Mark Ingram says he’s fine with addition of Adrian Peterson

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Mark Ingram got some high-profile company in the backfield Tuesday, but the Saints starting running back said he’s fine with the addition of Adrian Peterson.

I’m all about winning, man,” Ingram said, via Herbie Teope of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “If this will help us win, I’m all about winning. I’m all for it.”

Ingram’s coming off his first 1,000-yard rushing season, and he’s always had some degree of help in the backfield, rather than being the kind of bell cow back he was at Alabama. Last year it was Tim Hightower, but it has been several others in his time in New Orleans.

Saints coach Sean Payton said Peterson would have a “very clear and defined” role on the team, but Ingram didn’t seem worried about it cutting into his carries.

“Listen, man, it’s nothing new,” Ingram said. “I’ve been sharing the ball with one or two, maybe three guys since I got here.

“I figured we were going to draft somebody or get somebody in free agency, still might, I figured that was going to happen, so it’s not surprising to me. I don’t care who comes in, where I’m at, who I’m playing with. I’m always going to compete, I’m always going to do the best I can do and that’s just me, that’s how I’m built.”

Of course, none of the backs Ingram’s been sharing time with have an MVP trophy, or 11,747 rushing yards, but that’s an adjustment he’s willing to make.

8 responses to “Mark Ingram says he’s fine with addition of Adrian Peterson

  1. Seriously, can we stop using “bell cow” back? Just say “feature back” or something similar. It was cute the first few times, but now it’s just stupid.

  2. As for the draft, expect Payton and Loomis to once again get enamored with one player and trade up unnecessarily to get him. Probably trade our 2 first round picks to move up to #3 and get John Ross. Who needs Defense? Right Payton?

  3. It would have been great if he’d said he was sickened by AP’s beating of his son and his chronic fatherless child inseminating and refused to play with such a deplorable human who’s criminal behavior was facilitated by a disturbed fawning fan base in minisoda.

  4. Nothing to see here, running back by committee, like the man said. Ingram is Payton’s guy, he moved back into the first round to draft him. Ingram is just starting to find his way. He will remain #1.

  5. Mark lost over 130 carries to Tim freking Hightower last year. Sean Payton must hate the guy. Its infuriating to own Ingram in gantasy football. Youll see him go for 88yd on like 10 carries and then payton sends him to the bench for the goal line plays. Ingram could be top 5 if Payton would use him.

  6. Shame on the Vikings for letting AP get away with felony assault and battery on a minor, and shame on anyone and everyone who is excited for him to be playing.

    I’ve seen first hand how traumatizing child abuse can be. My girlfriend was sometimes psychologically abused by her parents as a child. As a result, she is now diagnosed with both depression and anxiety, and has literally wanted to curl up and die before.

    I will actively cheer against any team that lets child abusers play.

  7. it’s not up to any team to punish against any athletes no matter the crime. it’s our law enforcement an or courts job to prove or not prove and not to allow just simply here-say. an i’m sick to death seeing these yellow belly arm-chair executioners condemning anyone until the courts decide their guilt. our courts are slow, but public opinion can make are break with-in hours and shouldn’t even be a thing.

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