Sean Payton: Adrian Peterson’s role will be “very clear and defined”

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There was a point in his career when it would have seemed laughable to suggest that Adrian Peterson would be playing a complementary role to another back, but we’re no longer at that point.

Peterson is coming off an ineffective and injury-filled final season with the Vikings and lingered on the market for a couple of months before signing with the Saints on Tuesday. That sets him up as an alternative to Mark Ingram in the New Orleans backfield, which is a role that led to 155 touches for Tim Hightower last season.

The Saints aren’t likely to use Peterson in precisely the same way that they used Hightower and they aren’t detailing their plans for public consumption, but coach Sean Payton did suggest there’s already a vision in place for how Peterson will be used.

“I think the role will be very clear and defined,” Payton said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “It’s a tough, long 16-week season. I think that he’s someone that certainly will be able to complement Mark. Those guys are different in some ways, and yet we feel like we’ve added another quality player. It goes without saying, [Peterson is] a guy that eventually is going to be in the Hall of Fame. But I think — we think — that he’s got more years in his career, so we’re excited for that to happen.”

One possible difference between how the two backs will be used could come in the passing game. Ingram has 96 catches over the last two seasons and it has never been a strong suit of Peterson’s game, so that should factor into that clear definition once the Saints are in position to share it with the league at large.

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  1. AP should have learned from Barry Sanders. He retired when he was still great. You don’t want to keep playing to the point you’re a shadow of who you once were.

  2. Rule #1: Don’t abuse little children with a stick so severely that you rip open their scrotum and leave their bodies bloodied.

    Rule #2: See rule number 1

  3. He will be on the field with Kuhn and Ginn. It will either be a handoff or a 45 yard heave to Ginn. Just like when they had Bell/Ivory and Henderson/Meachem. 20 plays, 10 carries a game.

  4. Yes it will.
    Adrian will run draws and screens get frustrated before being injured mid-way through the season.
    Very clear and defined.

  5. He can’t block or catch, so if he’s in the game they’re running the ball. Clear and defined.

  6. Of course it will be. He will be on the sideline in a ball cap next to Mark Ingram while some unknown 3rd stringer pass-blocks for Drew Brees as he chucks it around the dome.

  7. Agent: Do you want to play for a ring or money this year?
    AP: Neither.
    Agent. I got you.

  8. exinsidetrader, the despicable actions of AP is something we shouldn’t soon forget. But even as disturbing as his act of whipping his son were, what’s equally disturbing were the number of barney fans out of support of AP who carried sticks/switches to the home games in minisoda following his arrest.

    There’s pics on-line.

    How sick is that?

  9. Don’t block, don’t catch, fumble at the worst moment, beat kids, pay alimony and ride a camel to your birthday party. Other than that, enjoy your new uniform 28.

  10. People tend to think of Payton as a cartoonish pass happy offensive coach, but at his core, he loves smash mouth football. When he’s had power backs and those good guards they had before Carl Nicks left, they played smashed mouthed football and were top 10 in rushing, and most of that didn’t come out of shotgun. He just adapted to when his team didn’t have that, and now he’s getting back to it. The year they won the Super Bowl, I’m pretty sure they had one of the top rushing teams in football that year. IF they can fix this defense, which is still a big if because there is a lot to do on the back end as the front 4 is stout with Rankins as its anchor, they will be very hard to beat in such a down conference.

  11. The Saints already have a good RB in place. Mark Ingram. Peterson will be lucky to get 10 touches per game. Ingram is in his prime, unlike Peterson.

  12. Several key free agency moves on defense, along with several starters from the draft, puts the Saints right back into an 11 win season or better. The team is looking similar to the 2009 version, which caught everyone off guard.

  13. Sean Payton: Adrian Peterson’s role will be “very clear and defined”

    Sean’s got that right;

    1st down, Brees undercenter, handoff to Peterson up the gut.

    2nd down, Brees undercenter, handoff to Peterson up the gut.

    3rd and long, Breese in shotgun with Ingram in the backfield to block.

    Either that or a disgruntled AD. Your choice.

  14. boisestatewhodat says:
    Apr 26, 2017 10:25 AM
    Week 1:


    Vikings 17


    LOL.. .Yeah. Like the Vikings Defense is gonna give up 42 points. At home. To a team whose defense can’t get off the field. The most they gave up in 2-16 was 26, and that was in the game where a guy got loose for a 95 yard run.

    Meanwhile the Aints gave up 40 or more SEVERAL times last year, even in WINS.

    Keep dreaming Dude.

  15. 1st down run the ball.

    2nd down run the ball.

    3rd down sit on the bench.

    4th down sit on the bench.

    If he’s in the game you know the play is a handoff to AP. He can’t catch or block, so the offense will be predictable.

  16. The 2009 Saints were #1 offense in the NFL, #4 passing (34 for 272 avg per game), #6 rushing (30 for 132 avg per game).

  17. The Bucs are going to regret not getting this guy when they could have had him. 3 million would have been nothing for the Bucs and all the cap space they have. Now he will be around to give them headaches at least twice this season (if he doesn’t get hurt).

  18. holidlove says:
    Apr 26, 2017 8:38 AM

    Soooooo…a back for short-yardage/goal-line/third-down situations? Seems like a lot to pay a guy for that.


    If you think that is a lot to pay AP to do those three things, then you’re really going to think he is over paid once you realize that he isn’t on the field for third downs, because he can’t pick up blitzes or catch the ball out of the backfield.

  19. Minnesota fans are starting to act like Saints fans acted about Jimmy Graham’s departure…talked about him bad but would take him back in a minute and refuse to admit it.
    Wrong… Most Saints fans gave up on Graham the last year or so because he refused to get hit and wanted top WR money. He became soft as Charmin and Brees distributes the ball a lot better when he’s not in the game. Proof is a top 5 offense with and/or without Graham just like every season for the last decade…

  20. Very clear and defined – which means he’s there to pick up the ball when he fumbles it.

  21. Clear and defined means that Sean Payton forgot more about offense than any of you clowns will ever know. He may not be a perfect coach but I doubt any of your teams have fielded a more potent offense more consistently over the past 10 years. The Saints will be just fine offensively, regardless of AP’s usage.

  22. Best of luck to him. But, I am thrilled he is not back with the Vikings. He was no longer a good fit in MN. He was used to be pampered and having the run of things. He was not going to accept a reduced role in MN, so moving on is best for everyone.

    That said, in each of the last two years, he put up just 31 yards rushing on opening weekend. You have to go back to 2009 for the last time he topped 100 yards in the first game of the season. I wouldn’t expect a huge game against the Vikings week 1.

  23. 2ruefan: So which team has had the most success in the last decade? sAINTS…Dat’s who!

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