Report: Buccaneers talking about trading back

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There was a report early this week that many of the teams drafting at the top of the first round are open to trading down and that feeling apparently extends to the later sections of the round as well.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Buccaneers have spoken to “at least three teams” about trading back from the No. 19 overall pick. Schefter adds that the Buccaneers could trade out of the first round altogether, which suggests that at least one of those teams is looking to trade back into the first round or doesn’t currently have a first-round selection.

The Rams, Vikings and Patriots are currently without a first-round pick and the Patriots are without a second-round pick as well.

One team that could be a potential trade partner for the Bucs is the Giants. Their General Manager Jerry Reese said the team would do that if the opportunity presents itself, although they and any other teams will almost certainly be waiting to see how the first 18 picks fall before making a move into Tampa’s spot.

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  1. We must really love one of those second round running backs over Calvin cook, unless someone ahead of 19 has informed Tampa that he is their selection

  2. A very credible source claims that the Vikings are very interested in pick 19, as the feel Josh Augusta (Missouri) could fall all the way there.

    Top Vikings Brass see Augusta as a “jackknife” of sorts, able to play QB better than any of their current players, run faster than last year’s 1st round wide receiver pick, and cover better than 2015 CB pick.

    “Vikings fans should be very, VERY excited,” said the source. “We haven’t drafted anyone this good since Troy Williamson!”

  3. Everyone is trading back. But please watch the draft as there are talented players at the top of the draft that nobody wants to select.

    Caveat emptor.

  4. Yeah, I think I’ll skip the season ticket holder draft party at Raymond James Stadium. There’s a good chance that we will just be watching them trade back and not doing anything too exciting on day one.

    Besides, round 2 of the NHL playoffs is starting. Pens vs Caps / Rangers vs Sens is must see TV.

  5. Please don’t trade back, Get Dalvin. Watched him for 3 years at FSU and the guy is a beast and can take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

  6. Pleas do trade down and if Cook slides into the second round, he would be worth the risk then.

    I hear the Chiefs might also trade with the Bucs if they want Watson badly enough.

  7. We’re on the cusp of doing something big. So of course we should get a whole bunch of second stringers rather than one or two less true impact players. SMH. Depth is great, but it doesn’t much matter when there’s gaping holes in your starting lineup.

  8. Tampa Bay doesn’t know what they’re going to do yet, because they don’t know for sure what the teams in front of them are going to do. If the guy that Tampa Bay has rated as the number one or two overall player is still sitting there at No. 19, I bet they’ll grab him quickly.

  9. This year is a make or break year for the overrated Rapist Winston – he no longer has any excuses for being mediocre – either he starts winning and get his team into the playoffs or he will be just another Great Gimmick (former Washington QB).

  10. I think any good GM would put the word out to trade down at 19 if you had a franchise qb.

    They have to assume a number of teams will be making a bee line to acquire a qb…or a back up “servicable” not a long term project.

    If thats the case, a lot more talented players will be pushed down in to the 2nd or 3rd round.

    Also, the success rate of drafted players is higher in Rounds 1-3…why not hold as many lottery tickets as possible in those first 96 pics?

  11. Unless you can trade down and still get the player you want, which is Dalvin Cook, the most explosive RB since Adrian Petterson, then you are just trading down for inferior players that will keep you doing nothing and going nowhere. But maybe that is the goal in Tampa, to just be a 9-7 team for the next ten seasons and still have a lot of excited fans (what is left of them).

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