Mike Williams worked out for Chargers, Titans

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Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams is among the players that will be watching the first round of the NFL Draft closely because he’s widely expected to find out where he’ll be starting his NFL career before Thursday night’s festivities in Philadelphia come to an end.

Williams made a late bid to sway minds with a couple of teams over the last week before the big night. Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo of NFL Media report that Williams had a pair of workouts with teams picking in the top 10.

Williams worked out for the Chargers last Thursday and then showed his stuff for the Titans on Saturday. He previously spent time with both teams during meetings at the combine in Indianapolis or at the team’s facilities.

The Chargers have the No. 7 pick on Thursday while the Titans are scheduled to pick fifth and 18th — which is where Mike Florio projected Williams to land — in the first round. They could be moving down, however, and there are sure to be some developments that could impact where Williams winds up coming off the board in a draft that is light on certainty with kickoff a little more than 24 hours away.

4 responses to “Mike Williams worked out for Chargers, Titans

  1. WR doesn’t seem like a first round need for the Chargers. Mike would also duplicate a lot of the same things that Tyrell already does well. More weapons is always nice, but it just doesn’t feel like a huge need.

  2. I could see him as a possibility if we trade back a few spots, and all of the defensive studs are gone….Then he may be the BPA for us.

  3. Chargers pick a wideout or a RB sounds about right. we are talking about a team that hasn’t really had any luck with first round picks lately. Only Bosa has really proven that he was worth the 1st round. I like Jason Varrett but he’s been off injured quite a bit, and wouldn’t be opposed to trading him straight up for R.Sherman. Rumor has it they are leaning toward Christian McCaffrey which wouldn’t be a bad pick, but kind of a useless non splash making pick. If there is another top safety, edge guy or interior DL left, I’d hope they’d be more inclined to take that player. Or OL needs some help and some depth, picking any skill player on the offensive side of the ball would be another joke of a pick.

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