games on ESPN, down for regular viewing.

  10. frozenburritobuttsecks says:

    Apr 26, 2017 9:54 AM
    firing reporters (the guys who find information to report on) but retaining TMZ blowhard personalities like Stephen Smith, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith only further drive the ESPN brand into the toilet

    Lol, too easy…

  11. Baseball was rained out last night, and I watched the mock draft. ESPN used the local beat writers to make their picks, and I think that is ESPN’s future. Less guys they actually pay, and more cooperation between local outlets.

  12. As a Cowboys fan who didn’t always like the stories he reported, he was fair, honest, and I felt like there wasn’t any hidden do-boy agendas in his reports.

    How weird is it now to not see him reporting on Cowboy games on Sunday morning… 🙁

  13. “declining revenues thanks to cord cutting”

    This would refer to ESPN cutting the cord to journalistic integrity and credibility. They got a short lived boost as people gobbled up narratives they liked. But ultimately when people know in their hearts its nonsense the narratives lose their luster and all thats left is that its no longer a trustable news source. So they look elsewhere.

  14. You all gave me thumbs down a few days back when I predicted Sapp was gonna be picked up by espn. They’re all about personalities who vomit out controversial bile and Sapp has a Phd in that.

  15. I thought that of all people, he would be one to hang

    Just shows ESPN still does not get it

  16. This is the type of people I expect ESPN to get rid of. People who have been at the network long enough to make decent money, but also aren’t a big enough name to elicit more than a “Oh I know that guy” from fans.

  17. It’s not because of “cord cutting” it’s because ESPN is garbage.

  18. BSPN has been a thorn in Disney’s side (and on their balance sheet) for a few years now.
    Not only are people eliminating cable, the newer generation isn’t as interested in hearing up-the-the-2nd drama of entitled, me-first, overpaid, arrogant professional sports players who live in fantasy land compared to the rest of us.
    —-The run is over for BSPN. They’ve become the MTV of sports reporting

    Fantasy is proving to be the savior of professional sports

  19. .
    These were the 100 people who, for more than two months, ran with the fabricated storyline that 11 out of the 12 balls used in the AFC Championship Game were more than two pounds underweight.

  20. This is what happens when networks massively over pay for the rights to the NFL, NBA, etc

    They want those sports so badly, they will essentially bid against themselves and overpay by BILLIONS

    Losing money in the process & being forced to cut ties with dozens of recognizable reporters

  21. Maybe they should consider the on-air “talent” for viewership ratings.

    The 6 SUCKS, First Take SUCKS
    Why do they need to have so many people piled around the tables? All this PC equality is crap. In the morning, they have a white woman, a hispanic woman, a pasty ginger white guy, and a possibly indian guy, if not black. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

    Oh yeah, get that SJW worthles LZ off SportsNation.

  22. I stopped watching ESPN years ago when it became apparent they were more interested in hot takes, rumors, celebrities, and pop culture rather than actual journalism and covering in depth sports stories.

  23. Boo hoo, he has to go get another job. Cry me a river. The ESPn gravy train went on without bounds for way too long, and now the landscape is changing quickly. At least someone at the top has enough sense to get out in front of it before it’s an antiquated model and isn’t overpaying for more personalities like Fox Sports is doing. At the end of the day, only the live sports matter to the bottom line of a network. Welcome to the real world Ed. Consider yourself fortunate that you had a cushy job where they said, “Let’s go to Ed to tell us some irrelevant stuff,” where you made 6 figures for and got TV exposure for nearly 2 decades. Is Sal Pal next?

  24. Yes, they are declining because of cord cutting. It has absolutely nothing to do with the political agenda they push every single minute of every day. That is completely irrelevant.

  25. The lost revenue isn’t from cord cutters, it’s from low ratings as a result of your terrible programming and liberal agenda. The only thing ESPN values since Disney took over is “diversity”.

  26. BSPN has lost 12 million subscribers in the past 3 years, 12 million ! Disney can no longer take the hit , their profit is being eroded by the BS Network. Everyone knows why, they decided to be leftist social justice warriors, while covering sports! Now they are paying the price

  27. No one likes layoffs, but ESPN corporate brass could have waited one week so that Werder was available during the NFL draft. Maybe they didn’t want to have dig around in the couch cushions for enough cash to pay for three days’ worth of T&E in Dallas? Sheesh. #cheapbastards

  28. One of the better reporters they have/had. I actually thought he did a really good job as an outsider to the team(s) he’d normally report on.

    He’ll turn up again somewhere soon no doubt. I just hope ESPN didn’t give him the ax so they can bring in two more young blondes that make me hit the mute button whenever they speak.

  29. Ratings are down from the semi-watchable, watered down garbage the NFL has become recently. Add in Hardy/Rice/Kaepernick etc…and it’s not shocking to see the NFL media world downsizing as the fans tune out.

  30. This just in: Josina Anderson and Stephen A. Smith will be co-hosting a new, prime- time show called “white people are the devil and basketball stuff”, which will regularly have appearances by Bomani Jones.

  31. I’m sure Ed is thrilled that he doesn’t have to appear on the 6 pm Sportscenter anymore. What a disaster that show is.

  32. It’s hilarious that ESPN is blaming it’s problems on cord cutting! LOL!!! If they wanted to maintain the status quo, they should have never slid so far down to the left… That is where they lost me and many others who had been longtime viewer/listeners. Remember the Michael Sam coverage and the Jenner coverage??? Awful… They shove left wing views down your throat 24-7 on ESPN radio AND all there TV channels and people got tired of it.

  33. Good idea. Fire Ed Werder and then let Samantha Ponder replace Chris Berman. Brilliant. (Sarcasm)

  34. I stopped watching this trash network after the “11 of 12” stuff and haven’t had it on since EXCEPT when the Patriots play, I reluctantly turn them on. But only the second that the game starts, I switch to something else for the halftime show, and leave the second the game is over.

    Still hate doing even that.

    GO DOWN IN FLAMES, ESPN. I will chuckle as it happens.

  35. ESPN needs to figure out how to make money, not save money. The website is made on the cheap now and it shows; the reporters are young and uninformed; and the programming outside of MNF is below grade.

  36. So, I was confused why so many posters were calling ESPN as social justice warriors (SJW). When I googled it, there are a bunch of far right wing and conservative blogs whining that ESPN doesn’t like to discriminate or won’t support their bigoted views. It’s crystal clear that PFT is full of middle aged white conservative Trump supporters.

  37. ESPN you suck anyway. I can’t even remember the last time I watched. No love lost here.

  38. I wonder if there is a company out there that realizes there is still a market for Sports programming. Hire real journalists to write for your webpage. Have podcasts and a webshow that shows highlights and scores from across the sports world. Leave the political, racial, and social issues out of it. And PLEASE leave the debates out of it. Just show me highlights.

    I like sports as an escape from the real world. Not as a reminder that the real world is hard.

  39. ESPN pays Max Kellerman $3 million a year to be made a fool by Stephen A Smith.

    Bomani Jones is a horrible ESPN radio guy at $500,000.
    Israel Gutierrez is a horrible ESPN ATH guy at $350,000.

    Lots more than that too.

  40. And lowlife racist trash like jemele hill will keep her job. We all know the demographic that ESPN will be getting rid of

  41. The Worldwide Joke Of Sportcasting

    Haven’t watched them for over 10 years. Liars, plagiarists, scumbags. Hope the all lose their jobs.

  42. I’d like to know the political ideologies of all those released by ESPN. I’d assume the last right leaning employees are being flushed out.

  43. Ed was an actual reporter which didn’t fit the norm for today’s ESPN. They would rather have schmucks give their opinions and create controversy to get viewers!

    I predict ESPN will be dead in 10-15 years!

  44. I would prefer that shows like the ‘Sports Reporters’ get more exposure, but thats just me. ESPN must be responsible to its corporate bosses and shareholders. If they decide that they want to emphasize the Entertainment portion of their ESPN acronym, I respect their business decision.’It aint personal its just business’. I’ll just get my hardcore sports reporting elsewhere. No hard feelings.

  45. ESPN kept demanding more and more money from the cable companies which has resulted in cable fees continuing to rise. As a result people realized they could live without the high-cost of cable. So before ESPN starts blaming cord-cutters, they should look in the mirror. Their demands played a part in all those people who no longer subscribe to cable thus decreasing ESPNs viewership. Funny how that has come full circle.

  46. It isn’t just cord cutters. It is also people who are opting for skinny cable bundles where they don’t have to pay for programming that they don’t watch.

    IMO, ESPN is far too expensive for what they offer.

  47. Amazing how many clueless people fail in their attempt to blame politics for everything .

  48. ESPN is certainly free falling. I rarely watch most of the programming. The truth of the matter is talking heads are a dime a dozen. I appreciate ESPN’s willingness to have on air talent that reflects its diverse audience. However, the non-live programming is just bad. Maybe it’s time to show tidily-winks and log climbing again.
    Basically, TV as whole is garbage.

  49. I like that show where they have a white chick and two black dudes who all talk at the same time and who only stop talking to laugh at their own jokes.

    I like that show because it’s completely unwatchable and is driving ratings down.

    Full disclosure: I am a Pats fan and will not watch ESPN until Christ Mortensen discloses his source for the 11/12 story.

  50. I’m glad to see ESPN slowly sink into oblivion – these arrogant, self-righteous leftists deserve to disappear.

    And those NFL shows (pre and post) are awful with some of the least interesting former players in history – not one ounce of chemistry on that set.

  51. So they’re cutting some talk show talent. Big deal. I’m only interested in watching games and highlights, the rest of the programming is just background noise, it doesn’t matter to me who makes it. Okay, the documentaries are good, too.

  52. It’s not hitting where it should and that is with the cable companies. I am elated that this is happening but the only problem is that the cable companies aren’t being hit hard enough yet. Twenty percent of what they show is worth paying for and the other 80 percent is there to shore up the amount of channels they show. Most of them are pure garbage and reruns. I hope they all go down the tubes

  53. wib22 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 11:25 AM
    stay classy patsies fans, your titles are tainted!
    One day I’m sure you will actually add to the conversation and stick to the topic. Actually, naw, that day will never come. One trick ponies never evolve.

  54. 100 losing their jobs at ESPN is not enough. If you can find 5 people that currently like ESPN, you are in a distinct minority. ESPN is currently unwatchable and I used to remember when it was real good. Now, it is like watching paint dry.

  55. Maybe if they didn’t charge $39.99 to view content on the website people would consider them relevant. I could careless about the magazine i tune in for 1 game a week because i need to.

  56. Anyone who says age discrimination isn’t happening in the workplace is straight full of it. It’s happening, and it’s happening a lot. Once you pass 50 you are a marked target.

  57. I don’t think too many Cowboys fans are going to miss him his reporting went away of TMZ the last few years that being said I hate to see him lose his job

  58. in all honesty who watches ESPN now anyway? i get all my hockey news from the NHL network, NFL news from NFL network, MLB news from MLB Network, i don’t watch NBA but their network also. heck even the Golf channel is better!!!!!!!!

  59. Could Werder even name NFL teams other than the Cowboys? He can take over for Lil Jones cleaning Jerry’s glasses.

  60. Over 90% of those fired are straight, white men AKA the largest grouping of sport fans in America.

    Nice going ESPN — keep up with that SJW-thinking and complete bankruptcy can’t be far behind.

    There is a reason the Democrat Party is at near 90 years lows nationally at State/Federal level, but I bet they not only don’t know why they don’t care to find out.

  61. A lot of reasons for ESPN’s decline including over-politicizing their coverage, focusing too much on the youth demographic, and cow-towing to the major sports markets. I’m not sure laying off good reporters like Ed Werder solves those problems. Good luck Ed. You will be missed.

  62. You knew what direction ESPN was going when your flipping through the channels and Stephen A Smith is going at it with Skip Bayless and in the middle Molly Qerim is looking at her Manicure with no interest what so ever until the next topic comes on.

    next topic comes on back to her Manicure.


    I would rather watch Paint dry.. Wait I did and was more entertained.

    Bye Bye ESPN – Every Sports Personality Nuts

  63. 3xapple says:
    Apr 26, 2017 10:07 AM
    It’s funny that Cheats fans hate ESPN now, given how long the network has been their biggest fan.

    Thanks ESPN !!!!


  64. amichalski81 says:
    Apr 26, 2017 2:19 PM

    in all honesty who watches ESPN now anyway? i get all my hockey news from the NHL network, NFL news from NFL network, MLB news from MLB Network, i don’t watch NBA but their network also. heck even the Golf channel is better!!!!!!!!

    You pretty much have to do that because ESPN doesn’t really cover those sports much (if at all) anymore. Now? no thanks all I see on ESPN is almost all NBA related programming or people yelling at each other about the NBA. And the suits at that network probably are trying to figure out why their ratings are so terrible.

  65. ESPN went the way of MTV long ago. They can blame revenue loss on people cutting cords but it’s more from muck-raking in the name of journalism. I hate ESPN and all they’ve become the last five years. If they retained reporters and reported sports news vis that carp they put on now they’d still be credible.

  66. No reason for me to watch BSPN. They cover the eastcoast teams mainly. But then they bring Skip Bayless, Cowherd, Stephen A.Smith, Vitale, Berman, Wingo on the air and who can watch that? I can’t. I am glad they are crumbling. They have done a disservice to sports.

  67. frozenburritobuttsecks says:
    Apr 26, 2017 9:54 AM

    firing reporters (the guys who find information to report on) but retaining TMZ blowhard personalities like Stephen Smith, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith only further drive the ESPN brand into the toilet

    Bravo Sir! Well said!

  68. ESPN was so great back in the early days with Chris Berman, Tom Mees and Bob Ley. Its decline has been going on a long time, but the last few years of liberal political nonsense are the nail in the coffin. Being openly hostile to a majority of your audience isn’t a smart business move.

  69. ESPN how bad are they at judging talent when they have Jemele Hill and Bomani Jones as on air talent.. Talent? They completely suck and get ZERO ratings…Affirmative action at work at ESPN!!!

  70. I used to start and end my day watching Sport Center, but can’t remember the last time I did that. A brilliant concept shot to hell by the PC police and ignorance of what the consumer wanted. Good riddance.

  71. high cable bill and got tired of every time a black ballplayer did not flush I had to hear crap acting like he killed ten babies

  72. BSPN dying a slow and painful death. And me loving every minute of it.

  73. toybkshr says:
    Apr 26, 2017 5:20 PM
    How many young, blonde, blue eyed’s did they let go?


    And how many of their lesbians did they let go?

    Apparently some of you didnt know that Skip Bayless now argues with Shannon Sharpe on a similar show on FS1….that network will go next….but at least they only charge cable companies $1 to carry their channel

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